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Venture Inward Magazine

Our current Member Magazine, this quarterly publication keeps you apprised of the latest research on dreams, meditation, holistic health, psychic development and many other topics covered in the Edgar Cayce readings. You'll enjoy expert interviews, timely articles and columns, and sample excerpts from new A.R.E. Press books.


The New Millennium

A Journal for Times of Change and Transformation The New Millennium was published bimonthly by the Association for Research and Enlightenment, Inc., for its worldwide members and affiliates until the year 2000. This magazine offered information and opportunities for spiritual awakening, healing, and serving to those who seek a closer relationship with God in a new millennium of enlightenment. The articles highlight information from the Edgar Cayce readings with parallels from other spiritual traditions and philosophies.


Periodicals and Newsletters

A.R.E. has vintage publications dating back to the 1930's. Over the past year, we have been collecting and organizing loose copies of any and all publications throughout the organization's history. These publications are being outsourced for digitization and indexing. Our goal is to have a digital search capability for simple research. Once completed, we visualize a researchable database full of easily accessible archives. We are continuing to accept donations of A.R.E. newsletters or periodicals for this project.

Below is a list of what will be included.