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  • The Legend of Zoroaster by Ann Jaffin
    (January-March 2010 )
    The Legend of ZoroasterThe readings tell us of Edgar Cayce's physical life in 8000BC as Uhjltd, a Persian leader and husband of Ilya, who was the soul of Gladys Davis. Their union brought about the incarnation of the Master Soul variously called Zend, San or Zan. In this article which ties together information contained in the Cayce readings with Biblical scholarship, we see the importance of this figure and the establishment of monotheism in the major religions of the world.
  • Discovering My Twin Soul by Ann Jaffin
    (May/June 2008)
    Discovering My Twin SoulLiving consciously, being open to synchronicities, and desiring to learn the truth about current life relationships has led to the beautiful discovery of the author's twin soul in this life – her grandfather 'Bob'. Working with past lives has shown how 'Bob' has been with her in other lifetimes to nurture, protect and show unconditional love.
  • The Roots of Hereditary Illness by Ann Jaffin
    (July/August 2005)
    The Roots of Hereditary IllnessA diagnosis of Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease early in life begins an exploration into past life and karmic influences. The author's work with Cayce healing modalities results in lessons of grace and gratitude.
  • Lose Weight by Eating Constantly
    by Ann Jaffin
    (July-August 2004)
    Lose Weight by Eating ConstantlyAn ominous visit with her cardiologist prompted Ann to re-examine her life choices regarding her weight and general health. Using "Mind is the Builder" from the readings, she made a game of forging a new lifestyle, and her body rewarded her with amazing results.
  • Never Look Back by Ann Jaffin
    ( September-October 1999)
    Never Look BackIn this fascinating account of the powerful influence of Tamerlane the Mongol conqueror in this current lifetime, Ann Jaffin shows how reincarnation exploration and dream messages help us find answers to life's most intriguing questions.
  • Outwitting a 'Disabler' by Ann Jaffin
    (May/June 1991)
    "There are no short cuts to knowledge, to wisdom, to understanding—these must be lived, must be experienced by each and every soul." (Reading 830-2) Ann encounters endless opportunities for practicing patience and persistence as she deals with this hereditary disease.

Past Lives & Present Karma

A book by Ann Jaffin, MS
Past Lives Present Karma Jaffin archive
It w
as 1923, and a man named Arthur Lammers was receiving a psychic reading from Edgar Cayce when, for the first time in the readings, a person's past life was mentioned. From that point on, Edgar Cayce would give "life readings" (the second largest group of readings in the over 14,000 given by him) that often discussed how people's past lives were affecting them in their current life. Jaffin has pulled together invaluable insights on reincarnation and our purpose here on earth from the rich source of these Cayce readings to give us a deeper understanding of reincarnation in all its many aspects, while explaining how it supports us as we strive to fulfill the very purpose of our souls.