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Houston Spa LogoAnticipate responsible, caring, professional application of the body/mind/spirit care recommended in the Edgar Cayce readings. Anticipate support in utilizing your body’s innate healing abilities.

To Make an Appointment
Call Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E.—Houston Telephone: 713-263-1006
7800 Amelia Road Houston, TX 77055
Learn more about our spa services visit our NEW web-site: www.ARECenterHouston.org
Please give 24-hour notice if you must cancel or change your appointment


The Houston Center offers you not only the signature Cayce/Reilly® Massage and spa services with professional, well-experienced Cayce/Reilly trained therapists, but the Book and Gift Shop, Metaphysical and Holistic Library, several times weekly group meditation and/or study groups, and various events weekly, which are available to all – and are all under one roof!facialspapackage

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 For the First Time Client
Your Appointment:

Checking in for Your Appointment:
Please arrive 15 minutes early to fill out the intake form(s) for the appointment(s) you have scheduled with us. Please be aware that appointment times include time you use to undress and dress. A 1-hour massage appointment may include 50 to 55 minutes of massage. All the more reason to dress simply!

Attire and Draping:
Our draping practices provide complete protection of your modesty. Your therapist will demonstrate use of the lower draping towel and chest towel. You are also covered by a sheet; only the area the therapist is working will be uncovered at any time.

Change of Rooms:
If your appointment necessitates a change of rooms, we'll provide you with a spa robe and slippers. Learn more about our spa packages and our express spa.

Our therapists appreciate, but do not expect, gratuities. Gratuity is not included in prices for any Health Center Spa services.

Easy Ways to Maximize your Appointment:

Before: Eat lightly. Shower or use a whirlpool bath at home (unless you have a steam/fume bath scheduled with us). Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Arrive early and use the restroom. Center yourself.

During: Be honest with your therapist — let him/her know if the pressure is too great or not enough for you, if you want a blanket, if your body needs more work in a particular area, etc. Focus on your breath. Let go...allow your feelings to emerge and tensions to drop away.

After: Drink lots of water. Write in your journal, walk on the Labyrinth, relax and read in the Library, or take a well-deserved nap.