Edgar Cayce's A.R.E.

OTS 14-027

Assistant Registrar, Atlantic University

Posting Date: 10/07/14
Closing Date: 11/07/14

Job Title: Assistant Registrar, Atlantic University
Job Classification: C3
Employee Classification: Non-Exempt
Status/Hours: Regular Part-Time, 20-24 hrs/week
Depart/Cost Center: Atlantic University (990)
Job Reports To/Evaluated by: Educational Services Manager (990)
Description Updated By: James Van Auken/Holly Jones (4-23-14)
Current Incumbent(s): Sara Wilkerson

Please note: If you are interested in the following position please send your cover letter and resume to Rachel Alvidrez: Rachel.alvidrez@atlanticuniv.edu or Human Resources jobs@edgarcayce.org.
Thank you.

Job Overview:

Responsible for maintaining student records, including inputting final grades, updating transcripts, inactivating non-active students, advising students on the graduation process, generating diplomas for new graduates, and ensuring that all critical documents are properly stored in perpetuity. Provides clerical compilation of data for various reports for internal review and for the school’s licensing agencies. Work collaboratively in a team effort with the Director, Manager, and Enrollment Advisor to ensure that student records are accurate and up to date. Oversee the administrative responsibilities for proctored examinations and admissions packets.

Responsibilities (include but are not limited to):

  • Provide clerical support for the processes of record keeping and data management.
  • Answer phone calls, mail and email inquiries on matters relating to the office of the Registrar in a professional and courteous manner.
  • Keep informed about the various policies and procedures of the university in order to provide accurate information to students.
  • Receive, process, and maintain applications.
  • Process all components of admissions packets, ensuring their completion.
  • Work with Director of Academic & Administrative Affairs to generate Faculty Contracts and process Faculty Paychecks.
  • Generate end-of-semester course evaluations and generate reports.
  • Work as directed by the Educational Services Manager to organize and support the Alumni Association.
  • Work with the Enrollment Advisor and Educational Services Manager to constantly maintain the accuracy of the student records.
  • Receive Course Rosters/Grade Sheets from teachers, enter grades into the database, update transcript for the file.
  • Maintain proficiency in the use of the university’s computer software.
  • Maintain monthly and yearly internal tracking reports on graduates, total student body per program, and program completion rates.
  • Work cooperatively and communicate effectively with the Director of Academic and Administrative Affairs, the Educational Services Manager, and all others.
  • Work at the direction of and set objectives with the Director of Academic and Administrative Affairs.
  • Become proficient in DETC Accreditation Standards as it pertains to Atlantic University processes and procedures.
  • Assume additional duties as assigned.

Required Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree preferred, and
  • Minimum of one year (prefer three or more years) office/records oversight experience required, preferably in an educational setting; or
  • An equivalent combination of three or more year’s related higher education, data entry, clerical and records management experience required.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Ability to work effectively with students, other staff, faculty members, the state and federal agencies that oversee higher education and academic accrediting organizations – practicing patience, persistence, kindness, and clarity.
  • Exceptional verbal communications skills required; demonstrated ability to write clearly and persuasively required.
  • Ability to communicate the written and spoken word with tact, diplomacy, and authority when necessary; genuine appreciation in working with diverse audiences.
  • Excellent records management skills required
  • Proficient computer skills including Microsoft Office (Outlook, Excel and Word), web-based and Internet functions, required
  • Ability to learn and use student databases, such as Aptify, Blackbaud, Access
  • Work requires analytical ability, a high degree of accuracy and close attention to detail
  • Ability to perform work under minimal supervision, after mastering specific tasks.
  • Demonstrated ability to and understanding of confidentiality, the ethics and legal requirements related to academic records.
  • High degree of emotional intelligence and maturity – demonstrating adaptability, engagement and enthusiasm.
  • Identification with and appreciation of the mission and vision of Atlantic University.
  • Knowledge of philosophy and respect for the key principles in the Edgar Cayce readings, particularly the principles regarding health and healing, kindness and active patience with a service orientation is highly desirable.
  • A good sense of humor.

Scope and Impact of the position:

  • This front-line position acts continuously with, current students, faculty members and occasionally with personnel in state and federal agencies.
  • As a representative of Atlantic University and the A.R.E. as an organization, must project a positive image to the public at large.

Physical Requirements:

  • Prolonged visual and mental attention required.
  • Some walking and stair climbing required (walking on uneven ground and using stairs in historical buildings without elevators.)
  • All day sitting and computer work required.

Please note: If you are interested in the following position please send your cover letter and resume to Rachel Alvidrez: Rachel.alvidrez@atlanticuniv.edu or Human Resources jobs@edgarcayce.org.
Thank you.