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Category: Book Reviews

Book Reviews
January 20, 2017
As Dr. John Amoroso explains it, we come into our lives with a specific soul purpose or life mission. Based on our personal karmic or past-life history, this can involve a vocation or avocation, an in…
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Spiritual Growth
October 21, 2016

I recently worked on a design project for A.R.E. Prison Outreach that offered the opportunity to read letters from prisoners who had received books from our outreach program.

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Holistic Health
October 07, 2016

Even with the best of conscientious habits, things happen. We have the potential of genetic predispositions, karmic influences, accidents, and many social as well as environmental influences that can …

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Book Reviews
February 12, 2016

One of the most surprising readings Edgar Cayce gave was to an oilman seeking help finding a new oil field. The man asked if he should seek the help of a person in New York City or another in London, …

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Book Reviews
July 02, 2015

I spent four days in a small recording booth narrating the full text of Sugrue’s 1942 book, along with my new introduction. There Is a River was the only biography of Edgar published during his lifeti…

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