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    The Edgar Cayce readings provide considerable information on the causes and treatment of hemorrhoids.  While noting the local symptoms and suggesting therapies for symptomatic relief, the readings go further in describing basic causes and treatments of the underlying systemic problems which can predispose or directly lead to hemorrhoids.


    Here are some of the most commonly mentioned causal factors associated with hemorrhoids in the Cayce readings:

  • POOR DIGESTION - When poorly digested food leaves the stomach and small intestines it can produce irritation in the lower end of the large bowel (colon), particularly if the acid/alkaline balance is disrupted.  Hyperacidity, usually produced by improper diet and poor assimilation of nutrients is emphasized as a predisposing factor for hemorrhoids.
  • PRESSURE ON SPINAL NERVES -  Pressure on nerve centers (especially in the lower portion of the spine) can produce a disruption of nerve impulse and a relaxation of the muscles which direct peristalsis in the colon.  Hemorrhoids are the result.
  • POOR ELIMINATIONS - Constipation and/or poor bowel habits can lead to a  buildup of toxins in the colon.  The colon becomes irritated from the accumulated poisons producing hemorrhoids.
  • POOR CIRCULATION - Impaired circulation (especially lymph) through the intestines is sometimes mentioned as a causative factor in hemorrhoids.

    Here are some of the most frequently recommended treatments for hemorrhoids:

  • DIET - The basic Cayce diet focuses heavily on keeping a proper alkaline/acid balance while avoiding foods which produce toxicity and drain the system.  Essentially, the diet consists mainly of fruits and vegetables while avoiding fried foods and refined carbohydrates ("junk food").
  • MANUAL THERAPY - Spinal manipulations and massage are commonly recommended by Edgar Cayce to improve nervous system coordination and relieve pressures on nerve centers which influence the alimentary canal.  Treatment of the lower spine (especially the coccyx or tailbone) is emphasized in many readings.
  • COLONIC IRRIGATION - Cleansing the colon via colonic irrigation was often suggested to decrease toxicity in the colon and relieve constipation.
  • MEDICINE - Various medicines were recommended for symptomatic relief and local treatment of hemorrhoids.
    • Tim is an ointment which is applied directly to hemorrhoids to relive pain and itching while shrinking the hemorrhoid.
    • Glycerine-carbolic acid-usoline mixture is injected into the rectum for symptomatic relief of bleeding associated with hemorrhoids.
    • A variety of laxatives are recommended for constipation.
    • Small quantities of Glyco-Thymoline taken in water throughout the day was recommended to alkalize the system.
  • PACKS - A variety of packs for systemic and symptomatic healing were recommended:
    • For symptomatic relief of acute hemorrhoidal pain, hot Epsom salts packs applied across the lower back were recommended.
    • To improve eliminations, hot castor oil packs across the abdomen were suggested.
    • Glyco-Thymoline packs across the lower back or abdomen were sometimes recommended for symptomatic relief and to help alkalize the intestinal tract.
  • ELECTROTHERAPY: For some individuals, mild electrotherapy (usually using the violet ray or radial appliance) was suggested to improve circulation and nervous system functioning.


    Here are some selections from the Cayce readings on hemorrhoids.  The readings at first often appear complex.  There are several points to keep in mind that may help in understanding them.

  1. The readings were given for individuals, with a wide range of symptoms and severity.  The treatment recommendations depended both on the condition and the unique characteristics of the particular person.
  2. There also may have been aspects of the person's situation which are not directly related to the hemorrhoids.  In a complete reading, Cayce details the problems in all systems of the body.  Some of these may appear to be directly unrelated to hemorrhoids, yet Cayce often drew connections among widely separated parts of the body.
  3. Most readings discuss the causes, the development of the pathology (which may be complex), the current state of the body, and treatment recommendations.  These excerpts do not necessarily include the complete reading, but tend to focus on the information most directly linked to hemorrhoids.
  4. Edgar Cayce tended to prescribe remedies that were immediately available at the time, so that there may be different recommendations for the same condition in 1925 and 1944.  

5566-5  [Female nine years old]
    Yes, we have the body here, [5566] - this we have had before.  The general physical forces of the body are very good throughout.  There are those conditions in the body that should be corrected, that are as the fragments, or end of conditions as were being corrected in the lower portion of the lumbar and sacral region.  These were the EFFECTS of conditions as existed from the activities as were made when the body was brought into the physical forces.  The activities as are seen in same at the present, are that as is produced in the form of an acidity in the lower portion of the DESCENDING colon - or ascending colon, if judged from the other portion, or from the anus UP.  Here we find that this activity of those conditions produced brings about a form of hemorrhoid, that gives to the system the activity as causes or produces fissures - that would be very detrimental were these conditions not allayed or corrected, for - as is seen even from the external - a fissure may be seen that would, in time, give irritation of the nature as to be detrimental; for this - in the form of a rash from exterior - would prevent the nominal or normal development of the organs of the body in this direction.
    To meet the needs of these, we would have the massage - or the neuropathic massage - of the lower portion of the spine, and especially of the LUMBAR and sacral region.  Not attempting to make any adjustments or corrections.  Let the normal forces of the body, in its health giving   revibration throughout, be the correcting element; using, however, local applications that may ASSIST this condition in being corrected, from that as is produced in the lower portion of the alimentary canal.  Use, then, that ointment as has been given, or prepared - Tim - T I M - and used in a WEAKENED solution, or weakened state, by the ADDITION of the normal portion - that is, normal portion of the solution, by almost an equal amount of pure butterfat, see?  but  stirred well together, and this would be well to be injected in a small syringe, or in a manner that same may reach the upper valve or portion of the system that irritation is produced in.  Using a small amount of same as an ointment of evenings, only when the body rests, on and about that portion where the trouble exists.  Do that.  We are through with this reading.

    In meeting the needs, then, of the pressures as exist in pelvis, as exist in the organs of genitation, organs of gestation, and in the assimilating forces of same - we would not only take into the system properties as would make for a coordination of the gastric forces as may act WITH those of the system, but those as will CORRECT those depressions also in the system.  These CORRECTIONS we would make either osteopathically, or as adjustments.  These we will find in the lumbar and lower dorsal region...
(Q)  What will relieve the hemorrhoids?
(A)  These will be relieved most by the correction of the condition as is producing same, which is the tendency towards those conditions as have been outlined.  An active force in same will be for the body - that is, in the correction - to at least TWICE each day bend forward, with a bending exercise, as RAISES all of the organs upward, see?  and when the properties are being taken - that is, medicinal forces, as well as manipulations - use Tim ointment for same, see?

    Yes, we have the body, [5493].  Now, we find there are many irritations in the physical functioning of the system, with this body.  Most of these, as we find, are produced by reflexes from conditions existent in the nervous system, and with the correction of these conditions - and the general BUILDING up of the system by proper precautions as to the diet, the mode or manner of living, the thinking, and the mental attitudes of the body held in accord with CREATIVE forces, or the spiritual side of life - would bring for the body a much bettered PHYSICAL condition, a much bettered outlook on life, and MAKE the experience more worthwhile...
    There should be those manipulations and corrections in the cerebro-spinal system, that will alleviate the pressures in the lumbar and dorsal region, as well as alignments in the upper dorsal and cervical.  These should be taken, as we would find, at least three to four times each week.  These may be given either osteopathically or chiropractically, so that the ADJUSTMENTS or the alleviations are made.
    Then, after each treatment, there should be the vibrations from the violet ray for at least three to four, to five minutes, over the WHOLE of the cerebrospinal system, to enliven the circulation OVER the centers that especially are adjusted.
    At least once each week there should be used the appliance of the violet ray, that injection of the vagina appliance, that may give the proper reactions to the organs of the pelvis.
    The diet should be in THIS manner:
    Mornings - citrus fruit, WITH stewed fruits, preferably as of prunes, figs, apples, or the like, with some milk.
    Noons - juices of meats, with vegetable juices or soups, but no meats; followed with a salad - green vegetables, especially.
    Evenings - a well balanced diet, that is nerve and blood building.  The finishing of this meal should be with either fresh or raw pears, or stewed pears.  These carry the iron that will ASSIMILATE for the system.  The meats should be such as pig knuckle or souse, without vinegar, or those of liver, or the like.  All the vegetables should be eaten with the skins, rather than the pulp - as of potatoes, the yams or the white or Irish potatoes - the skins rather than the pulp.
    As with the vegetables, preferably those of spinach, lentils,  cabbage (red cabbage), and the like.  Beans, dried - but WELL cooked, but not with too much of the fats with same...
(Q)  What should be done for itching hemorrhoids?
(A)  With the diet corrected, with the applications as will be given from the violet ray through the vagina, these will be cleared.

    While the body is weak from the hemorrhages, the use of the penicillin for the checking of the inflammation, and to produce coagulation, has not been bad.  It may be necessary again when there are the operations for the conditions in the lower portion of the rectal area, and some of the conditions there will necessitate or would be much better if this would be used in same.
    The form or manner of allaying pain, or the anesthesia, the local nature, if properly administered, will be much preferable owing to the conditions of the heart or of the pressure there...
(Q)  When will be best to operate for the hemorrhoids?
(A)  Just as soon as it is indicated that there is sufficient equilibrium or balance in the circulation.
(Q)  Can the rectal trouble be relieved, and how?
(A)  We would use this combination as an injection, for the disturbance in the sphincter muscles and nerves from which the hemorrhoids arise:  To 1 ounce of Glycerine add 2 drops of Carbolic Acid.  Stir or beat this very thoroughly, as with mortise and pestle.  Then add 2 ounces of Usoline or Nujol.  Use this in an ear syringe.  Inject half of this amount at the time, in the rectal area.  Do this and then apply the second quantity about a week to ten days later.  This should be sufficient.  But if there should recur the condition, prepare in the same proportions and manner, and use some six to eight weeks later.

    The body has had in times back, or for some periods, those conditions which have produced the inactivity of the eliminations in the general alimentary canal.  With this tendency for the overloading or the dilation of the colon, and with the strain and lack of proper movement in the muscular forces of the system (and with these making for tendencies in the nerve reactions to become lax), there has been the allowing of folds or accumulations in the form of hemorrhoids, that make for distress when there are the activities of the system at some periods.
    First there should be those precautions as to the manner and character of diet, that there is kept those properties which have the greater tendency towards the alkalin, and that are a tendency for the general rebuilding of the system.  Not those foods so much that would make for roughness (that would make for laxness in the assimilating and digestive system), but those that are well-balanced in the rebuilding and replenishing for both the blood and the nerve supply of the body.
    Also we would have the manipulations that may be given in the form or corrections WITH manipulations, especially in those areas indicated.
    For an antiseptic and to reduce the tendencies of plethora in those portions that cause distress, use the ointment known as Tim.  This will act with the manipulative forces to not only reduce the swelling and the painfulness, but to produce or cause coagulation such as to do away with those  protuberances which make for the distress.
    A very helpful exercise each morning and evening, also, would be the BENDING exercise with the hands raised high above the head, bending forward to bring the hands as close to the floor as possible.  Do this for two or three minutes morning and evening.

    A stimulation for the digestion tract of sage made into tea, sweetened to taste, with cinnamon and gin - a pint of tea, 1 1/2 ounces of sugar, and stick cinnamon, that is cleansed, and 2 1/2 ounces of gin.  You see the active principle, same as we have in that of the tar, - juniper tar in this, so if we produce a sickening to the stomach, through the stimulation to the intestinal tract, we reduce the quantity, or number of drops.  We find the body will become improved and cleared of this blood through the rectum as passed.  You see we have a laxness of these folds in the intestinal tract here in the lower end, until we produce hemorrhoids there, high up to the second valve.  This laxness to the intestinal tract will remove the quantity of the material that is producing the inflammation that causes the flow of blood to it, same as produce to the kidneys here the lack of these.  When produced to act, as you see we have the active principle to the gin and to the juniper tar, an active principle to the kidneys, causing them to secrete to the system, while we have the turpentine producing a healing balm to these, with the same action from that, or a sedative to these by the sage.  If the soreness increases here from the rectum, along here, we might reduce by ointment from the exterior by that made of the grease of milk of the cow, without salt, pulverized, cleansed, and what you call tobacco, - Indian mullein - cleansed - not strong but soaked in water, washed, dried and pulverized, and mixed with this; more of the grease than we have of the other though, or it will produce too much inflammation.

    First, we would begin with those irrigations that will relieve those pressures in the colon area throughout.  Continue these, not to the detriment, not so that the activities of the lymph and the peristaltic movement of the colon or the intestinal system are entirely lost, but of sufficient frequency to eventually CLEANSE the colon itself THOROUGHLY, and allow the reactions to come in such a nature as to form normalcy in the eliminations; for, as in times back, the body has suffered from first the tendency for constipation, later the folds or hemorrhoid reaction in the lower portion of the colon and throughout the area of the system in its ejection period, or areas; and THESE are then as effects that CAUSED these conditions (the toxic forces). These have produced the pressures in the organs of the hepatic circulation, or liver and kidneys and the colon itself, and the signs of same are created in the blood stream itself, or pressure, or improper coordination between venous circulation and arterial circulation.
    In the manner, then, that these would be relieved - or these applied:
    First, every two weeks - until four or six such colonics are had.  In using these, there should be plenty of intestinal antiseptics used after the cleansing, so there is as little irritation as may be had.
    We would also, BETWEEN those periods, have at least two to three general manipulations osteopathically (that is, between each two week period), stimulating the centers of the cerebrospinal and sympathetic that make for activities in the system as related to the digestion.  It would be better to have two of these treatments each week.
    After the sixth colonic irrigation, or when this is thoroughly cleansed, these need only be taken sufficiently to KEEP this condition from forming again in the body.
    In the matter of diet, these will be kept in the order that there is sufficient quantity of food for weight, but not the greases or fats that make for a hard digestion - at least not a great deal until there is the better condition established in the hepatic circulation, and until this pressure has been

    As we find, there are disturbing conditions in the general physical forces of the body.  These are the result of incoordination between the eliminating systems of the body. Thus there are upsetting conditions that arise from poisons not being eliminated through their proper channel.  These are caused by the clogging of glands within the active forces of organs themselves, with the result of fecal forces in the colon.
    We would take these properties, that will not affect the body adversely because of the injections that have been necessary for the prevention of certain conditions in the body, neither will they work hardships - but it will be necessary that the body not get the feet wet during the time that these properties are being taken.  This doesn't mean that he can't wash his feet, he must not wear shoes with the feet wet, for it would cause disturbance in other portions of the body.
    Add these:

        Sulphur, one level tablespoonful,
        Rochelle Salts, one level tablespoonful,
        Cream of Tartar, one level tablespoonful.

    Mix these thoroughly, as with mortise and pestle.  Every other morning, before the meal is taken, take a level teaspoonful of this mixture, either in water or dry - whichever way the body prefers to take it - until the whole quantity has been taken.
    We will find that this will change the chemical reactions, purify the glandular system, and flush the alimentary canal for greater improvement.
(Q)  Will this treatment correct the hemorrhoids?
(A)  Will aid.  The exercises should correct this condition, when the alimentary canal is cleansed.  Take the exercise daily as we have indicated for this condition:  Standing erect, gradually rise on the toes, at the same time, raising the hands slowly from the side, arms extended, until they are high above the head.  Then bend forward as if trying to touch the floor with the finger tips.  This done several times each day, very slowly, will gradually lift the sphincter muscle and thus remedy the hemorrhoid condition.

    Between the first and second series of the Castor Oil Packs, it would be well to have a colonic irrigation - but very carefully given, owing to the hemorrhoid condition.  Not too much water should be injected at first, but have the water body temperature and to each half gallon of water we would add a heaping teaspoonful of salt and a level teaspoonful of soda, thoroughly dissolved.
(Q)  What should be done for hemorrhoids?
(A)  Change the conditions in the body.  Prepare a combination of oils to be injected.  This may cause a bit of irritation but using this regularly, about once every ten days, we may eliminate these conditions entirely.  Put two drops of carbolic acid in one ounce of glycerine and beat together very thoroughly, then add two ounces of Usoline.  Stir, mix or shake this very thoroughly, and then use a baby syringe for injecting into the rectum - this quantity should be sufficient for at least two or three injections.  This will remove the tensions there.  But it is more important to stir the circulation and the eliminations, and to remove the toxic forces in the manners indicated.  This will eliminate the soreness in the duodenum, through the alimentary canal and relieve the tension on the heart, the liver and kidneys.  And the throat should clear up in the first series of applications to the gall duct and caecum area.

    In the circulation we find there are indications as to how there are disturbances in the trachea and bronchi, that form what is commonly termed bronchial asthma.  This plethoric condition existing there is irritated by the passage of air to the lungs themselves.  Thus when there is the breathing in of any of those elements that float in the air, whether it be gaseous or any particles of dust, it produces irritation that causes coughing - which further irritates the general condition of the body.
    And in this association comes those connections with the other disturbances that we find in the digestive system as well as in portions of the eliminating system.  For coughing produces not only a spasm here - as in most cases - in the throat, but also in the diaphragm.
    This irritation then causes disturbance with the liver and the kidneys, and with these disturbances there has been produced a condition in the sphincter muscles of the lower portion of the alimentary canal in the form of hemorrhoids.
    As the present condition exists, it would be better for the hemorrhoids to be removed by operative measures, provided this is done when there is a better condition in the general blood supply.  However, these disturbances may be aided and relieved, if certain applications will be made.  And if changes are made in climate, and certain activities in exercise are taken, we may eliminate these as surely as if they were removed by a knife - but it would require a much longer period.
    If there is the choice of the body not to have the operation for the hemorrhoids, do prepare a combination of oils to be injected into the rectum.  Put one drop of carbolic acid in an ounce of olive oil and mix thoroughly, as with mortise and pestle.  Then add this to an ounce of Usoline or Nujol, again stirring thoroughly.  These are to be put together so that every atom of the combination has the acid in same.  A tablespoonful of this injected into the rectum, about once a week, using a baby syringe, will relieve and take away the tension.
    Also take this exercise - this is provided the change is made in climate and the body decides against the operative measures - though the operation will remove and relieve the hemorrhoid irritation at once:
    Each morning on arising and each evening before retiring;  stand erect - gradually rise on the toes (without any shoes on) and at the same time gradually raise the hands directly above the head, straight up.  Then bend forward just as far as possible.  Do this three times, night and morning.  These will bring better conditions for this body.

    In the blood supply there are the indications of a form of anemia.  This is partially from the interferences that have arisen by pressures that exist in the transverse colon.  This has caused an activity in the areas about the liver and the gall duct and pancreas that is preventing the proper assimilation and the proper cooperation of the gastric flows of the duodenum into the pyloric portion of stomach, and the combination of the lactics through and from those glands in the cardiac portion of stomach...
    These are disturbances, then, as we find through the body.  The impulses that have first caused these disturbances have come from subluxations existent in the sacral and lumbar areas.  These necessarily have caused a form of lesion in the 3rd cervical, and a lateral lesion in the 1st and 2nd cervical...
    First begin with a series of colonic irrigations.  These will not only aid in relieving gas and distresses in the abdominal area but, if done properly, will also relieve those tendencies in the area of the lower sphincter centers - and relieve those tendencies toward irritation in the area that is disturbed at times by straining, when there are evacuations.
    There should be required just sufficient colonics to eliminate all of the mucous that will be indicated through the colon area.  There should not be the attempt to remove all of this at once, but it would require some two, three to four colonics.  There should be at least a week to ten days between the first two, and two weeks between the next two.
    After the system has been purified by the colonics (not before), begin with making correction osteopathically of those subluxations in the 3rd cervical, 3rd, 4th and 5th dorsal, 9th dorsal, and through the lumbar and sacral axis.  These should be very thorough treatments, relaxing the body twice to one period of making adjustments and stimulating treatments.
    Throughout these periods, especially while the colonics are being given, keep a laxative diet for the body - concentrated foods that are not too hard in digestion; such as whole grain cereals and plenty of citrus fruit juices (though these not at the same meal - rather alternate these, using the cereals one day and the fruit juices the next day); plenty of raw vegetables, especially water cress, celery, lettuce, carrots and the like.  These should be prepared in varied manners - with gelatin at times (Jello), with oils at times, with salad dressings at times, with fruits, nuts and the like.  Go slow on nuts until after at least the second colonic has been given, else the body might have a headache spell.  But these should be the types of foods to supply the vital energies.
    After at least six to eight osteopathic treatments have been given, then begin to build up the body - keeping thorough eliminations all the while, even if laxatives are necessary at times.  Alternate these - one time using a mineral laxative, and two times a vegetable laxative - that proportion, you see.  These in their variation will prevent the greater putrefaction and keep a better balance in the system's activity...
    Keep the attitude of constructive thinking.  Not only be good - be good for something purposefully!  Plan those periods of constructive expression of self - we will find all conditions improving for this body...
(Q)  Would operation recently suggested be advisable?
(A)  Not necessary if these suggestions here made are followed.  To remove the hemorrhoids we would remove the cause, which is the plethora in the transverse colon and close to the descending colon, where the pressure is upon the nerves directly to the heart, sympathetically - or the heart circulation.
    But do these in the manner indicated - we will have better conditions for this body.
    Do have the colonics scientifically given.  Don't attempt to do them yourself - at least for the first two.  Through these remove the mucus from the colon.
    The condition in the circulation, as indicated in the superficial portion of the body, the catarrhal conditions existing through portions of the alimentary canal.  The tendencies for the prolapsus in the lower portion of the alimentary canal, the tendencies for the rectal disorders, all are a part of the general condition and yet appear to be produced by either the diet or the character of eliminations, or the combination of cold or congestion...
    As we find, it would be well to use the short wave electrical forces, in that called radio wave; such as might be applied by Cold here in this vicinity.
    Such a treatment would be followed by a massage with this combination of oils, to supply the superficial circulation - or by absorption through the lymph and the emunctory centers - to bring much better conditions for this body; adding the ingredients in the order named:

        Nujol, as the base..................6 ounces,
        Olive Oil...........................1 ounce,
        Peanut Oil..........................3 ounces,
        Oil of Pine Needles...............1/2 ounce,
        Cedar Wood Oil....................1/2 ounce,
        Lanolin (liquefied)...............1/2 ounce.

    These will at times tend to separate, but shake them together and pour a small quantity into a saucer - not on hand to go back into the bottle, but into a saucer.  Dip the ends of the fingers in same and massage, not only along the edge of the spinal column but over the diaphragm area, between the breast bone and especially at the end of the breast bone or sternum, and across the hips and the abdomen, especially in the diaphragm area.  Then massage the limbs also.
    About twice each week we would take the short wave or radio wave electrical treatments, for at least fifteen minutes. Follow same immediately, first with a good hot shower and rubdown.  Then, while the pores are still open, give this oil massage...
(Q)  Digestive difficulties seem to irritate condition of hemorrhoids is there an ointment or salve?
(A)  Use all of these rubs with the oils as indicated, and especially across the lower portion of the sacral and in the end of the spine.  Do not use oils or lotions, but if there is the continued itching or irritation, prepare this mixture to be injected:

        Usoline.............................2 ounces,
        Glycerine (in which 2 drops of carbolic acid have been added)...........................1 ounce.

    Shake this together thoroughly - thoroughly.  Use an ear syringe.  This quantity should be sufficient to use at least four times, and the condition should be healed before all of these are used.

    As we find there are conditions that are very good and there are conditions that may cause a great deal of disturbance, unless measures are taken to create a better balance in the whole physical forces of the body.  For there are tendencies towards an unbalanced condition in the chemical forces of the body, as related primarily to the hydrochloric and the lacteal flows in digestion, also the chemical reactions between the pancreas and the spleen, in the supply of nutriment in the digestion as well as the splenic reaction to the lymph circulation that deals with the suggestive or imaginative or sympathetic body.  These are a part of the functionings of the spleen.  Thus we find at times even in the present there is an engorging of same.  Thus the emotional experiences of the body at times.  Hence the reactions in the whole system as related to these are the disturbing forces...
    As we find, then, there is needed the occasional good hydrotherapy treatment - say, about one in two weeks.  Each of these should include a Fume Bath using witchhazel, and then a good thorough oil rub down; followed by the Ultra-Violet Ray preferably with the green glass injected between the Ultra-Violet and the body.  These will tend to relax the body.
    Also supply those elements that are body building, carrying plenty of vitamins B and B-1, and the B complex - niacin and iron and phosphorous and the like.  These will be found for this body in KalDak, in the correct proportions.  Be mindful as to the diet.  Keep plenty of sea foods, if these are at all desirable - for all manners of sea food would be well. Vary these quite often.  Fowl should be taken, and the bony pieces are much preferable.  The very small fowl are preferable to the large, and wild game should be taken whenever practical.  Plenty of raw vegetables should be a part of the diet most every day, celery, lettuce, especially lettuce, and carrots.  These prepared quite often with gelatin would be well for the body, supplying those elements that, with those properties assimilated as indicated, will become body building to the system...
(Q)  What can I do to improve elimination and permanently cure hemorrhoid condition?
(A)  Through the diet, as well as the properties indicated for the digestive forces.
    For the hemorrhoids, take this exercise of morning when arising, before any clothing is put on, and of evening just before retiring:  Raise hands high above the head, at the same time slowly rising on toes.  Then bend forward - don't fall, but bend forward and touch the floor when you can.  Do this at least three to four times at each period.  Don't commence it and then just leave off or do it occasionally.
    Either do it consistently or don't do it.
    We will find that this, with the better conditions through the alimentary canal will relieve these tensions in the sphincter center.

(Q)  What is recommended as a permanent cure for my hemorrhoids?
(A)  Use an injection of oils prepared in this manner:  To one ounce of Glycerin add two drops of Carbolic Acid.  Mix these well, then add to three ounces of Usoline or Nujol.  Use this in a child's syringe to inject into the rectal area.  This will be found to relieve those tensions and irritations where the swelling in portions of the rectal area, and even on the sphincter centers and folds.  Use this about twice to three times each week.  It is not necessary to inject all of this quantity at once - a tablespoonful for each injection should be sufficient.

    For the hemorrhoids, - the better corrective measures would be this exercise morning and evening:
    Standing erect (in the bare feet), gradually raise the hands above the head, extended to the side, and at the same time gradually rising on the toes; then bend forward with the hands going toward the floor.  Do this slowly, three times - morning and evening.  Keep this up, and we will get rid of these disturbances - with the other treatments for the general condition.
    As an injection, or as an allaying influence, prepare this:
    To 2 ounces of Glycerine put 3 drops of Carbolic Acid, then add 2 ounces of Nujol.  Shake these thoroughly together.  Then, using a baby syringe, inject a little of this - not all of it, but just what would be necessary.

    In making applications for helpful forces, first we would prepare a tonic.  Purchase these ingredients yourself and prepare it!
    To a gallon of Distilled or Rain Water, add - IN THE ORDER NAMED:

        Yellow Dock Root..........1 ounce,
        Burdock Root............1/2 ounce,
        Buchu Leaves.............20 grains,
        Cincho Bark...............5 grains,
        (or, if the ground Cincho Bark is used...that is,Quinine.................1/2 or 1 grain),
        Podophyllin (or Mandrake Root - the Podophyllin is more easily obtained).....1 grain,
        Elder Flower..............4 ounces.

    Put these in an enamel container, with an enamel or glass cover on same, and boil together.  After it comes to a boil, let it boil for twenty minutes, stirring most of the time.
    Let it cool, and then add to this:

        Grain Alcohol (in which 1 dram Balsam of Tolu has been cut)..............2 ounces.

    Take a teaspoonful twice each day, before the morning meal and before retiring.  This, to be sure, is to be drained or filtered when it is first prepared, see?
    This will purify the system.  Though producing an irritation, the first few weeks, it will gradually aid the body in SO MANY of those disturbing forces throughout...
    Do take, also, a tea prepared from the Mullein leaves and the Mullein flower, half and half of same - a pint of each; this in measure, not in weight; and this put in a quart of water and let it steep - not boil - but almost boil.  Strain, and then add one ounce of grain alcohol as a preservative.  But even then keep this in a cool place.  Take a teaspoonful of this once each day.
    Also we would take about an ounce of Saffron Tea about two to three times each week - this prepared as regular tea would be.
    Do take a good eliminant, at least sufficiently often to keep the system cleansed; preferably such as Senna Tea - made from Senna Pods or Senna Leaves.
    Apply the very low electrical forces to the body to change the vibrations of the body; this with the violet ray (hand machine, bulb applicator).  This NEVER over the irritated areas, but preferably along the spine and over the liver and the spleen area, or around the diaphragm area.
    In the diet, - beware of too much starches.  Do not overeat of fats of any character.  Also sweets are bad.  Preferably use honey or saccharin as the sweets.
    Use whole grain, or whole grain breads rather than the purified or white breads.
    Never take any starches in combination with cheeses or the like, though these separately may be taken in moderation.
    Have plenty of fruits and vegetables.
    Do include beets and beet tops often in the diet, but NEVER with vinegar or any acid in same...
(Q)  What treatment should be followed for hemorrhoids?
(A)  The best is to treat the general condition as indicated.  But the best for the specific condition of hemorrhoids is the exercise, and if this is taken regularly these will disappear - of themselves!
    Twice each day, of morning and evening - and this doesn't mean with many clothes on!  Rise on the toes, at the same time raising the arms; then bend forward, letting the hands go toward the floor.  Do this three times of morning and three times of evening.  But don't do it two or three times and then quit!  Or don't do it three to four times a week and then quit, but do it regularly!  Be regular with it, each day!

    In the foods, we would have more of the relaxing or bulky nature, that tend to make for laxatives through the system.  These if possible to be had are preferable to taking cathartics or laxatives that are of an irritating nature to the flow in the peristaltic activity of the alimentary canal.  Then, use such a Bran with figs and such foods combined with same; as prunes, pieplant, and this character of foods. These will aid in relieving the distresses...
(Q)  Would you advise any particular treatment for hemorrhoids?
(A)  If the laxative foods as indicated are taken, these will aid.  When these conditions give particular trouble, we would use an oil enema; that is, by using a baby enema or bulb we would inject a combination of oils into the rectum, prepared in this manner:
    To 2 ounces of Usoline add 1 ounce of Glycerine in which two drops of Carbolic Acid have been stirred thoroughly.
    Do not inject all of this at once, but about a tablespoonful of this mixture - whenever there is trouble.  And we find this will relieve the itching as well as the tendency for the dropping of the colon.
    But if the precautions are taken when the colonic irrigations are given, these disturbances should be relieved.

    There ARE areas along the spine that need relaxing, as well as correcting.  For, the strain that has been produced by the jerking or falling of the body has caused pressures in other areas, - the correction of which would aid in adjusting these conditions.
    It is at the hypogastric center in the upper dorsals that there is needed the greater attention or correction osteopathically, while those centers in the lumbar and sacral area need coordinating with the adjustments that will be made there; as well as in the area of the upper dorsals - that is, the 2nd to the 1st, and throughout the cervicals...
    For the disturbance in the areas of the lower sphincter centers, where there are the tendencies for the hemorrhoids, we would use this combination of oils as an ointment - but injected with a force syringe, as in a baby syringe or ear syringe.  To one ounce of Glycerine add two drops of Carbolic Acid.  Stir thoroughly together.  Then add two ounces of Usoline or Nujol.  Inject some of this right after each stool.  It will be well for the body, for a period, to relax and to eliminate those folds or protuberances that exist from these conditions.  But the osteopathic corrections  should also aid in correcting this condition.

    Digestion very good, considering the strain under which the system does labor.  In the lower digestive system we find a character of prolapsus, especially in the lower colon; also the tendency of sluggishness in the ascending and transverse colon; so that the conditions as exist are of the nature that cause irritation and plethora, by the blood attempting to gather in portions of the muscles and of the tissue, to meet the needs - and these produce irritation, and the resultant hemorrhoid effect as is seen there...
    The first consideration should be, that the reactions should be nearer or more ALKALIN in the system; and for this we would use those of the Coker Compound, that will bring the DIGESTIVE system into a near normal reaction; taking this in cold water, quarter teaspoonful, after the morning or the noon meal.  After the evening meal, take half a teaspoonful in very HOT water.  This will RELIEVE this stress and strain.
    Then, we would take those exercises wherein the body would, standing erect, swing arms well above head and bending forward at the same time, or giving the tendency of the UPWARD movement for same.
    Take the manipulation, osteopathically, and adjustments, in the lumbar, lower dorsals, and on to even the upper cervicals.
    LOCALLY, apply those properties as would be found in a combination of THIS character; using this as an ointment following the stools, or WHEN there is irritation.  RESTING, keeping feet up, will also aid these conditions - as well as aid the general HEALTH of body, with the taking of the medicinal properties and the manipulations (which should be had at least ONCE each day).  This salve [Tim], or ointment, would be made in THIS manner:
    To 1 ounce of OIL of butterfat, add 1 dram of very fine POWDERED tobacco, 2 grains or 2 minims of oil of aloe, and 2 minims of oil of the buckeye kernel.  Stir well together and use as an ointment.
    Do that.  Also use the other suggestions for the general health; being mindful of the diet, that - as there is being attempted to create an alkalin reaction in the system through those properties taken in same - the diets do not work against same, but rather conforming with same.  Not too much meats.  The juices may be taken, also vegetables - vegetable OILS, and the FRUITS of ALL kinds may be taken, ESPECIALLY the citrus fruits.  Ready for questions.  We are through for the present.

    Also we find conditions such that, with the superacid forces, there is a prolapsus in portions of the colon; causing lymph formations, and the hemorrhoid activities - though not true hemorrhoids, for the irritation is more from the forming of lymph pockets.

(Q)  What causes the pain that appears to be hemorrhoids?
(A)  A strain in the alimentary canal, and especially to the sphincter center.
    With the osteopathic corrections for the Eustachian tube, where it is being congested by the forms that produce adhesions there, the correction also about the coccyx centers will relieve the tension.

(Q)  What remedy would you suggest for the rectal disorder?  [hemorrhoids]
(A)  The better eliminations, and the exercises each morning before dressing and each evening when ready to retire.  Stand erect (with not shoes on, of course).  Gradually rise on the toes, raising arms above the head, and bend forward touching the floor - if possible - not in the beginning.  Gradually raise the arms as the body rises, you see; and then bend forward as far as possible - with the hands reaching toward the floor.

    In removing these [nerve pressures], as we find, - the mechanical (osteopathic) manipulations or adjustments would be the more preferable manner.
    But apply HEAT - WET HEAT - to the sacral and lumbar and coccyx area for at least twenty to thirty minutes before the adjustments are attempted.  And then the corrections that are made to coordinate through the 9th dorsal center, the 3rd and 4th dorsal, and throughout the cervicals, will relieve the pressure a great deal easier.
    These adjustments or treatments, as we find, had best be taken in series, - that is:  Take these about two to three times a week, at least for the first series of two to three to four weeks.  Then rest from these, or leave them off for two weeks.  Then take them again, twice a week for two to three weeks.  Leave off a week, then take them once a week for a couple of weeks - and so on, graudally getting farther apart, but continuing until the condition is corrected.
    If there should occur a return of the acute disturbances during the rest period, - we would massage the sacral and the coccyx area, or close to the end of the spine, with plain table salt saturated with pure apple vinegar; then apply and electric pad or the like.  This will relieve  tension.
    But Wet Heat would be applied in making the osteopathic adjustments.
    Later a little low electrical treatment will be helpful, but DO NOT GIVE the electrical treatments until at least the second or third SERIES of osteopathic adjustments!  This would be then the low electrical current of the direct would be then the low electrical current of the direct vibrations.
    During the second series of osteopathic treatments (but not until then), we would take one minim of Atomidine in half a glass of water each morning before the meal is taken.  This will make for better activity of the glandular system, purifying and cleansing the glands and ducts, especially of the thyroids.
    Of course, keep good eliminations.  Use enemas rather than cathartics.
(Q)  What should be done for the hemorrhoid condition?
(A)  This has been covered in what we have just indicated.  When we remove the pressures from the end of the spine we will find that the general activities will relieve those tensions throughout the alimentary canal, and thus alleviate the causes.

    As indicated, there have been lesions in the last dorsal and first lumbar, - these have been the sources of the disturbances with this body, combined with the inflammatory condition which existed at childbirth, - causing - with those activities in the system - an adhesion in the right portion of the abdominal area.
    This has caused and does cause at times a distress - either when there is too much acidity or when there are not the proper eliminations through alimentary canal - that makes for pressures upon the nervous system...
    However, we would make applications first, regularly, about three times each week, of heavy Castor Oil Packs - for about an hour each time - over the areas from the lower portion of the liver to the caecum area, and extending low over the right groin.
    The next day after the Packs are used, each time, take at least two teaspoonful of Olive Oil as an aid to the eliminations.  The same day, or the next day, have also a high colonic irrigation, or high enema; using a saline-soda solution, followed with an antiseptic solution, to cleanse the colon, to prevent the conditions in the caecum as well as the ascending colon from becoming engorged, as there is the inclination to do.  These high colonics may be taken by self, you see; not necessary that such be done otherwise, but - to the quart and a half of water, body-temperature, add a level teaspoonful of baking soda and a heaping teaspoonful of table salt, dissolving same thoroughly; being sure to have the water body-temperature, not hotter, not colder.  Then in the last water, the quart and a half used after the evacuation of the bowel, put a tablespoonful of Glyco-Thymoline as an intestinal antiseptic.
    Use the Packs about three times each week for about three to four weeks, followed by the Olive Oil AND the enemas each time, you see.
    THEN we would have the osteopathic adjustments to ASSIST in breaking up lesions, and also in emptying the gall duct.  If this is done after the three weeks of applying the Oil Packs as indicated, we will find it will not only aid in making the proper corrections and bringing the better conditions for the body, but will strengthen and correct many of those disturbances through other portions of the system that are reflexes and contributory conditions to those disturbances which have been indicated.
    In the matter of the diet, - Beware of fried foods.
    Beware of citrus fruits and cereals at the same meal.  Not that either of these would be eliminated from the diet, but do not have them at the same meal.
    Whole Wheat cereals (of the cooked cereals) or Maltex, or cut oats, are well.
    With orange juice always add a little lemon with same; this will act much better with the system.
    If meats are taken in any quantity, use only fish, fowl or lamb.
    When potatoes are eaten, use only that portion close to the skin (and the skin itself), rather than too much of the bulk of same.
    Once a week have artichoke, the Jerusalem type, as this will aid in cleansing, easing the activity of the kidneys with the disturbance that has been with the circulation, and with the liver disturbance.  This will also purify the activity through the bladder, aiding in the relief of those tensions when the acidity causes disturbance through portions of the system.
    Do these and we will bring the near to normal forces for this body...
(Q)  What should be done for the hemorrhoid condition?
(A)  Use TIM.  Here again we will find, however, the condition will be materially aided from the very applications indicated.  For this is taken into consideration, - as to the manner in which the colonic irrigations are to be given, see? As these conditions are purified, these will be materially aided.
    But when those strains upon the system are removed, this condition will also be aided considerably by the close adherence to the diet indicated.  However, when disturbance is caused in this direction, use TIM as a local application.
    As indicated, though, this is a part of the GENERAL condition through the abdominal area.
    Keep those attitudes which have LONG formed a part of the approach to every condition, physically, mentally, materially; with that hopefulness.  For the mind, to be sure, has a great deal to do with how ANY condition is viewed.

(Q)  First:  T-I-M, a remedy for hemorrhoids, a jar of which T. B. House holds in his hand.  Does this product carry enough Tincture of Benzoin to act as an effective astringent in reducing the surplus skin or sac left by the hemorrhoid after it has been assimilated in the system?
(A)  In this particular jar here, not sufficient; though it will act as an astringent.  But a small quantity added to same would make it more effective, though in some types more irritating.
(Q)  Do you recommend any changes in this product for use in internal hemorrhoids?
(A)  Necessary that those put in tubes be MORE of the Butterfat and less of the Tobacco.

    First, we would have the high colonic irrigations.  The first two should be given by one well versed in same, or well prepared for giving such; as it would not be best to remove the WHOLE of the disturbance through the first application; using in the last waters an antiseptic AND making for the full cleansing of the colon.  The first two, given by a trained operator, would be given as close as one each week.
    Afterwards, about every two weeks, the body may take the colonic irrigation HIMSELF; by using the colon tube with a Fountain Syringe.  These are MOST necessary.  When this is done by self, use the soda and salt solution in the first water; the proportion being a heaping teaspoonful of salt and a level teaspoonful of soda to each quart of water, - and using, of course, about a quart and a half or a GALLON if necessary to remove the poisons and the accumulation of toxic forces that are a part of the cause of the disturbance through the colon area.  Have the water body-temperature; not above or below same.
    The first two should be given by a trained operator, for there is sufficient of the phlegm and congestion and mucous that necessarily must be CAREFULLY taken from the body...
(Q)  What should be done for hemorrhoids?
(A)  This is another reason why precaution should be taken with the first of the colonic applications, see?  But when there has been a cleansing, we will find a great IMPROVEMENT in this condition.
    With the hemorrhoid, where and when it causes disturbance, use the ointment known as Tim, - with the applicator where it may be injected.  When this is applied, lie down, - putting the feet much higher than the head for a few minutes.  The third or fourth application should reduce these to almost nil.

    Now as we find, the improvements - not only by the applications, the corrections that are being made - are not only most satisfactory but the activities in the open are most EXCELLENT for the body.
    WE would not change any of those applications that are being made, save IN the corrections in the lumbar and sacral area should be made from the side rather than from the body lying prone, see?
    And we would use the white light AS an aid in creating the proper connection or associations with the centers along the cerebrospinal system, as relate to the principal nerve centers of the body.  Do not give these too often, but at least give them once and sometimes twice a week, or one week once, the next week twice.  This would be the more preferable manner.
    Ready for questions.
(Q)  Will the hemorrhoidal condition need any special form of treatment?
(A)  Do as has been indicated for ALL of these!  It would be well for an exercise to be taken for this.
    Rising on the toes gradually, raising the arms at the same time, bend forward as far as possible.  This done night and morning will aid in RAISING the system sufficiently to eliminate a great deal of the pressure in those areas.

(Q)  What causes occasional blood in stool and how can it be stopped?
(A)  This arises from a hemorrhoid condition far in the rectal area.  Use this combination of oils as an injection: Add two drops of carbolic acid to one ounce of glycerine.  Beat this thoroughly together.  Then add one ounce of Usoline or Nujol.  This should make sufficient for at least two or three injections.  Inject this into the anus in such a way that we will have control of the conditions and relieve the areas.  Use an ear syringe for the injection.

    We would use the Pazo Ointment as a massage for allaying that disturbance of the hemorrhoids in the rectal area.  Use this only after the stool, and it is not necessary to use it when there is NOT the protrusion or the violent itching in or through the area.

    Now as we find, there are general conditions that disturb the better physical functioning of the body.  These have been kept rather in abeyance from time to time, and then there are specific disturbances that more recently have been and are the outcome of a prolapsus in the descending colon; thus forming disturbances through the sphincter muscular area where hemorrhoids have been the result - with considerable bleeding at time of stools, and other unpleasantnesses that arise from same.
    As we find, the use of TIM as an ointment, following the stools and of evenings when retiring, will make for - soon - a removal of the causes of the hemorrhoid reaction.  If this is injected as far as possible, this will make for sufficient activity of the sphincter contractions as to carry same ABOVE those portions where the folds are causing irritation.

    Hence we must reduce the activity of the glandular forces so that we may bring about normal forces for the body, WITH the corrections of the specific conditions in the areas between the first and second sphincter muscles in the lower portion of the alimentary canal - or the conditions that are producing a form of hemorrhoids, with the condition in the sphincter centers which need expanding; and with the treatments or applications to reduce the folds that tend to make for this pressure upon the nerve system.
    Yet apparently the body continues to increase in the weight or in the activity of the system; however, we are gradually - through the inclinations - storing poisons in the system from the reactions of the hemorrhoid condition; thus causing greater irritation to the sympathetic nerve system.
    As has been indicated, we do not find the organs involved as yet to any great extent that would not adjust themselves with the carrying out of these corrective measures which we will indicate.
    First, then, we would bring the removal of the conditions that cause the irritation; not exactly by operative measures but by the EXPANSION of the sphincter muscles and centers.
    Such applications for the removal of the conditions in the sphincter centers would be done by a proctologist.  As we find this would be preferable to attempting to treat the conditions in their present state by local applications.
    However, we find that AFTER such treatments by the proctologist, it would be well to use such an ointment as Tim for the CORRECTING of the conditions as related to the circulation in those areas.
    Also, in combination with such treatments, we would follow an outline for the diet that would keep the normal activities of the system in such a way that the physical and mental reactions will be more in accord with normalcy - and with the desires of the body-physical, mental and spiritual.
    In the diet, then, we would beware of bread; and not take very often either the white bread OR the whole wheat.  Use rather the rye bread or Ry-Krisp as the ONLY bread that would be taken.
    Potatoes should not be a portion of the diet save occasionally, once or twice a week - and even then we would only eat the jacket and that close to same, rather than too much of the pulp or bulk.
    Do not eat too much of butter or fats.
    And twice a day, thirty minutes before the meal, drink at least four ounces of an equal combination of grape juice and water.  Welch's is preferable.  This will only tend to make for the activity upon the glandular forces as related to digestion, and also the activities as related to eliminations will be materially aided.
    No fried foods at any time.
    The meats taken should consist principally, or preferably, of fish, fowl or lamb.  No hog meat at any time.
(Q)  What kind of doctor should correct the hemorrhoid condition?
(A)  Just as indicated, a proctologist.

(Q)  What should be done for the hemorrhoids?
(A)  These as we find are a combination of disturbances.  While they are partially blind, they are partially protruding.  The use of TIM for these as we find will be most helpful.  Use this after each evacuation, or the use of the enemas.  It may be used as a salve on the tube when giving the enema.  Obtain the Tim in a tube with injector, so it may be used after each stool more easily.  But with the use of the enemas, the external hemorrhoids will considerably disappear of themselves.

(Q)  Does this body have hemorrhoids?
(A)  This body has deep internal hemorrhoids.  The use of Tim with the local injection would be helpful.  The massages will be MOST beneficial, and ESPECIALLY with this watching of the diet and the use of the Citrocarbonate for acidity.

    As we find, the greater distress in the present is an acute condition from hemorrhoids.  This as we find is better NOT operated upon, if there is the ability to produce the reducing of the swelling and the irritation; and this as we find may be accomplished with a little rest (that is, stay off the feet) and the exercises, with sitz baths of salt water.

    For the condition as gives trouble in the rectum at the present time, we would use a solution or a salve of this character:  Take four ounces of butter (without salt, or fresh butter) just churned, and reduce by application of heat to the oil of butterfat.  To this we would add three minims of Mentholatum and six grains of Pulverized Tobacco, with two grains of White Castile Soap.  Mix this all well together and use as a lotion.  [GD's note:  This was an early simple formula for the hemorrhoid compound which was later referred to in the readings as TIM - See.

    The condition as exists in the coccyx and in the rectum, these may be approached from the local condition, and through adjustments and manipulation for the strained portions as are seen from old conditions that existed in pelvis region, may be overcome.  For that as is seen in the rectal region, there should be used that ointment [Tim for hemorrhoids] as has been given for such conditions, WITH the adjustments and the manipulation in sacral, with the application of the Violet Ray - will overcome these conditions.

    These disorders, as we find, have to do with the eliminations and their effect upon the system, as well as specific conditions that may - with the proper applications for corrections - bring much better physical reactions in the system.
    Then, these are the conditions-physical as we find them with this body, [678] we are speaking of, present in this room:
    In the BLOOD SUPPLY we find indications of the effect of periods of too much acidity in the system.  These are rather as spasmodic conditions, for the body in its dietetics and in its reactions is very near to keeping a balance.  But from this acidity we find these conditions in the reactions through the system:
    At times there is a quick pulsation in the heart's activity, though no organic heart disturbance.  But with this acidity, and the tendency for the effects to act with the nerve forces through the pressures created in the system, there are periods when shortness of breath is produced; quick palpitation, if there are quick or sudden movements of the body.  The lack of the proper distribution or activity of the salivary glands is also from this tendency of acidity, that makes for conditions in the mouth, in the throat at times, as a burning or a drying sensation; and the lack of the proper amount of the saliva - that should be alkalin, tends for acidity.  Hence those conditions that exist there.
    Again we find the effects of these conditions in the eliminations through the alimentary canal, and in the effect produced in the sphincter muscular forces we find the folds in that portion of the system becoming irritated in the form of hemorrhoids that give the distress at times.
    These, as we find, are the effects from this condition of the acidity, affecting the functioning of the ORGANS in elimination.
    We would take at times the alkalin properties that may be had from the Upjohn's Citrocarbonates, taken in periods of one to two days.  These will change the effects of the circulatory system as to allow better eliminations.
    And we would make local applications for the conditions in the mouth or in the lips, and for those conditions in the portions of the system affected by the hemorrhoids.  Using the combination of properties found in Tim will bring bettered conditions...
    The acidity, then, is a contributory cause to a pressure in the lumbar and sacral area, the correction of which would make for the strengthening of the muscular forces and the arches in lower limbs.  This, as we find, would best be done through the adjustments and the massage OSTEOPATHICALLY.
    The same condition exists (and is contributed to by the acidity and by this pressure) in the knee, where there has been a weakening through an injury, that tends to make for a weakening in this particular portion of the system.  This would be corrected also by the  manipulations; theapplications or treatments being made specifically for this by the one making such osteopathic corrections.
    Make a correction in the lower axis of the spine, or in the 4th lumbar and COORDINATE the 2nd and 3rd dorsal and thoughout the UPPER cervical WITH such a correction in the lumbar area.  This will also strengthen the circulation through the head, aiding the weakening conditions in the sympathetic and nerve forces and nerve supplies to the sensory organs; particularly to the eyes, to the ears, and to the throat and neck - these will be aided in the manipulations by or through the osteopathic corrections.

    For those conditions in the colon itself, those tendencies for the hemorrhoids, we find it would be well for there to be the activity of body bending forward as standing on feet and touching the floor bending forward - keeping the knees as stiff as possible.  This exercise, raising the hands far above the head, will help in these directions.

    As we find, general conditions in the present are very good, though there are still those thinned conditions through portions of the intestinal system, and the chemical forces of the digestive area become easily upset.
    We would keep to the taking, more often, the Saffron Tea as indicated; and we would change or alternate this at times with Camomile Tea.  For these tend to form, in the regular activities of the body, the best in the gastric flows for the intestinal disorder.
    The chewing of Slippery Elm would also be well.  While it would be necessary that this be done in private, owing to the looks of it, we find that it will be most beneficial to the activity of the glands - the salivary glands as well as those in the pylorus, and in the duodenum also.  Swallow the saliva that is indicated in the chewing of same; not the powder, but the bark itself, see?
    Alternate, though, between the Saffron and the Camomile.
    Then be precautious as to the diet and the activities...
(Q)  What should be done for hemorrhoid condition?
(A)  The better eliminations will aid better, and the exercise of morning and evening.  Standing erect, gradually rise on toes with the hands gradually raised above the head, and bend forward towards the floor.  Do this for at least ten times, upon arising and just before retiring.  This will give the better activity to the system, with the general outlines followed as indicated - and these, we find, will be material aids for the body.

(Q)  Do I have hemorrhoids?
(A)  This is the irritation in the folds of the anus.  Use this combination of oils for injection.  To one ounce of Glycerine add two drops of Carbolic Acid.  Shake this thoroughly together.  Then add to this four ounces of Usoline, Nujol or Russian White Oil.  Shake well together, or stir thoroughly.  Use this in a force enema, as in a baby syringe or ear syringe, as an injection; and this as we find will alleviate the disturbance.
    Each morning and each evening do take the stretching exercise; that is, standing erect raise the arms high above head and then attempt to touch fingers to the floor (though the body will be far from it!).  Do this at least three to four times, morning upon arising, and evenings when ready to retire.  This will aid, with the administration of the oil injection.

    As we find, there are rather the acute conditions - and also those disturbances of natures that are inclined to become contributory causes to the acute conditions.
    These, then, are conditions as we find them with this body, [563]:
    In the blood supply we find there is the lack of those elements in the blood stream, so that there is caused a loss - or lack - of proper coagulation in the system.
    Hence we find in the blood streams there are the inclinations for the walls of some of the veins to become thinned.
    Thus we have a form of anemia, but of a nature that is of the GLANDULAR system - or the assimilating forces.
    Also we find there are those conditions through the alimentary canal, where especially the sphincter muscles and nerves are involved from this disturbance.
    Hence the conditions that cause a great deal of itching, and at times the blind hemorrhoids - or protruding of the folds of the lower portion of the anus.
    This also at times causes a great deal of distress, as well as - through the thinned condition of the folds - a great deal of bleeding.
    As we find, these are the greater disturbing conditions.
    And, while there are applications needed for the acute conditions, we find that it is also necessary to build for a GENERAL condition of betterment through those forces that are weakened and disturbed.
    Then, as we find, first:
    We would begin with the use of an ointment - as Pazo Ointment - for injection through the areas where there are the disturbances.
    Also we would use Saffron Tea; one dose of same - a tablespoonful - to be taken each day, preferably in the evening.  Take at least a tablespoonful at the dose.  It would be prepared in this manner:  Pour a pint of boiling water over two tablespoonsful of the Saffron (American Saffron) and let steep as tea.  Then this quantity may be kept and taken each day until the whole amount is taken, but keep in the ice box, of course.
    Stay off the feet as much as practical until the acute conditions are removed.
    Also - for the general conditions, to aid in removing the causes of these conditions:
    Keep away from highly seasoned foods, and from any form of drinks that carry carbonated waters or that are of any appreciable alcohol content.
    Take more of the liver and beef extracts.
    Or, the Wyeth's Beef, Iron and Wine will be most helpful; a teaspoonful at each meal taken.  Don't take this UNLESS the meal IS taken, but with each meal take same.
    Fresh vegetables are better than the dried, - so take them fresh whenever practical.
    Then, - each morning and each evening, before there is anything binding about the body of morning and AFTER disrobing in the evening, - for at least three to five minutes take this exercise:  Rise gently on the toes (and this without shoes, of course), and at the same time raise the hands high above the head, then lean forward as much as possible without losing balance.  Do this slowly and consistently.
    Do not use too much of laxatives, but rather use enemas to have the evacuations each day.
    Doing these, we will find that these conditions will gradually disappear.

    As we find, there are acute conditions that have arisen from an overacidity and from cold and congestion.  There has been wrought such an extenuation in the activities of the nerves through not only the throat and chest as to be most irritating (where there is a showing of phlegm and of congestion), but through congestion of a more exaggerated nature in the intestinal tract.  Especially is this shown in the lower portion of the alimentary canal, through the portion of the sphincter muscular forces becoming so irritated, so engorged, so enlarged, as to make for excruciating pains through the abdominal area, through the back - and especially in those extensions in the body when there is the attempt of eliminations through those portions of the anus itself.
    In the present, as we find, we would first have a manipulation osteopathically to relax the body thoroughly.
    Then we would use an enema - not of a large tube but a small, so as to inject just as hot a saline solution as the body can stand; at least a hundred degrees of temperature.  Saline with soda.  This, as we find, would soften or relax the body, and thus - with again a manipulation on the morrow, and keeping the equilibrium of the body in such a nature by the feet or the lower portion of the body being somewhat elevated - we should relax and relieve the body.
    As to the exercises, take those with the body standing on the feet - extend arms as high above head as possible, rising on the toes, and then bend gently forward bringing the fingertips towards the floor.  Do this two, three to four times a day.  It will be most helpful.
    These we would do in the immediate...
(Q)  What should be the proportion of salt and soda and water for the enema?
(A)  A level teaspoonful of the soda and a heaping teaspoonful of salt to the gallon of water.
(Q)  There should be more salt than soda?
(A)  More salt than soda for this particular condition.  This, you see, arises from not what is ordinarily indicated in giving an excess of the soda in the solution (as infectious forces).  This arises from plethora, from the nerve condition and from the lymph, and the areas where there is the protruding of the folds in the hemorrhoids as well as - as indicated - in the sphincter muscles.
(Q)  How often should the enemas be given?
(A)  Not more than once a day, unless the pain becomes more severe.  If the pain becomes more severe, then bathe across the lower portion of the spine with the laudanum and Aconite solution (in the proportion of three parts of Laudanum to one part Aconite), and apply over same the hot Epsom Salts Packs; this across the sacral and lumbar - lower lumbar area.
(Q)  Should no other foods at all be taken except the citrus fruits?
(A)  These, as indicated, for the next day or so.  After that we may gradually come to the more activative forces.

(Q)  What should be done for the hemorrhoids?
(A)  Use Tim.  This as we find will, with the lesser activity as labor or anxiety, with more outdoor exercise, bring bettered conditions.
    Use Tim in the tube that is injected, for these are not only of the protruding nature but of the second sphincter center.

(Q)  Have noticed slight hemorrhoid condition.  Would like to clear same up.  Please give full directions.
(A)  Use TIM with the injection or tube, that will make for the eliminating of the disturbance.

(Q)  What causes the rectal irritation and itching, and what will relieve and finally cure same?
(A)  These come from the hemorrhoids, which is a part of the general effect from lack of proper eliminations.  These will be materially aided by the use of those juices; also the local application of Pazo Ointment occasionally - used with the tube, of course, that makes the injection high into the rectal area.

(Q)  Is the exercise for hemorrhoids [as given in 2823-2] being done correctly?
(A)  This is very good but we would use the injections as given for this and allay the tendency for the protruding folds in the sphincter centers in the anus.
(Q)  Should combinations of glycerin, carbolic acid and mineral oil also be used?
(A)  This has been given before [in 457-9].  Prepare and use as indicated.  Do mix the glycerine and carbolic acid very thoroughly before adding the Nujul or Usoline.

(Q)  Can enlarged blood vessel at rectum [hemorrhoids] be cured?
(A)  By the application of THIS as a combination, and applied regularly:
    To one ounce of Glycerine add two drops of Carbolic Acid.  Stir well.  Then add to this one ounce of Russian White Oil.  Use as an ointment, and as an injection occasionally.

(Q)  Give treatment for hemorrhoids.
(A)  Cut out much of these activities and then take the regular exercise of a morning when first arising, and at night just before you lie down.  Do this twice in the morning and twice at night; these will soon disappear.  When ready to retire, gradually rise on the toes and raise the hands at the same time till on the toes and then attempt to touch the floor - you'll be a long ways from it - but go in that direction.  Do this before the clothing is put on of morning and night before retiring.  This will not require very long. The use of Tim when there is protruding will soon eliminate those disturbances and this, with the exercise and then the precautions, will soon eradicate the conditions altogether.

    Many conditions are very good throughout the body.  There are still, however, those tendencies for any congestion or any tautness produced by toxic forces, - whether from the digestion and lack of full eliminations or from cold or the like, - to produce upsetting conditions; from those centers and areas where there have been those disturbances from straining muscular and tendon tissue.  Thus the headaches, the eyes, the dryness in throat, the anxiety after eating, not full or complete rest after the periods of attempted relaxation or sleep...
    Hence as we find, occasionally, - at least once in two weeks or once in ten days, - we would have a thorough relaxation from a cabinet sweat followed by a deep, thorough Swedish massage.
    Also about once in two weeks, - though not at the same period, - have a thorough osteopathic RELAXING treatment.
(Q)  Please explain in detail just what treatments I should take for the hemorrhoid trouble.
(A)  The better relaxation, as indicated.  And then an exercise taken three or four times, morning before dressing and evening when ready to retire.  This gradually will bring a great deal of relief. Standing erect, rise gently on the toes, with the arms extended high above the head - these gradually being raised, you see.  As the body rises on the toes, gradually raise the arms also.  Then bend forward as far as possible.  Do this at least three times, morning and evening.
    If there is the continuance of great disturbance, use Pazo's Suppositories.  These will be beneficial.

    As we find, we would have some corrections made (in the Hudgins' [Dr. F. C. Hudgins, Jr., D. O.] manner), - especially in the 3rd and 4th dorsal, and then in the 9th dorsal centers; with special reference to stimulating the liver activity.  And thus we may prevent a great deal of disturbance, we will eliminate more of this disturbance to the lymph circulation through the head and throat that has caused some disturbance, and make for better general conditions.  Take about three or four, then rest or wait at least a couple of weeks, then take two or three more.
(Q)  Please tell me what I should do about hemorrhoid trouble.
(A)  Take the directions as we have indicated for a better activity through the whole of the hepatic circulation.
    Then each morning and each evening, before dressing of morning and when ready for bed at night, - with the feet bare, of course, - we would take this exercise:  Stand erect, - gently, gradually raise the hands high above the head, preferably the palm forward, gradually rising on the toes at the same time the hands are raised, see?  Then bend forward, just as far as possible.  Do this for two or three minutes, or at least fifteen attempts to bend forward, - but go through the whole motion, that is, gently raising the hands above the head, at the same time rising on the toes.  These are to be done together, to bring the exercising of the muscular forces WITH the corrections indicated.
    Use an ointment such as TIM after each evacuation, or when there are tendencies for the protruding.

    As we find, conditions in some ways are much improved from those as we have had here before; though there are acute conditions which have been indicated, that may be called the after effects, - or the condition of the lymph circulation, and as related to the eliminations of the system.
    These have formed in the areas of the sphincter muscles those folds that have been inclined to fill and then to cause a great deal of activity at those periods of the excretions from the system.  [Hemorrhoids.]
    Under the existing conditions, we find that these may be easily rectified by the use of an enema prepared in this way and manner, - this used about once every week; each time preparing it in this way:
    To 1 ounce of Glycerine add 7 drops of a heavy antiseptic, - as Carbolic Acid.  Mix this very thoroughly; then add it to 1 pint of Usoline.
    Use this in a syringe that may FORCE same, as a pump, you see; with the body reclining upon the knee and the elbow, or knee and shoulders.
    Then the general activities of the body are to be kept in a normal way and manner.
    After the heavier meal each day take a level teaspoonful of ALCAROID...
(Q)  What caused the passing of the blood through the bowels on Saturday, and what made the body feel so terribly tired?
(A)  The conditions that formed in the lymph pocket, thus allowing for the emptying of same.  Thus the character of enema indicated is not only to act as a healing influence and to prevent the folds reforming, but is to allay the disturbance and prevent the tissue that has broken from becoming scar tissue and again causing disturbance.

    There are indications of there HAVING been the disturbance through the lacteals, the gall duct area, as has been indicated to which the body is inclined, or the tendencies with the gall duct and the liver area.
    These as we find have responded very well, though there needs to be those precautions.
    And we would continue with the Oil Packs across the abdominal area, extending to the caecum; with the eliminations increased.
    In the present, however, colonics would be better than cathartics; for there are poisons sufficient in the colon area in the present to cause some disturbance, especially with those tendencies in the lower portion of the descending colon where there has been, as indicated, the tendency towards prolapsus and the disturbance in the areas from which the disturbance of the hemorrhoids has been a portion of the activity.
    Hence use the soda and salt solution, with the colon tube; following same with the Glyco-Thymoline as an intestinal antiseptic.
    Be very well to take a few drops of Glyco-Thymoline internally, each day - in water - for a few days at the time.
    Then be very careful about lifting and pushing things about; getting overheated and overtaxed or overvexed.
    And if these are kept and adhered to, we should bring better forces for this body.
    Of course, it is not necessary to keep the Packs continuously; but so long as there is the least soreness or heaviness in the liver and gall duct area and the caecum, use same.
    Let the use of the colon tube be not too close together, but sufficient to keep the colon cleansed from the accumulations as naturally arise by the system's reaction to the application of the external influences.

(Q)  What should the body do for proper eliminations?
(A)  The exercise and massage will be helpful.
    It would be well that high enemas be taken occasionally to alleviate not only the poisons, but to produce for the system a better peristaltic movement; for the inflammation and the character of the activity of the ducts of the liver tend to DRY secretions throughout the intestinal system.
    In using the high enema, to two quarts of water add a level teaspoonful of salt and a heaping teaspoonful of baking soda.  In the rinse water, or last water injections, we would add the Petrolagar; necessary that it be stirred in the tepid water.  This will aid in reducing the tendency for inflammation, reduce the acidity, and be helpful to those tendencies for the accumulations in the whole lower portion of the intestinal tract for hemorrhoid formations.

(Q)  What should be done for the hemorrhoid condition?
(A)  Use Tim as an ointment.  This a portion of the trouble with the eliminations.  Well that the exercise, too, be taken morning and evening; stand erect, arms straight above the head, bending as near as possible for the fingers to touch the floor, three, four, five or six times, see?  This tends to pull or placate that tendency for the pressure in the abdominal area, and will assist in relieving that condition.

    We have the body here, [340] - this we have had before.  Now, while conditions are somewhat bettered from that we have had at some periods, there is a tendency in the colon, in the WHOLE of the intestinal tract, and especially in the colon, for that of CONGESTION, or of the WALLS of the intestines not to function normally; acting more as cold or congested areas, and PRODUCING at times in portions of same very disagreeable conditions as to, in the lower portion of same, the sphincter muscles become so lax, by the inactivity of those portions in the turn in transverse and descending colon, as well as in the upper caecum area, or those of the ascending and transverse, that produce irritations, as to make even for the exhuming or bleeding of those protruding portions. [Hemorrhoids]  These, as we find, will be aided materially, [if] will the body [will] at least twice a day take that exercise of standing with hands high, or circular motion, bringing hands high above the head and carrying them forward, with the body bending toward the floor - forward, see?  Do this for two to three minutes, two or three times each day. Also take at least ONCE each day, a tablespoonful of psyllium seed, with FOUR tablespoonsful of very hot water - see?  Let 'em cool, of course, before they are eaten - but this stirred well to-gether.  This would preferably be taken in the evening, or WITH the evening meal.  This, as we find - with care as to the diet - do not take too much astringents of any kind, nor too much of condiments, not too much of anything that carries too much salt in same.

    We would also use an ointment that will relax and take from the system those of the feverish condition.  Tim is good in this respect, but we would add WITH same those of that as would be found in some of the pillery (?) [pilary?] [hemorrhoid] ointments - Pazo's is good - that may be injected to the region of the upper muscular traction, see?   These, as we find, in a few days should relieve the condition.

    As we find, while the whole of the eliminating system is involved - as is indicated not only by acute disturbances in the sphincter muscular forces, in the form of hemorrhoids, but as between the deeper circulation and the superficial; thus causing the swelling in portions of the body - in the face and head and neck, as well as somewhat in the extremities; hands and feet, or arms - this is more in the present a condition from an unbalanced chemical reaction in the bodily forces and functionings.
    We would first, then, in the immediate:
    Under the directions of Dr. Mary Miller, [D.C.], have those adjustments in the lumbar axis, the dorsals from the 5th or 6th upward.
    Also with same we would have those low electrical treatments that will set up the heat vibration as between the eliminations of the superficial and deeper circulation - through the alimentary canal.
    Both with the adjustments and the electrical forces, stimulate particularly the activities of the eliminations - or the emptying especially of the duodenum.
    Stimulate those centers from which the impulse of activity arises for these portions of the eliminating system.
    Every other day we would take Calcios twice a day as a heart stimulant and as a blood stimulant by its assimilated activity.  Take it morning and evening, every other day, until at least it has been taken for ten days.  Take about what would cover, thinly, a sunshine wafer or Cracker, see?
    We would also stimulate eliminations through alimentary canal with the oil; that is, Usoline - or Russian White Oil.
    We would have - rather under the supervision, though, of Dr. Miller - we would have colonic irrigations.  This would be done gently, owing to the rectal disturbances.
    Use Tim as a healing application.
    This, combined with the eliminations, the stimulations to the whole of the system - by the electrical forces AND manipulations - should bring, in ten days, the much nearer to NORMAL conditions.
    Do these, then, almost every other day for at least ten treatments.

(Q)  What causes the condition of the rectum, and what should be done to bring normalcy?
(A)  This, as has been given, is a tendency of prolapsus in the descending colon, and when the system from any cause is overacid, then the folds of the rectum in their higher elements are tended to be distended [hemorrhoids], and to produce irritation, itching [pruritus ani], and the like.  This is BEST relieved by the keeping of the system more alkalin and less acid, and may be aided materially by the use of those properties in the ointment that has been given - in Tim, when these are irritating; but will the system be [if the system will be] kept more alkalin, we will find there will be less of this irritation.  An exercise also taken twice each day, morning and evening - will the body [if the body will] bend forward, touching or tipping the floor in front of self - will aid in keeping up, and preventing this irritation.  ACID is the cause of the irritation.

    In making the applications, then, we would use the high enemas to relieve the pressure in the colon, and to allow the better circulation throughout the system.
    It will be necessary that precautions be taken and that this be done with the idea in mind that there must not be too great an irritation to those portions in the system that have caused so much disorder and trouble, from the tendency of the constipation to produce the hemorrhoids and their resultant conditions in the system.
    But use the type of enema that will gradually break up those impactions; and there should ever be used an antiseptic with each enema taken (and there should be at least two taken each week, until six or eight have been taken, see?).
    At each operation in giving the enema, you see there should be - at some portion of the period - the use of Petrolagar and Glyco-Thymoline in the waters injected.  Also at a portion of the period there should be used those properties of bicarbonate of soda (plain baking soda) and salt.  The proportions would be as this:
    With the first injections, use - to the gallon of water - a level teaspoonful of salt and two teaspoonsful of soda.
    When the oils are used, put in a tablespoonful of the oil (or Petrolagar, and be sure to use the Non-acid) and a tablespoonful of the Glyco-Thymoline, to a quart and a half of water.
    We would be mindful that the general stimuli for the system be kept.
    Keep the body quiet; and it would be well that those properties given for the allaying of the inflammation and swelling (in the activities of the conditions in rectum) be used.  These may be applied - for the higher portions - in the enema, with the oils that are used with same - as K.Y. [?] Jelly.

(Q)  There is a piece of flesh at the base of rectum.  What is it and how may it be removed?
(A)  It is a hemorrhoid condition.  Use Tim and it will be removed.

    For the condition as we find in the lower portion of body, or for the piles [hemorrhoids], use that as has been given as a specific for these conditions [Tim], as are produced by the relaxing of the muscles of the lower portion of the intestinal tract.  Using this whenever necessary, injecting  as far as possible with the body.

    We would apply this property, which we find would be a specific for such conditions:  [Hemorrhoids] To the oil as would be found from 1/4 pound of butterfat (fresh) add:

                  Pulverized Tobacco or Snuff.....1 dram, with
                  Mentholatum, or oil of same.....2 minims, with
                  Tincture Iodine.................1 drop or minim.

    In the structural portions of body, - as indicated in times back, - there has been a disturbance in the coccyx end of spine [causing periodic hemorrhoids].  This, with the injury or pressure produced in the sacral [from auto accident shock on 10/9/42] has caused a greater trouble, with a disturbance already in the pelvic organs.
    As we find, these would be best regulated by those corrections taken osteopathically to correct those conditions in the sacral, the lumbar and the coccyx area.

(Q)  Should I take the bracing exercise, with the feet against the wall, even when the hemorrhoid condition is present, or wait until it clears each time?
(A)  Take the bending exercise if the hemorrhoid condition is present; stretching arms high above the head, rising on toes and touching the floor.  Feet far apart, though, - not trying to hold them close together.

    As we find, the corrective measures osteopathically administered would be well, or chiropractically - if PROPERLY administered - would be the most helpful; and then the  GENTLE rubs across the small of the back with the Mutton Tallow, Spirits of Turpentine and Camphor, with hot packs.
    Then we would keep precautions as to diet, not overbalancing in this or that direction; using the Pazo Ointment for the hemorrhoids; and we will find better conditions for this
    Ready for questions.
(Q)  Should the same type of exercise be continued?
(A)  As just indicated, - the standing erect, gently raising the hands, see, high over the head, rising on toes and BENDING forward.  Do this two, three times morning and evening.
(Q)  Does the indentation at the end of the spine have anything to do with continual hemorrhoid irritation?
(A)  As just indicated, the conditions here have gradually caused a great deal of trouble, by the lack of keeping up the adjustments AND the exercises as indicated.  This has never been fully corrected, you see.  The PRESSURE as created in portions of the spine higher up HAS been relieved, but the sources - or the straining of the end of the spine have not been.
(Q)  Should I try to enlarge the anus by any local application, or would this be harmful?
(A)  No; this would not be the better.  If this is straightened we will find there will be the enlarging.

    And there are those effects, to be sure, of the weakening conditions brought about by the cold and congestion which has existed, as well as the effects with the nervous system and a general irritation from the hemorrhoids which have caused and do cause disturbances...
    For the hemorrhoids, - use Pazo's Hemorrhoid Remedy, with the tube, as a manner of application. Apply this when ready to retire.  Also, just before it is applied we would take the exercise of rising on the toes and bending forward, as well as rising on the toes and bending to first one side, then the other.

    Now, as we find, conditions are not as good in the general physical forces of the body as when we last had same here. There are the tendencies in system, as we find, from the disorders that have been indicated in the gall duct area, produced by the system's becoming clogged from those reactions in the diet, the activity, with the tendency which already existed...
    In the present we would have the gall duct or gall bladder DRAINED osteopathically, with sufficient treatments to coordinate the general system.  There should be at least about sixteen such treatments and adjustments.
    After the osteopathic treatments are well begun, then we would take at least once each day a half to a quarter teaspoonful of AL-CAROID, after the evening meal.
    And we would occasionally, once a month or the like, take the CAROID Bile Salts tablets, that are not purgative to the gastric juices of the stomach but work more with the ducts of the liver, spleen, pancreas, and the lower portion of the duodenum.
    About a week after the osteopathic treatments have been begun, we would also begin with the internal bath ocasionally, or the high enema; taking at least once or twice a week a general massage with exercise sufficient in the limbs, the upper and lower, in the gymnastics.  Following the rubdown, after the work out, we would use the Radio-Active Appliance in equalizing the circulation that would be stimulated through the activities and in the internal circulation...
(Q)  What should be done for the colitis or hemorrhoids?
(A)  As indicated, the first portion of the treatments should be to EMPTY the ducts.  Later there should be the exercise as indicated, and the application for the necessary drainages to be set up in the system; and these may bring the correction now for this body, [274].

(Q)  Five doctors have signed the report which I am holding. They state it is a tumor.  Is their statement correct?
(A)  From their point of view, correct.
    As we have indicated, it is lymph that forms into a condition in which there gathers blood, through the circulation and through the activities which cause the disturbance.
    When there is the adherence to those suggestions which we have made as to the diet, as to activities, as to the rest, as to the applications taken internally, we find that the activities are farther and farther apart - as to causing this to disgorge itself.
    And this disgorgement, and then through those applications which we have indicated, or the keeping in line with the suggestions so that the system may be kept sufficiently well or strong to absorb same, will be much more preferable than attempting to operate - under the existent conditions.  For it would require opening the portion of the colon itself, which - unless there was a long, LONG period of quiet - would cause trouble that would NOT be relieved.
(Q)  What advice to the body at this time?
(A)  Consider well all that we have indicated from time to time as to EACH of those conditions described, since its first inception through those disturbances which arose from cold, congestion, and the extenuation of those conditions when there were the hemorrhoids that had gradually arisen to folds in the system itself.
    And then keep in that way of activity in which this condition may be best handled, as we find, WITHOUT resorting to operative measures - AS YET, ANYWAY.

(Q)  Will Tim cure or dry up these hemorrhoids without any other action?
(A)  Consistently used, it will not only remove the cause but remove the hemorrhoids.
(Q)  How far up are the hemorrhoids, in inches?
(A)  Inch and a half.

    The body should not, if there will be the proper applications, be overanxious regarding the appearance of a little blood at times in the stool.
    Now we find these conditions have localized themselves more through the lower portion of the second sphincter muscular centers and in the anus itself.
    Hence if there will be morning and evening the exercise, not the stooping but the bending - raising the hands high above the head - as these are slowly raised, rising on toes, drawing IN the deep breath through the nostril - as the body is bent forward, with the fingers toward the floor, exhale through the mouth - doing this SLOWLY, consistently, for a minute or such, morning and evening - we may find conditions on the mend.
    Also begin by taking internally two to three times a day Pure Olive Oil; not gobs or spoonsful but half to a teaspoonful should be sufficient.
    After each stool, and there is the cleansing, then use Tim as an ointment and an injection.  This having an astringent and a curative and an allaying reaction to the inflammatory conditions will, with the exercise, with the food for the intestinal system, tend to eliminate entirely the disturbance.
    Keep, though, towards the diet; that there may be the better reaction through the system.  There may be taken at times meats but no great quantity of condiments or of pickles or of those things that produce an activity upon the flow of the lymph through the lower portion of the abdominal area - or hinder the flow as such do.
    These kept, with that as has been indicated, should make for the removal and correction of the conditions in the present.
    In the other general forces of the body, the mental attitudes, these we find very good.  Anxiety has caused and does cause those disturbances at times, but these come and go with the changes in and surrounding the body...
(Q)  How large are the hemorrhoids?
(A)  They vary according to the protuberances.
(Q)  Are there any external hemorrhoids?
(A)  At times.
(Q)  Are the hemorrhoids growing, or will they remain the same size?
(A)  If it will do as has been indicated, they will be eliminated!

    For the condition as is seen in the mesenteric system, and the trouble as experienced with the body in this manner, well that that of the salve [Tim for hemorrhoids] be used, as the rectum shows irritation from the system showing congestion or laxness.  This would remove irritation by the use of this, being injected in the rectum after each stool, see?  a small quantity on finger or swab may be applied to these protruding parts, or in the mouth or end of rectum, see?

(Q)  Are [osteopathic] treatments being given correctly?
(A)  The treatments are being given very good.  Do not UNDO same by TOO MUCH activity, but sufficient that the muscular forces become NOMINALLY tired, not OVER strained.
(Q)  What shall be done with reference to hemorrhoidal condition now?
(A)  Those applications as are given for correction of such conditions through the manipulation, are the better applications.

    Yes, we have the body, [147].  This we have had before.  Now, we find many changes with the physical forces of the body since last we had same here.  There are accentuations, or have been accentuations of conditions as respecting the eliminations and the effect as has been brought about by same in the form of hemorrhoids, also the natural depression as such brings to the body.
    For that condition as has existed in the colon and through the portions of system where eliminations are active, and where the pile or hemorrhoid has caused and does cause trouble, we would use those of the Petrolagar - the alkalin character, and in each tablespoonful of this taken we would add three drops of Pepsin - lactated pepsin, and take at least two tablespoonsful each day, preferably on arising of morning and before retiring.
    We would also use that of the ointment known as Tim's, or Tim, and we will find we will bring relief and bettered conditions for the body ...

    For those conditions that produce irritation in the eliminating channels [hemorrhoids], with that being applied [the Tim] we would take those exercises which will stretch arms high above the head, bending the body forward, stooping as far forward as the body can.  Take this exercise at least three times each day, for three to five minutes each period, see?

    Yes - these conditions are not so good in this body.  There are not wholly the proper applications for the manipulations as have been given for this body, for the eliminations and the  distraughtness is caused throughout the mesenteric system, allowing the poisons to come back into the system in such condition as to produce stress and strain on the nerve centers from their radiation of locomotion.  THIS should not be.  These may be acted upon in TWO different directions.  PREFERABLY, we would give as this:  First CLEANSE the system, using those properties as will be in any of the salts, or that that excites the mucus membranes of the intestines itself.  This will not overtax the lower portion of the system to the extent as to cause greater distress with the hemorrhoids, or those conditions as exist in the lower portion of the body, but as these are begun we would then use that of the high enemas to cleanse the colon, and WITH these thrown out we will find the poisons being eliminated.
    Then, begin with the manipulations in such a manner as to cause better distribution of the circulation, both from the heart's action in the upper cardiac, or a greater flow of blood to head, and a greater flow of blood to the LOWER portion of the body.  These will be accomplished by the RELEASING or relieving of the pressure in those centers in the upper cervicals, in the brachial center, and in the lower lumbar center.  We will then have a better anterior circulation.  Still keep the stimuli through the application of the equalizer in the system, but cleanse the system thoroughly first - alimentary canal - also those of the COLON, and we will find these will, followed then nearer in line with that as has been given the body, improve.

    Yes, we have the body here, [91], - this we have had before.  Now, we find there are a good many changes in the physical forces of the body from that as we have had before. There are many conditions as were indicated, and as existed, that show for an accentuation in the present.  These, especially, have to do with those of the colon, and especially that condition in the rectum, where distresses are seen from the enlarging of those of the muscular forces and attachments thereto, that cause distress and worry.  These, as we find, make for the nervousness, as does the NERVOUSNESS make for this condition with the form of prolapsus as exists in the descending colon.  Also this makes for those conditions as we have with the blood supply.
    As we would find, these would be as for those that would make for the immediate relief, as WELL as for a PERMANENT relief of these conditions.
    First, we would keep off the feet; applying heat, PREFERABLY that of the saturated solution of Epsom Salts, across the lower lumbar and sacral and coccyx, keeping the feet elevated to a great extent; and then we would apply, as an ointment, that of Tim.
    When these are RELIEVED of so much of the soreness, we would find that the proper precautions would be the removal OF the cause, or of those of the hemorrhoids as exist, in operation.  This, as we find, would be better taken - not by knife, but by the manipulations, and by those of the cords as may be used in removal of same; else we may expect to find distresses produced through the formation of double outlets in the region.
    We would also have those of the corrective measures, as has been given, for this condition existent in the colon itself. These would be by the reduction of the acidity in the system, and by the cleansing of same through the use of the irrigations, and using oil, and those of the conditions as make for EASING of same in an enema OF oil, and this that applies in same, see?  Ready for questions.
(Q)  Any special diet?
(A)  Those throughout the treatments should be rather of the pre-digested, and those that do not cause STRAIN on the system.
(Q)  How often should the Tim be applied?
(A)  At least two or three times each day.  We are through for the present.

    In the digestive system, while there is at most periods very good digestion so far as the activities of the gastric forces and the balances there at most periods, but in the lower portion of digestion and in the transverse colon there are those disorders from the accumulations from inactivity, or the pressures that come from the inactivity of these portions of the body, that give off a reflex action which makes for accumulations of gas, and of a plethora, in the activities of the forces that produce the pressure - that is felt in the upper portion of digestion, or in the pyloric and cardiac  and of the stomach itself.  This being of a reflex nature, we find it is at times distressing to the body - and at other periods it is of the nature of a prolonged uneasiness, making for - then - the carrying off or drawing away the circulation through the lymph and hepatics to relieve those portions in the pylorus and in the lower end of stomach; causing a dryness that has produced and does produce those reactions in the lower end of the colon itself proper.  These make for those distresses that are seen there in the form of the folds, in the activity of the eliminations from the body, in such measures at times as to produce the lacerations and causing pains in the activity.
    In the other direction, or the effects that these produce on the system, these are rather of the reflex nature, and with the correction of the conditions as of the specific nature we would find that the others would disappear; for the balance of the system as related to the activity of the mental over the physical - and the dissemination of the vibrations that are or may be created by the mental activities of the body - may AFFECT, and DOES affect the body in such manners and measures that - with the proper incentives for the system-physical to adjust itself - would bring about nearer normal conditions.
    Then, in meeting the needs of the physical conditions, as we would find, first there would be those applications for the activities in the system as related to the irritations in the form of hemorrhoids; applications that would relieve the pressures and reduce the swellings, so that there might be those applications that would reduce those conditions in the transverse colon, thus removing the pressures there.
    We would use as an ointment those combinations that have been or are prepared in that called Tim.  These we would use in the order that has been outlined for the use of same.
    Take internally into the system those properties that would make for a better conformity of action with the gastric forces of the stomach itself, with the emptying of the pylorus and with the creating of a better activity in the system as related to keeping an even balance in the blood stream, and in the flow of those forces that make for recuperations to those portions where there is the NECESSITY of the better coordination of the system, as related to creating the conditions that are necessary with the bringing of better coagulations; for when tissue becomes involved - either from pressure produced by the outflow of blood from portions of the system or the system becoming clogged by the inactivity of the circulation through same, from pressure - either produced by gas or by ANY form of pressure in the body - it becomes necessary that these be RECUPERATIVE in the impulse that carries the circulation through the affected portions.
    Then, we would take half a teaspoonful of Alcaroid after each meal, for a period of three to five days.  Then we would take this same dosage once each day until the system has adjusted itself.
    Use the enemas to cleanse the colon.
    As we find, these will bring the greater ease and relief for the distresses of the body.
    In the mental forces, these are well.  Little may be given other than, keep that thou hast held - and do hold as the principles of activity in the mental body; for the SPIRIT is willing, and - as known of self - when the self allows the spiritual force and the recognition of the fatherhood of God in the activity through the system - the mental, the physical, the spiritual forces coordinate one with another.

Note: The above information is not intended for self-diagnosis or self-treatment.  Please consult a qualified health care professional for assistance in applying the information contained in the Cayce Health Database.
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