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Association for Research and Enlightenment
215 67th Street,
Virginia Beach, VA 23451


Distance From Selected Cities

Atlanta, Ga.
578 miles
Philadelphia, Pa.
249 miles
Baltimore, Md.
243 miles
Pittsburgh, Pa.
482 miles
Boston, Mass.
583 miles
Richmond, Va.
104 miles
Charlotte, N.C.
350 miles
St. Louis, Mo.
990 miles
Chicago, Ill.
886 miles
Washington, D.C.
200 miles
Cleveland, Ohio
556 miles
Montreal, Quebec
1224 km
Detroit, Mich.
718 miles
Quebec City, Quebec
1366 km
New York, N.Y.
348 miles
Toronto, Ontario
1280 km

The nearest airport is the Norfolk International Airport, about 20 miles from our facility.