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2014 - 2015 A.R.E. Programs Near You

September 18-21, 2014Charles Thomas Cayce field conf 2014 - Near Little Switzerland, NC.
Gregg Unterberger 98x120pxSeptember 20, 2014 - Philadelphia, Pa.
November 1, 2014Charles Thomas Cayce field conf 2014 - Pittsburgh area, Pa.
November 8, 2014John Van Auken eGroup Thumbnail 09.14.2012 - Albuquerque, N.M.
Explore Ancient Mysticism, Methods of Enlightenment and Your Star Traveler Self
with John Van Auken
Herbert Puryear ThumbnailNovember 8, 2014 - St. Petersburg, Fla.
Study Self, Study the Revelation
with Herbert Puryear, PhD
November 15, 2014Anthony Quinata thumbnail - Woodbridge, N.J.
Life Beyond Death: Messages from the Other Side
and their Meaning for Us Today

with Anthony Quinata
June 24-28, 2015 - Seabeck, Wash.
A.R.E. 50th Annual Seabeck Retreat
Details Coming Soon
August 14-17, 2015 - Tahoe City, Calif
A.R.E. 58th Annual Summer Granlibakken Retreat
with Kevin J. Todeschi and Mary Roach
Details Coming Soon
Fall 2015 - Hunt, Texas
A.R.E. 47th Annual Fall Mo-Ranch Retreat
Details Coming Soon
Fall 2015 - Near Little Switzerland, NC.
Wildacres Retreat
Details Coming Soon