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Communication with Edgar Cayce part 3

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Communication with Edgar Cayce
Fact or Fiction? Part 3
By Hugh Lynn Cayce

In my opinion, the question “What can you tell me about Gail?” was a valid one that should be of considerable concern to my father if, indeed, it is he who is attempting communication and provided, of course, that he is in touch with the family activities, as is the claim in most of these purported communications. Gail, as many people know since I have begun to relate this story, is Edgar Cayce's granddaughter who is making a recovery from physical difficulties by following the Edgar Cayce readings. She is, at present, working in the office of the Edgar Cayce Foundation in close association with Gladys Davis Turner, Edgar Cayce's secretary for many years. Gail was born after Edgar Cayce's death in January 1945.

Edgar Evans and Hugh Lynn  CayceIn the book, The Outer Limits of Edgar Cayce's Power, my brother, Edgar Evans Cayce, and I have dealt with five types of readings given by Edgar Cayce which, in some instances, do not seem to be correct in the information given. In the chapter, “The Nature of Psychic Perception,” we discuss the possible sources of Edgar Cayce's psychic data. We describe one of these areas as a world of thought form. The world of thought form may be identified by many different terms—the stream of mind, the universal mind, the Akashic Records.

Edgar Cayce's readings describe it like this:

In giving the interpretations of the records as we find them, these are written upon the skein of time and space by the activity of the mental self. For the superconscious mind becomes the mind of the soul in those interims between material manifestations and the cosmic or universal manifestations - yet these are one. For it is as the activities of a day, of an hour - the reactions from same are dependent upon what has been builded in the consciousness of the soul. Thus these become, as here, a part of the whole entity's experience in the material sojourns. (Reading 3605-1)

And in another place:

Conditions, thoughts, activities of men in every clime are things; as thoughts are things. They make their impressions upon the skein of time and space. Thus, as they make for their activity, they become as records that may be read by those in accord or attuned to such a condition. (Reading 3976-16)

Apparently, we are not able yet to measure thought energy as accurately as we may be able to do in the near future. It would seem that thoughts, especially heated, highly emotionally charged thought patterns, actually shape a finer kind of matter which is moving so fast that our senses are not able to perceive it. Sense perception is possible by an individual who has altered his state of consciousness and can thus tune to these higher vibrations.

Each of us as individuals must come to grips with our own personal experiences involving survival. It is here that I, myself, have found the greatest source of consolation and understanding. Frequently such personal experiences do not constitute evidence for anyone else, and such experiences will not deter me from further investigation, searching out measurable evidence for survival. However, as any investigator knows, if telepathy and clairvoyance are allowed as possibilities, survival evidence is tenuous, at best. I have had dreams of both my mother and father since their death, dreams which have been so vivid and so helpful that they do constitute, for me, proof of their survival of bodily death. I have also had some conscious breakthroughs—small visions one might call them—which have sometimes involved more than one person. They have brought me and those with whom I am closely associated physical, mental and emotional help that has been most compelling. For the present, these experiences are too personal to relate in detail.

red rosesThere is one peculiar story I would like to share with you in closing. It involves my mother, Gertrude Cayce, who had many readings from Edgar Cayce during her lifetime. In one of these she was given a life-seal. It consisted of symbols which Edgar Cayce suggested be painted or embroidered and kept where she could see them. This combination of symbols, he said, would speak to her unconscious and would be of help to her. A friend painted the life-seal for her, combining the suggested symbols which included two red roses with crossed stems. The reading indicated that the roses would stand for my brother and me. When my mother died, this life-seal was on her dressing table.

Shortly after her death and while I was still overseas during World War II, Florence Edmonds, a close friend of my mother, had a dream in which my mother appeared to her and said, “When I communicate with Hugh Lynn, tell him that I will give him two red roses.”

Upon my return from overseas, Florence told me of the dream. She said she had not told the dream to anyone else. I asked her to keep it to herself. A few years afterward she died. As time went on I looked in the numerous purported communications from Gertrude Cayce, for the symbol of two red roses as identification. They were not given.

About three years ago I had a call from a man in a large eastern city who told me a strange story about his wife who had gotten into difficulties from playing with a ouija board. She had been directed to automatic writing, after which she began to hear voices. She talked to her doctor about this, and he put her in a mental institution for a time where she was treated to help rid her of the voices. Her husband told me she was back home again and that she was still hearing the voices but was no longer telling her doctor about them. Apparently she had got hold of my book Venture Inward, and had asked her husband to call me to ask if I would talk with her on the telephone, allowing her to describe what the voices were saying to her. She felt I might be able to help. That same day I accepted a long distance telephone call from the man and his wife. He was on one extension and she was on another. For some ten minutes I listened to her repeat the strange, confusing pattern of words she seemed to be hearing—idle gossip, dirty stories, dire predictions, teasing kinds of comments about the lady personally. It was a bewildering variety of nonsense, typical of the strange patterns of voices familiar to many disturbed people. Suddenly the woman stopped. Then she said, “Mr. Cayce, your mother says to give you two red roses.” She then
hung up.

There is a rather beautiful conclusion to this story, for at that point, the voices which had been disturbing the woman ceased.

HughLynnCayceHugh Lynn Cayce (1907-1982) was the eldest son of Edgar Cayce and a leading thinker, author, and spokesperson for psychological and paranormal subjects. Before his death, Hugh Lynn served his father’s Association for Research and Enlightenment, Inc. (A.R.E.), as chairman of the board. He was also author of the book Venture Inward, an examination of safe and unsafe methods of exploring personal psychic experiences and The Outer Limits of Edgar Cayce’s Power which explores the relatively small number (200) of readings that appeared to be inaccurate.

Communication with Edgar Cayce Part 2

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Communication with Edgar Cayce
Fact or Fiction? Part 2
By Hugh Lynn Cayce

A.R.E. Journal, 1974, Vol. IX, No. 1  

Many individuals questioned Edgar Cayce about life after death. On one occasion he answered a specific question about communication with those who had passed on.

Communicate with soulsQ: Is it possible for this body, Edgar Cayce, in this state, to communicate with anyone who has passed into the spirit world?
A: The spirit of all that have passed from the physical plane remain about the plane until their development carry them onward or are returned for their development here, when they are in the plane of communication or remain within this sphere, any may be communicated with. There are thousands about us here at present. (Reading 3744-2)

The following question brought further clarification on the subject:

Q: What is meant by souls within this sphere may be communicated with by the body, Edgar Cayce, in the psychic state?
A: Each and every soul entity, or earthly entity, passing through the earth's plane, radiates in that plane those conditions that are radiated from the soul or spiritual entity in the individual. This then becomes the fact, the real fact, in the material world.
When the body Edgar Cayce is in the psychic or subconscious condition, he is able then to reach all the subconscious minds, when directed to such subconscious minds by suggestion, whether in the material world or in the spiritual world, provided the spiritual entity has not passed entirely into [another level]. Then we only reach those radiations left in earth's plane that are taken again when entering in earth's plane, whether [the] entity is conscious of same or not. The consciousness of reaching that condition wherein the physical body may take up that truth known, must be reached by all. (Reading 900-22)

Many types of psychic information, purportedly from entities who have passed on, suggest that all emotions and even physical suffering are not wiped out at death. This extract from the Edgar Cayce data is one such example:

Q: Does death instantly end all feeling in the physical body? If not, how long can it feel?
A: Death—as commonly spoken of—is only passing through God's other door. That there is continued consciousness is evidenced…
As to how long —many an individual has remained in that called death for what ye call years without realizing it was dead! The feelings, the desires for what ye call appetites are changed, or not aware at all. The ability to communicate is that which usually disturbs or worries others.
Then, as to say how long—that depends upon the entity. (Reading 1472-2)

Other details about the forms of life following physical death appear in the answers to questions of a person who felt that he had had a projection into what he called “the astral plane.” This individual saw human-like forms there, some of which were motionless, wax-like figures, and others which were animated. Here are the questions and answers concerning the incident:

Q: In regard to my first projection of myself into the astral plane, about two weeks ago: Some of the people were animated and some seemed like waxen images of themselves. What made the difference?
A: Some—those that appear as images—are the expressions or shells or the body of an individual that has been left when its soul self has projected on, and has not been as yet dissolved…to the realm of that activity.
For what individuals are lives on and takes form in that termed by others as the astral body. The soul leaves same and it appears as seen. Other individuals, as experienced, are in their animated form through their own sphere of experience at the present.

Q: Why did I see my father and his two brothers as young men, although I knew them when they were white-haired?
A: They are growing, as it were, upon the eternal plane. For, as may be experienced in every entity, a death is a birth. And those that are growing then appear in their growing state. (Reading 516-4)

This background of general information from the Edgar Cayce readings on survival after physical death encourages us to turn directly to the purported communications from Edgar Cayce. From time to time through the years since his death, a great many people have written to me, or spoken to me, indicating that they believe they are in touch with Edgar Cayce who is conveying messages through them to me. On all such occasions I have expressed what is certainly genuine interest, and in each case have written to ask that they seek identification for me. That is, I have asked them to have Edgar Cayce give information which would assure me and other members of the family that it is indeed he who is communicating. Over a period of several years I have asked all of these persons the same question, “What can you tell me about Gail?” Here are some of the answers which have been received over a period of three years.

Response No. 1: “Gail is a woman who was a friend of mine at one time. She was so despondent over lack of money that she was contemplating suicide. I was able to prevent this by informing her that her father was trying to communicate with her, to say that the money was coming soon. I also gave her a reading on the last day of my life by letter.”

Response No. 2: “Gail was a playmate of yours, a ten-year-old girl that drowned. Gail was walking on a fallen tree, struck her head as she fell in the water. You were blamed, but you were the innocent bystander… She's a grey-haired woman now. Big-boned, I'd say.”

Response No. 3: “Gail's death was an accident, due to the fact that he liked to climb. He had climbed up a tree, lost his balance and fell, hitting a tree limb with his head. There was also a spinal injury.”

Response No. 4: “Gail is a vacation area or resort, with a stationary boat included, for sleeping.”

Part 3 will continue with more about Gail and the possible sources for this information.


HughLynnCayceHugh Lynn Cayce (1907-1982) was the eldest son of Edgar Cayce and a leading thinker, author, and spokesperson for psychological and paranormal subjects. Before his death, Hugh Lynn served his father’s Association for Research and Enlightenment, Inc. (A.R.E.), as chairman of the board. He was also author of the book Venture Inward, an examination of safe and unsafe methods of exploring personal psychic experiences and The Outer Limits of Edgar Cayce’s Power which explores the relatively small number (200) of readings that appeared to be inaccurate.

Communication with Edgar Cayce Fact or Fiction?

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Communication with Edgar Cayce
Fact or Fiction? Part 1
By Hugh Lynn Cayce

A.R.E. Journal, 1974, Vol. IX, No. 1  


In 1947, in Chicago, at one of my very first lectures, I was confronted with the dilemma as to what point of view to take regarding communication with Edgar Cayce. After the lecture several people came up to speak to me. One of the first was a man who told me that he was the minister of a local spiritualist church. He said that he was very sorry to have to give me the message he had for me but that Edgar Cayce had been at the lecture, standing at my right side. My father had communicated to him that he was very sorry that he ever gave many of his psychic readings. He wanted me to burn all of them to stop the work which had been launched to study his records. I got the man's name and address and thanked him. Moments later I was confronted with another message bearer, a lady who was also a minister of a spiritualist church - this one on the outskirts of Chicago―said that she was happy to give me a message from Edgar Cayce. He had been there for the evening lecture, standing just to my left, and he wanted me to “go forward with the work of the organization.” You pay your money and take your choice!

The whole field of psychical research is one which, at times, is extremely confusing. Evidence for survival is hard to clarify and harder to prove. In the light of modern telepathic and clairvoyant research, it seems almost impossible. We are frequently confused by what we see and hear. Too often we take words at their face value and are apt to misunderstand scientific data. There is a great deal of information on life after death in thousands of the psychic readings given by Edgar Cayce between 1901 and 1945. He was not a medium in the ordinary sense of the word. That is to say that insofar as we could determine, he did not have guides nor controls. There were times when he seemed to stop on the beam of light on which he traveled to talk with those who were on other planes of consciousness or in a state of so-called death. On such occasions we [in the room while he gave a reading] could hear only one side of the telephone-like conversation. WavesLight

In Virginia Beach, Virginia, On July 9, 1934, Edgar Cayce had completed a physical check reading for one of my mother's cousins―a man who had cancer and was to die shortly. Edgar Cayce had been given the suggestion to awaken. My father then, apparently, began to talk with my uncle, my mother's brother, who had died in his early twenties while he was in the southwest receiving treatment for tuberculosis. At the time he went to the southwest for this treatment, his grandfather was in the process of supervising construction of the home to which many members of the large family gathered, from time to time, for family reunions and special events. Also prior to his illness my uncle had been on the baseball team. According to the conversation, as it appears in the readings, in my uncle's mind the house construction had been finished on another level of consciousness and he was there with other members of the family who also had died. It seems he continued to play baseball. In his consciousness, however, he had apparently arrived at a state of mind where he could say:

...for we have reached together [that place] where we see the light and know the pathway to the Savior is along the narrow way that leads to His throne. We are on that plane where you have heard it spoken of that the body, the mind, are one with those things we have builded. (Reading 5730-13)

Later, when we asked questions about this communication, Edgar Cayce described this plane of consciousness as similar, in many ways, to the earth plane but of finer structure. Included in this reading is the following:

For the soul lives on; andLightRamp as conditions are only the release of the soul body from a house of clay the activities in the world of matter are only changed in their relationships to that which produces same and that [which] the physical body sees in material or three-dimensional form. (Reading 5756-14)

His reference to light was of special interest to us, because there were about seventeen times when Edgar Cayce retained memory from the altered state of consciousness from which he gave psychic information. On these occasions the memories related to his moving on a shaft of light. From the readings on these memories I have put together a composite statement as follows:

I see myself as a tiny dot outside of my physical body, which lies inert before me. I find myself oppressed by darkness, and there is a feeling of terrific loneliness. Suddenly, I am conscious of a beam of white light. As this tiny dot, I move upward in the light, knowing that I must follow it or be lost.

As I move along this path of light, I gradually become conscious of various levels upon which there is movement. Upon the first levels there are vague, horrible shapes, grotesque forms such as one sees in nightmares. Passing on, there begin to appear on either side misshapen forms of human beings with some part of the body magnified. Again there is change, and I become conscious of gray-hooded forms moving downward. Gradually, these become lighter in color. Then the direction changes and these forms move upward, and the color of the robes grows rapidly lighter. Next, there begin to appear on either side vague outlines of houses, walls, trees, etc., but everything is motionless. As I pass on, there is more light and movement in what appear to be normal cities and towns. With the growth of movement I become conscious of sounds. At first they are indistinct rumblings and then there is music, laughter, and the singing of birds. There is more and more light. The colors become very beautiful, and there is only a blending of sound and color. Quite suddenly, I come upon a hall of records. It is a hall without walls, without a ceiling, but I am conscious of seeing an old man who hands me a large book, a record of the individual for whom I seek information.

Many individuals questioned Edgar Cayce about life after death. Part 2 will look at psychic information from entities who have died.




Hugh Lynn Cayce (1907-1982) was the eldest son of Edgar Cayce and a leading thinker, author, and spokesperson for psychological and paranormal subjects. Before his death, Hugh Lynn served his father’s Association for Research and Enlightenment, Inc. (A.R.E.), as chairman of the board. He was also author of the book Venture Inward, an examination of safe and unsafe methods of exploring personal psychic experiences and The Outer Limits of Edgar Cayce’s Power which explores the relatively small number (200) of readings that appeared to be inaccurate.



An Astrological View of World Affairs

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An Astrological View of World Affairs
By Raye Mathis

Life interconncetedDuring this period of financial crises and natural disasters around the world, it is sometimes difficult to find the meaning in all that is happening. Richard Tarnas, in Cosmos and Psyche, suggests that we have forgotten the interconnectivity of all things in the universe – the Oneness of all that the Cayce readings so often mentioned. Tarnas suggests that we need a new worldview.

Before the dawn of the scientific era humans perceived the cosmos in a very different way.
“The primal human being perceives the surrounding natural world as permeated with meaning, meaning whose significance is at once human and cosmic. Spirits are seen in the forest, presences are felt in the wind and the ocean, the river, the mountains. Meaning is recognized in the flight of two eagles across the horizon, in the conjunction of two planets in the heavens, in the unfolding cycles of the Moon and Sun. The primal world is ensouled.”
Richard Tarnas, PhD, Cosmos and Psyche

As the scientific era took hold, humans began to view themselves apart from the universe, rather than a part of the universe. This view of the world, although it has brought many technological advances, has also cast a very dark shadow in our treatment of nature and mother earth.

The Cayce readings remind us of how connected we are with our solar system:
“…as the souls are a part of the Creative Forces – the sun, the moon and the planets are as much affected by that influence of a birth, as affecting…” (2326-1)

With the help of Cayce’s readings and depth psychology, we have rediscovered these inner psychic connections that we have with each other through what Cayce called the superconscious.

At the present time we are becoming conscious of how all the countries in the outer world are interconnected – through travel, through trade, through war, and certainly through the World Wide Web. Lately, we have especially become aware of the economic interconnectedness and the domino effect that can happen worldwide when some of the major players experience financial problems.

What does astrology offer us during this period of such rapid change? Astrology and the Cayce readings offer a perspective that is very different from the scientific worldview. It is one that supports our interconnectedness with each other, nature, and the universe. In this worldview when we cause harm to one part of the cosmos we affect all…

The Coming Years

The financial cycle in astrology is ruled by the cycle of two planets: Saturn and Pluto. When those planets conjunct each other (the last conjunction was 1982), it symbolizes the beginning of an upswing in the economic arena and possibly the beginning of a bull market. When they oppose each other (the last opposition was 2001) it reflects the beginning of a contraction in the financial markets. We are still in the contraction side of the cycle and will not see an upswing, according to astrology, until Saturn and Pluto form their next conjunction in January 2020 and possibly not until Pluto moves out of Capricorn in 2023.

From 2012 to 2015, a tight square (90°) connecting Uranus and Pluto will occur several times between 6° and 15° of Cardinal signs. This stressful aspect can indicate sudden (Uranus) changes and upheavals (Pluto) occurring and the necessity for being able to adapt quickly to these changes. Both of these planets are associated with fanatical actions so it will be a time when you can make sweeping changes in life but it is also important not to do so in a fanatical way. This is so important, as we are already seeing so much polarization of beliefs and attitudes in the world.

The Cayce readings had much to say about negotiating times of change such as we are now experiencing. There are excellent articles in this A.R.E. blog about economic healing and earth changes as described in the readings.

“It is also understood, comprehended by some, that a new order of conditions is to arise; that there must be many a purging in high places as well as low; that there must be the greater consideration of each individual, each soul being his brother’s keeper. There will then come about those circumstances in the political, the economic, and the whole relationships where there will be a leveling – or a greater comprehension of this need.” (3976-18)

Read the entire article exclusively in our Member-only section.

Raye Mathis blog 11-2011Venture Inward Fall 2010RAYE MATHIS is a member of the faculty at Atlantic University where, among the courses she mentors, is her Transformational Astrology course. She has a BA degree in mathematics, a Master's degree in clinical social work and has completed post-graduate work at the C. G. Jung Institute in Zurich, Switzerland. She has maintained an on-going astrological counseling practice for almost 40 years.Her column, The Astrologer's Corner, appears in the A.R.E.'s Venture Inward magazine available exclusively to Members by mail or online at EdgarCayce.org/members.

Raye will mentor the online eGroup Discover Your Vocational Talents Using Astrology as Your Guide from Jan. 19 to Feb. 15, 2011. Visit EdgarCayce.org/egroups for details.

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