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by William A. McGarey, M.D.
I.  Physiological Considerations

    The cases covered in this review fall into two classifications -- acute colitis as found in a one-month-old child and a six-and-a-half-year old boy; and the other, more common, mucous colitis, often called spastic colitis, more frequent in the adult.

    There is a basic etiologic relationship between all cases of colitis, as seen in the readings.  They seem to be preceded by a cold or a congestion or what might be called intestinal flu.  This acts as a precipitating factor, although occasionally an injury might set the stage for subsequent events.  The development of the disease process from that point onward varies to some extent with the individual.

    Colitis always occurs in conjunction with lymphatic disturbances.  The lacteal ducts throughout the intestinal tract, the lymphatic vessels, the lymph nodes and the Peyer's patches are all involved in a sometimes inflammatory condition.  Because of the inflammation in the walls of the intestine, the lymph fluid itself often becomes toxic to the entire body, particularly the liver.  Because of the toxic effect on the Peyer's patches and the lacteal ducts that are closely related to the assimilatory process, the food that is ingested no longer can be properly assimilated and made ready to participate in the rebuilding of body tissues.

"... the disturbances with the physical forces of the body.  These have to do with the assimilations in the system.  Hence that tenseness as is seen in the system through the building or replenishing forces, and tendency toward anemic forces in the general system."  (3886-1)

    The combination of inflammation in the walls of the intestine, the lack of assimilation of needed elements in the Peyer's patch area, the toxins flowing through the lymphatics, and the strains and stresses which are imposed upon the resistances, which should be a portion of the body forces - with all this, the vital energies of the body are consumed, in a sense.  As a result the body suffers.

    Because of the disorders found in the lymphatics and emunctory centers of the intestinal system, mucus is often formed as a byproduct and the nerve forces throughout this portion of the body become depressed in their energies.  Although the statement is never clear in those cases reviewed for this commentary, yet it must be assumed that the body is in a state of excessive acidity when an individual has colitis.

    In the young individual afflicted with this condition, the lymph areas become inflamed.  With the subsequent disturbance of the assimilation in the lacteal ducts and the Peyer's patches, and usually because of the inflammation present, the liver becomes distressed.  This often produces fever, nausea, and a resultant series of lesions in the ganglia and the autonomic nervous system, these not being usually of major significance.  Inflammatory centers might then develop in the lymph nodes throughout the body and may create greater disturbances as in [3886].

II.  Rationale of Therapy

    In approaching therapy, we should remember that the body has a capability of normal function:

"Thus, we would administer those activities which would bring a normal reaction through these portions, stimulating them to an activity from the body itself, rather than the body becoming dependent upon supplies that are robbing portions of the system to produce activity in other portions, or the system receiving elements or chemical reactions being supplied without arousing the activity of the system itself for a more normal condition."   (1968-3)

    Since colitis is basically a major disturbance of the lymphatics, then the therapy must be directed at restoring proper function through this portion of the body.  This should probably be attempted through the following six measures:

  1. Rest,
  2. Eliminate the inflammatory process,
  3. Balance the acidity-alkalinity by soothing the activity of the lymphatics,
  4. Cleanse the lymphatics,
  5. Balance the eliminations and the liver functions,
  6. Coordinate the nervous system activity.

    It is important in achieving the aims just mentioned to be persistent when the individual is an adult and has had the colitis for a period of time.  Therapy for the child with an acute colitis would necessarily be directed in a different manner.

III.  Suggested Therapeutic Regimen

    Children respond rather dramatically, just as they become ill rather precipitously.  This was the case with one-month-old [2892], who had acute colitis.  He recovered in just a few hours when he was put on a rigid regimen of underfeeding; Glyco-Thymoline packs across the abdomen, put on hot as can be stood and left on until cool - which is 15 to 20 minutes - twice or three times daily; Glyco-Thymoline two drops in water two or three times a day; daily enemas with some Glyco-Thymoline in the enema water or olive oil used first; Castoria one or two drops each hour until movement is obtained every two or three days; and yellow saffron tea sipped in minute quantities during the day, made fresh each day.  This combination of substances brought about an immediate response with this infant.

    With the six-and-a-half-year-old boy, [3886], the routine of therapy was somewhat different.  The enemas and Glyco-Thymoline internally as an antiseptic of an alkaline-reacting nature were used here, as well as underfeeding - in this instance using vegetable and citrus fruit juices and goat's milk.  Quiet and rest were insisted upon and beef juice was added to strengthen the body.  In addition to the osteopathic manipulations, massage was given daily along the spine with a mixture of equal parts of olive oil, myrrh, and sassafras oil; and a gentle massage over the body with spiritus frumenti (with the alcohol burned off, when fever needed to be controlled.

    Chronic mucous colitis or spastic colitis - and I'm sure ulcerative colitis was included occasionally in these - in the older person is approached somewhat differently.  The readings sometimes emphasized tuberous vegetables, other times a regular diet and at times a suggestion such as the following:

"In the diets, keep away from meats.  Only fish or fowl may be taken, and these never fried.  No fried foods of any kind Take rather the body-building and strength-giving foods - especially a great deal Of fruits, fruit juices including citrus fruit juices, of course.  Combine a little lemon with the orange juice.  Plenty of prunes, prune whip.  Plenty of pineapple and the like.  All of these would be the principals, though not all of the diet.  Refrain from a great deal of pastries.  Malted milks and those of such natures may be in the diet.  Not too much of candies or sweets, though occasionally milk in chocolate or cocoa or the like may be taken."   (2085-1)

    An inch-thick grape poultice - made of crushed grapes and laid on the abdomen for one-and-a-half to four hours until dry - was suggested in many readings apparently for its effect on the lymph centers and the lymph fluid as a cleansing type of preparation.  The grapes should preferably be Concord.  A wild ginseng fusion is suggested just as frequently.  Rest, mild exercise in the open air, alum fusion, massage with camphorated oil to the abdomen and to the spine (especially after the grape poultice is used) are other suggestions.  Colonic irrigation is frequently suggested to cleanse the colon and remove toxic products, and osteopathic treatments were recommended to balance the nerve forces and impulses and to remove the lesions which have been formed during the development of the disease process.

    Following is a list of various combinations of substances suggested for use in colitis.  They are helpful as a reference.

1. First therapy in mucous colitis where there is an excess of lymph activity and a jujunitis (not specified here what function it will perform):

"First make a good strong fusion of wild ginseng; not so strong as to be a tincture, to be sure, but: When the wild ginseng is well broken, put an ounce of this in distilled water and boil for at least twenty minutes, until it has produced a good fusion; not using the pulverized ginseng, but broken up; using sufficient water to make two-and-one-half ounces of the fusion.  Strain.

Then to the 21/2 ounces of the fusion of wild ginseng add, in the order named:
Tincture of wild ginger, 1/4 ounce
Tincture of valerian, 1/2 ounce
Grain alcohol (90 proof), I ounce   (2846-1)

2. After colitis - to rebuild the system:

    The greater distresses associated with acute colitis quieted down during the eight days prior to this six-and-a-half-year-old boy's second reading.  At that point, it was felt necessary to build up the system more.  The following is an extract from his second reading:

"Yes, we find the body here, and the conditions show somewhat of the improvements and the reduction of those forces as cause the greater distress.  Those that will be more of the general building, now, we would add for the system.  Those that add iron and the sodas to the system, or it may be in a stimul[us] as this.  These we would add considerably to the stimuli, but would of necessity be given in very small quantities and should be gradually increased until there would be given what would be the division of the whole quantity into thirty pellets.  We would take:
Camphor gum, 20 grains
Muriated iron, 20 grains
Sulphate of morphia, 1/4 grain

Mix this thoroughly together.  Begin with one grain of same, as a stimulus, see?  Then add those in the food values.  These will rest, and those will also build the body.  Do that."  (3886-2)
3. Grape poultice for lymphatic disturbances:

    Apparently, from readings 5023-1 and 5280-1, grape poultices were used to restore more normal functioning of lymph centers and emunctories throughout the intestinal tract.  In the former reading, there was a nerve exhaustion brought on by an injury to the liver area and an amoebic dysentery had developed.  Apparently injuries of one sort or another or depression of the lymphatic centers had developed with this excess lymph circulation.  In 5280-1 fever from inflammation in the colon had produced disorders of all the lymph centers and emunctories throughout the alimentary canal.

"Do apply over the whole abdomen, at least once a week, crushed grapes.  These should be used with the hull and the seed.  The pack should be at least one inch thick and let this remain on until it has almost dried out from the body heat, which would require four to four-and-one-half hours.  Make this pack sufficiently large to cover the whole abdomen.  Put the grapes on gauze."  (5057-1)
4. Alum fusion

"Prepare this also in a fusion: Put 1/2 ounce of alum root in 4 ounces of distilled water, and let come to a boil, then strain.  Be sure the alum root is crushed.  Add to this, 1/2 ounce of simple syrup and take 1 ounce of grain alcohol or rye whiskey and add.  This is only to be taken one teaspoon when there is cramping through the alimentary canal or colon."   (5057-1)
5. Wild ginseng prescription

"To two ounces of distilled water add a tablespoonful of pure honey (not synthetic, but pure honey).  Let this come to a boil, skimming off the dross or sediment as it rises to the top.  Then add to this 1/4 ounce of grain alcohol.  Then add, in the order named:

Elixir (or fusion) of wild ginseng, 1/4 ounce
Wild ginger (essence or fusion), 1/4 ounce
Tincture of stillingia, 1/4 ounce
Elixir of lactated pepsin, 1/4 ounce

The dose would be half a teaspoonful in half a glass of water twice each day - morning and evening.

This compound taken internally as a stimulant to the activities through the alimentary canal, with the osteopathic corrections given, will gradually make for not only the correcting of the condition but the eliminating of the causes of same; and thus bring about a near normal or equal balance in the functioning of the organs, as well as the glandular forces, and clearing gradually the disturbance wherein the activities through the whole of the alimentary canal may be eliminated and eradicated entirely from the system."  (2085-1)
6. Fusion of wild ginseng:

"Preparation: Put 5 drams of wild ginseng in a pint of distilled water.  Let this come to a boil, and boil until, when this is strained, there is only 1/2 pint.  This will be rather strong, but is needed in this particular case.

Then make a fusion of this: Use 2 drams of wild ginger in 4 ounces of distilled water.  Let this come to a boil, and boil until there [are] only 2 ounces left when strained.

Add these together and then add 4 ounces essence of lactated pepsin, and I ounce of grain alcohol.

This should be taken in the beginning, one teaspoon every four hours for two days.  Of course don't arise at night to take this, but if awake during the night take a dose, but not oftener than four hours apart."   (5057-1)

7. Wild ginseng prescription from 5280-1:

"Fusion or essence of wild ginseng, 1 ounce
Essence of wild ginger, 1/2 ounce
Then add sufficient elixir of lactated pepsin to make 6 ounces.
Directions: Shake and take one teaspoonful twice a day or at about 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m."
8. Pure beef juice:

    Beef juice was referred to "as medicine" (5374-1) or "almost as medicine" (II 00- 10). (See Appendix.) Instructions for taking were explicit:

"Take at least a tablespoon during a day, or two tablespoonfuls.  But not as spoonfuls; rather sips of same.  This, sipped in this manner, will work towards producing the gastric flow through the intestinal system..."   (1100-10)

    Should we not attempt to awaken the inner forces to God's presence?

"For, all healing comes from the one source.  And whether there is the application of foods, exercise, medicine, or even the knife, it is to bring the consciousness of the forces within the body that aid in reproducing themselves - the awareness of creative or God forces." (2696-1)

Note: The above information is not intended for self-diagnosis or self-treatment.  Please consult a qualified health care professional for assistance in applying the information contained in the Cayce Health Database.
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