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In the photograph database, we have archival photos of the organization and people through the years. However, with time and age they are deteriorating and the photos are fading. We met with a local restoration photographer team, Marty and Penny, who helped us outline details and suggested materials to preserve the existing photograph collection for the future. The steps we need to take are as follows:

  • Clean all of the photographs, slides, and negatives with a non emulsion swelling solution
  • Store the photographs in acid free sleeves for protection
  • Categorize by date
  • Digitize the photographs into a searchable database
  • Store photograph copies on 300 year archival gold discs

In the future, once this project is completed, we hope to restore some of the already aged photographs. Below is a sample of what photograph restoration can accomplish.

Retouched Photos
Photo Before   Photo after
Before   After