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Reuniting Astrology and Astronomy Part 1: The Great Disconnect

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Reuniting Astrology and Astronomy
Part 1: The Great Disconnect
By James Mullaney, FRAS

Astrology and AstronomyThe well-known rift and resulting controversy between astrology and astronomy, or rather, between astrologers and astronomers, has raged for centuries. The latter totally dismisses the subject matter of the former as sheer folly and charlatanism—despite the fact that the famed astronomer Johannes Kepler was also an astrologer. Likewise, the former typically ignores even the most basic astronomical facts, such as precession of the equinoxes shifting the positions of the zodiacal signs, and the possible physical or other influences on us of such bizarre energetic objects as black holes, neutron stars, pulsars, magnetars, and quasars.

Bringing the two together would combine the best each has to offer. Astronomy's physical characteristics of other worlds and their significance in the grand cosmic scheme of things, and astrology's uniquely spiritual perspective and the significance it places on the relationship of celestial objects to one another.

ECSmilingIn an attempt to foster a dialog between these two subjects, Steven Forrest—one of the world's best-known and respected astrologers, having backgrounds in both physics and astronomy—and I proposed a conference at Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. in Virginia Beach on the theme of "Reviving the Natural Unity of Astrology & Astronomy" in March of 2004. Also participating was Raye Mathis, another gifted astrologer and regular contributor to A.R.E.'s membership magazine, Venture Inward. Numerous astrologers and those interested in astrology from all across the country and abroad attended. However, I was the only astronomer willing to speak at or even attend this landmark gathering! Such can be the closed-mindedness of the astronomical community. Obviously, the need for a dialog still exists.

Because of the Cayce readings, the A.R.E. is uniquely poised to play a pivotal role in reuniting these two ancient and once-intertwined disciplines. Many of Edgar Cayce's readings have to do with various astrological aspects of a person's past and present lives, including their astrological sojourns. Cayce's readings indicated just what planetary environs an entity (the person for whom the reading was being given) had visited between earthly reincarnations, stating that it was not the position of the planets that influenced their lives but rather the lives they had lived in previous sojourns that determined the position of the planets at their birth here on Earth.

Cayce also repeatedly stated that the stars and planets and other celestial bodies do not control or determine our lives! Here's a sampling of such remarks (the capitalized emphases here and elsewhere being his):

… BUT LET IT BE UNDERSTOOD HERE, NO ACTION OF ANY PLANET OR THE PHASES OF THE SUN, THE MOON OR ANY OF THE HEAVENLY BODIES SURPASS THE RULE OF MAN'S WILL POWER, THE power given by the Creator of man, in the beginning, when he became a living soul, with the power of choosing for himself. (Edgar Cayce reading 3744-4)

It is not then because an entity was born at a certain season, or a certain phase of the moon, or a certain period of the sun's position to the earth, or any of the planets, or the position of this or that phase of the outer consciousness. But it is because of the entity's application of SELF IN RESPECT TO WHAT these planets or constellations bring by association of its activities. And thus the relative relationships may become a part of the awareness of the entity. (Edgar Cayce reading 1776-1)

Astrological urges are not existent because of the position of the sun, moon or any planet at the time of birth, but rather because the soul-entity is a part of the Universal Consciousness and has dwelt in those environs. Thus they yield, or wield, an influence upon individual application of spiritual and mental truths or laws, AS they are brought into material manifestations.
(Edgar Cayce reading 2132-1)

As to the influences from the various zodiacal signs,—these are not because the sun or the moon or any of the planets are in a certain position, but because of the soul's activity there, and what the entity has done about TRUTH as truth! (Edgar Cayce reading 3084-1)

Though unusual and rarely given in the readings, it is also possible that a person's astrology be in opposition to what is typical of astrological signs:

As for astrological aspects,— the entity's experience in the present has been and would be almost contradictory to any of those aspects accorded to the activities of the entity because of the position of this or that planet or star, or this or that phase of the astrological aspects. (Edgar Cayce reading 2185-1)

One of the best discourses by Edgar Cayce on the relationship between astrology and astronomy is found within the following reading:

The beginnings of the understanding of these [Sun and planets], and their influences upon the lives of individuals, were either thought out, evolved or interpreted by those of old, without the means of observing same as considered today necessary in order to understand.

Astronomy is considered a science and astrology as foolishness. Who is correct? One holds that because of the position of the earth, the sun, the planets, they are balanced one with another in some manner, some form; yet that they have nothing to do with man's life or the expanse of life, or the emotions of the physical being in the earth. Then, why and how do the effects of the sun SO influence other life in the earth and not affect MAN'S life, Man's emotions? (Edgar Cayce reading 5757-1)

AtlasJames Mullaney is author of nine books including Edgar Cayce and the Cosmos and the forthcoming Celebrating the Universe! (Hay House). A Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society of London, he (with telescope!) appears at many A.R.E. conferences, including Our Ever-Changing Planet in March of 2013.




Edgar Cayce's Perpetual Motion Machine

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Edgar Cayce's Perpetual Motion Machine
Compiled by Alison Ray

Reading over the plot summary of the new film, Atlas Shrugged: Part II, one might wonder if part of the story was inspired by the psychic readings of Edgar Cayce harkening back to the early 19th Century. According to the movie's synopsis: The global economy is on the brink of collapse, unemployment tops 24%, and railroads are the primary mode of transportation. On the brink of an energy crisis, the protagonist, Dagny Taggart, discovers the prototype of a motor that draws energy from static electricity. This revolutionary "Galt motor" might be able to power the world.


Atlas - Rockefeller Center

Like the story in Atlas Shrugged, the quest to build a motor capable of providing power for the world began for Edgar Cayce in February, 1928. According to the documented psychic readings, Edgar Cayce met inventor Marion L. Stansell [4666]*, through a friend, Mrs. [1010]* a housewife and neuropathist. Stansell had a near-death experience while stationed in France during World War I. During the experience, he had a vision and was able to view blueprints for a revolutionary motor that was designed in the spirit realm by Judge DeWitt Clinton, the former governor of New York, who was largely responsible for the construction of the Erie Canal.

In hopes of building the motor, Cayce introduced Stansell to Tim Brown [195]*, an auto parts manufacturer from Detroit, and Morton Blumenthal [900]*, a New York Stock Broker and early supporter of the Cayce Hospital. Over the next few months, Edgar Cayce gave a series of readings on what was called a "perpetual motion machine" that once started could continue to run indefinitely "by creating energy of its own source." The hope was that proceeds from this invention could fund the future work of Edgar Cayce.

A reading for Tim Brown on April 7, 1928, confirmed that the group had indeed understood the instructions and would be able to demonstrate the motor in the patent office as well as explain how the machine works while filing a patent. The theory of how the motor worked was recorded in the Reports:

"Theory of Motor Working: The phrase 'getting something from nothing' is incorrect—for we know there is no such a thing as nothing. We do know that everything is a force or some form of energy. We do not know the relation of these forces of energy to each other—or, in other words, the Relativity of Force—but we can assume that this relationship exists. Therefore, in the case of our motor, when we look at the two substances, water and air, we look at them as forces, and by using a mechanical contrivance to accentuate and retard these forces at the right time it is possible to utilize the resultant force or Component force. This is what has been done in [4666] Motor." Report of Edgar Cayce Reading 195-51

It was an unlikely partnership, and there was distrust amongst the group, but Edgar Cayce continued to give readings for the trio, trying to explain the details required to build the motor and provide the answers to numerous questions about diagrams that were created by the group. The readings touched on the topics of vibrations, the theory of relativity, gravitational forces, and more. While working on the motor, a letter from Brown indicated, "though the law of relativity which the machine demonstrates will for a time upset some of the present scientific statements..." (Report of Edgar Cayce Reading 195-56).


Perpetual Motion
Cover art: Norman Rockwell Wikipedia

Initially, two motors were built, one for test purposes and the other one (a smaller size) to be used at the patent office when the application was made for a basic patent. Further readings suggested changes to the design and the reports suggest that it was rebuilt several times. However, the motor was never completed or fully operational and the project was abandoned.

In March of 1973, a letter was sent from A.R.E. to Stansell's daughter after he died. A new team of researchers was looking for copies of the original designs or the patent application from Stansell's files. The daughter responded that her father had worked on the motor until he died 10 years prior. She added, "As far as anyone knows no papers were ever found. It does seem a terrible shame." According to the Edgar Cayce Foundation, there are still individuals working on building a motor based on the readings of Edgar Cayce.

*The names of individuals who received readings were kept confidential through a numbering system developed by Edgar Cayce's secretary, Gladys Davis Turner.

Running Paths By Deirdre L. Aragon

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Running Paths
By Deirdre L. Aragon

Jogger Blog 10.12.2012 While training for a half marathon earlier this year, I found myself in the midst of a spiritual transition. As with many life transitions, this one came unexpectedly. It took some time, but one day I noticed that my physical training was reflective of my spiritual transformation.

I began my training at a nearby lake with a 1.5 mile trail. I enjoyed the path not only for the view, but for the distance markers. There is plenty of wildlife to enjoy, and every tenth mile is marked. It is a great place to start learning how to pace yourself. Over time, my endurance and training commitment increased. I knew the day would come when I would have to leave the trail that I had become accustomed to. I was not looking forward to this change, but I continued to prepare for it.

So, body-building may be applied in this body, as it may in any; that there are those influences in the experience of all which would be applicable to the life - or experience of a life - in the material plane, and that which applies individually from what has BEEN the experience in all of any given entity's development.
(Edgar Cayce reading 681-2)

That 1.5 mile trail became reflective of my spiritual roots. Like many people, I was raised within a spiritual community. I had established myself with an organization and felt comfortable and safe within its presence. I thought I would grow old within the community I had become accustomed to, but almost a year ago, I was shaken from my spiritual haven. At the time I was emotionally hurt and working through my pain, which is perhaps one reason I began running. Given the situation at the time, I decided to step away from the community I had grown to accept as a part of my life and as a part of myself.

Searching to fill the void, I found another spiritual community not too far from my home. I began to integrate myself into this new place through unconditional service. Today, several months later, I feel welcome in my new spiritual family. I have committed my spiritual service to this organization, and I feel prosperous from my choices and actions. I have come to view this major spiritual change in my life as a training experience. As I left one path, I was soon able to find another on which to continue my journey.

One evening, I ran 8 miles off my regular beaten path. To my surprise I enjoyed the new challenges and sensations as I moved across this trail. It was exciting to see what I could accomplish in those 8 miles, which were very different from the lake I was familiar with. I had to cross streets and wait for traffic lights, but I excelled at my pace. I brought what I had learned from my old 1.5 mile trail, and I applied it to my new path.

path blog 01.12.2012My old trail is not far from my new one. In fact, in one spot they are only a few steps apart. I like knowing that I can still tread down a familiar trail when I need to. These days, I enjoy the new experiences I encounter as I run. The same can be said for my new spiritual community.

I have brought the invaluable experiences and knowledge from my upbringing into my new spiritual undertakings. I am encountering new stepping stones and creating new relationships. Although I miss my old spiritual family, I know that I can still visit from time to time or when I
need to.

I completed my first half marathon (13.1 miles) over Labor Day Weekend. It was the perfect release I needed to complete one part of my life. I will continue to train and run, hopefully for the rest of my life. I look forward to the new paths and finish lines in front of me.

The next time I find myself on a new path, I will remember that the familiar is usually never far away. I will carry with me what I have learned and apply it to the new journey afoot. As a result, I may just be surprised by what lies ahead of me.

In giving that as might be helpful to this body in the present experience, the present environments, as we find, the entity should look upon those experiences - through which the entity has passed in many of the mental and the material aspects - rather as a growth of opportunity. And while these would not be in the future as builded upon the ashes of failures, those experiences in the past should be rather as stepping-stones for the future associations in this material plane.
(Edgar Cayce reading 165-21)

Deirdre L. Aragon 8-2011Deirdre L. Aragon is a Laguna Pueblo Indian, who spent the early years of her life on the Laguna Pueblo Reservation in New Mexico. Her paternal grandmother and aunt, who were tribal healers, taught Deirdre the wisdom and teachings of her tribe. She was raised in a home where metaphysical principles and holistic healing were accepted and practiced as a way of life. During a near death experience when she was ten years old, Deirdre was given the "mark of the shaman" from the Spirit World. Accepting her abilities, Deirdre has designed several healing techniques based on her personal experiences and knowledge gained through various sources and is an active speaker. She is actively involved with A.R.E. in Northern Virginia and has participated in A.R.E. Search for God Study Groups since she was a child. She has been a student of the Unity Movement for over 15 years. You'll find her website Noble Minds, a companion on the path of enlightenment, online at Noble-minds.com.


Jogger Blog 10.12.2012


The Daily Mandala By Henry Reed

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The Daily Mandala
By Henry Reed

Henry Reed Mandala 01

Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning circle. In this case, the circle refers to the symbol for "All that is," especially all that can be, or Creation's complete and full potential, the unmanifest. The psychoanalyst Carl Jung brought mandalas to our attention and noted that they often appeared in conjunction with the square motif.

Jung noted that the square, a four-sided figure, seemed to be a universal (archetypal) theme about life on earth, as in "the four directions" or the "four corners of the earth." What is the significance, then, of the circle and square together?

The mystical geometers of ancient Egypt used only two tools—a compass and a ruler—to explore the realms. Using only these, they devised methods of creating known forms in creation. However, they discovered that for a given circle, it was not possible to create a square that contained exactly the same area within it as the circle.

Henry Reed Mandala 07

They interpreted this fact to mean that no one could, in their lifetime, give complete expression (manifestation within the four corners of the earth) of the full potential the creator had implanted within each soul. "Squaring the circle" came to mean the imperfect expression in the earth of the perfection of the underlying creation.

Both Edgar Cayce and Carl Jung expressed the same idea, in different terms, about the goal of a lifetime. Cayce called it "individuality," Jung called it "individuation." What both meant by these similar terms was that we each grow to become individual, unique, incomplete, and imperfect expressions of the universal creative principle that underlies all life. A mandala expresses that blend of the unique and the universal.

I started a blog to share my daily attempt to "square the circle," in the form of a mandala. I believe that there will come a time when the collective consciousness is aware of all our voices, and we will learn to sing in harmony. To me, singing in harmony means each of us sharing of our authentic voice, and the harmony is the harmony not of sameness, but instead is expressive of the great mystery: how the underlying oneness manifests in so many particulars.

Henry Reed Mandala 05

Before the advent of separation and judgment, as detailed, for example, in the fall of the Garden of Eden, there was an instinctive, although unconscious, harmony among the particulars of creation.

It has been our path to move beyond separation and judgment to achieve the next phase of creation. My studies and personal exploration in spiritual psychology, from Anthroposophy to Zen, has led me to the hypothesis that simply "being yourself" is the path. It is a path with heart, as it requires a certain acceptance and love for what is, rather than for what, according to judgments, "should be."

So I create and share my mandalas daily even though they are, from the standpoint of judging their artistic merits or quality of construction, imperfect, irregular, coarse or roughly hewn. Nevertheless, they reflect me. They express, I believe, the prayer that goes into their creation, that when viewed by others, the mandala will remind the viewer that it is OK to be themselves. It is OK to be as they are.

There has been a lot written about the inner effect of making mandalas. I'll not repeat any of that here, but encourage you to find out for yourself. I hope that these mandalas awaken the heart of the viewer more than words can do, maybe even inspiring the viewer to muse inwardly, "Hey, those mandalas look like fun; I could do one myself!"

Henry Reed Blog 10.05.2012Henry Reed, PhD, has been the prime developer of A.R.E.'s psychic training and evaluation program, in its various aspects, for the past 20 years. He is one of the trainers of A.R.E.'s most successful and long-running psychic training conference, "The Edgar Cayce Legacy: Be Your Own Psychic." He developed A.R.E.'s program of evaluating psychics. He has published scientific articles on his research into intuition and psychic functioning. He is the author of Edgar Cayce on Awakening Your Psychic Powers, Edgar Cayce on Channeling Your Higher Self, and Your Intuitive Heart. He compiles and edits the Psi Research pages in Venture Inward.

To view Henry's daily mandalas, visit Dailymandala.blogspot.com.


Henry Reed Mandala Group

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