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A Reading for the New Year

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A Reading for the New Year
By Alison Ray

On the afternoon of June 28, 1936, the Fifth Annual A.R.E. Congress was taking place, and Edgar Cayce gave a reading for the occasion, addressing the member participants with “specific suggestions and council as may be helpful…” during the coming year. It is as appropriate today as it was over seventy years ago.

“Yes, we have the purposes of the Association for Research and Enlightenment, the members that are present; as a group or a membership and as individuals.

“In considering the work of such an organization and its standards, that as composed of individuals of all character of experience, all influences that are of a nature that has brought about the interest in a work of that purposed by the activity of such an Association, we find it is—as has been given oft—first to the individual, then to the groups, then to classes and masses.

“As to the activities that are before this organization, first—as we find—there is a period just ahead in which there will be given the greater opportunities for service by each and every member. This is not only owing to the general conditions of an unsettled nature but to the termination of a period and the beginning of a period when there is to be the living by individuals of that which has prompted them. Not as ones seeking for self-exaltation, not as individuals seeking for an easy way, not as individuals seeking for a manner or a means of escaping their own selves; but rather as in using their understanding, their comprehension, their knowledge, their love their patience, their long-suffering, in such ways and manners that there may not indeed be the perishing of hope and faith in the earth.

“Such opportunities are before all those who have purposed in their heart to do good unto those not only of the household of faith in their individual tenets or beliefs but unto all, because each soul that manifests itself in human form is thy brother—and the spirit and soul of same is in the form of thy Maker. For the Lord's sake, then, the opportunities are not to be used to self's own glory but that the glory of the Father may be made manifest in the earth.

These be the opportunities, these be the experiences through which each and every soul will pass within the next year.”

We wish you the very best for the New Year.

Excerpts from Edgar Cayce Reading 254-91 All readings are available in the member-only section.
Edgar Cayce Readings © 1971, 1993-2005 by the Edgar Cayce Foundation. All Rights Reserved.

A Better Understanding of Christmas

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A Better Understanding of Christmas
By Alison Ray

Edgar Cayce gave a number of psychic readings for the Norfolk Study Group #1, the group that wrote A Search for God, the book used by Study Groups around the world today. On December 20, 1936, a group gathered at the home of one of the members with their questions. By the time of this reading, the group had been studying together for over five years. I can imagine Edgar Cayce folding his hands over his stomach while his wife, Gertrude, prepared to ask the questions. The Study Group quietly surrounded him in prayer and meditation while Gladys Davis prepared to record the answers.

That afternoon, the group asked for a reading to give them a better understanding and deeper appreciation of the real meaning of Christmas and the birth of Jesus. It was a topic discussed often in the readings. Although the message was given over 70 years ago, the hope and possibilities from the answer are still relevant today for all people of every faith.

The reading explained that there was never a time when there was not a Christ or a Christ Consciousness in the world. Edgar Cayce went on to explain the Jesus was born “to give the more perfect concept of the relationships of man to the Creator.” The angels rejoiced at the birth and the message was heard by those “close to nature, to the hours of meditation and prayer… Only then to those that sought could such a message come, or could there be heard the songs of the angels, or that music of the spheres that sang, "Peace On Earth—Good Will to Men!””

“For as He chose to enter, so ye have entered. As He chose to live, so may ye live. As He chose to give of Himself that there might be a greater understanding, a greater knowledge; yea, the showing forth of the wisdom of God that God is love, poured forth upon the children of men in this experience.”

Each of us can be a channel of blessing and allow the Christ Consciousness to become manifest in our lives and in the earth. The thought that we can bring this awareness of our connection with God into our lives daily by setting an ideal, choosing to be of service, and taking time for meditation and prayer fills me with hope for our future. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas.

Excerpts from Reading 262-103. All readings are available in the member-only section.
Edgar Cayce Readings © 1971, 1993-2005 by the Edgar Cayce Foundation. All Rights Reserved.

What did Edgar Cayce say about 2012?

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What did Edgar Cayce say about 2012?
By Kevin J. Todeschi


Just what did Edgar Cayce say about the topic? Bottom line is that the actual date “2012” is not discussed by the readings. However, the readings do offer information on our progression into the Aquarian Age and what this transition between ages may be all about.


The readings state that eventually one hallmark of this New Age could be described simply as “purity.” (1602-3) It is important to point out that we’re not going to wake up on December 22, 2012 (the day after the Mayan Calendar ends) and think “Oh my gosh – we’ve entered an age of purity.” Instead, there is a gradual transition between ages. It’s quite possible that it will be a generation or two from now that humankind finally looks back and says, “You know, it appears that the real change started to occur around the end of 2012…”


Another important factor to keep in mind is that in all likelihood December 2012 will come and go and many individuals will be convinced that “Nothing happened.” The world might look very much the same on December 22 as it did on December 21. But the Edgar Cayce readings suggest quite a different possibility. In fact Cayce states that only those who really accept the responsibility of this new age and actually begin to apply it “Will even become aware of what's going on about them!”


In addition to purity, the readings suggest that the Age of Aquarius is ultimately one of globalization in terms of understanding that each individual is responsible for every other individual. Ultimately, a time will come in our collective history when we become cognizant of this fact. Nations will understand their responsibility to all other nations and the citizens who live in those nations. One of the concepts contained in the Cayce readings is that ultimately everyone in the earth is a brother or a sister. And a conscious realization of that fact is part of the promise of the next age.


In addition to globalization and purity, the Edgar Cayce readings also state that spiritual consciousness will reach such a height of development during this period that eventually each individual will be able to communicate directly with the Divine.


These promises of the future are still a ways off. Since there is a transitional period between ages, we cannot expect there to be peace on earth and good will toward all perhaps even anytime soon. I think we need to be aware that there will be set-backs. There will be ongoing challenges between nations and people, but gradually these things will change. Because the promises of an Aquarian Age that embody purity, globalization and our direct connection to the Divine are our collective destiny.


As the 2012 date draws near, I’m certain that we will hear more and more publicity about the topic, with everything ranging from unrealistic expectations of heaven on earth to doom and gloom end-of- the-world prophecies. But neither of these approaches is the premise in the Edgar Cayce readings.


Instead, we are about to undergo a gradual transition between ages. A transition in which we need to apply those things in our personal lives that we hope to have embodied in a “New Age of Peace and Enlightenment” or we will not experience them.


In terms of the approach to application suggested by the readings, the Cayce material contends that all of humankind regardless of religious background or spiritual inclination can share a common ideal, and that ideal is simply that to the best of our individual abilities and understanding we can love God, we can love one another, and we can love ourselves. In terms of practically applying this ideal in our day to day lives, I think Cayce would simply quote from the fruits of the spirit – faith, hope, patience, gentleness, longsuffering, and love.


All of this is ultimately what 2012 and the New Age is going to be all about.



Kevin Todeschi is A.R.E.'s Executive Director and CEO. As both student and teacher of the Edgar Cayce material for thirty years, he is the author of over twenty books, including his most recent, God In Real Life: Personal Encounters with the Divine, and the bestselling Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records. Known for his ability to explain complex subjects in a straightforward and easy to understand manner, Kevin is popular for his insight and his sense of humor.



Copyright 2009, Kevin J. Todeschi

Abundance is Yours, Part I

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Abundance is Yours, Part I

Adapted from an article by Barbara Burgess Bullard in the
Circulating File Economic Healing Part 1
(Circulating Files are a compilation of extracts from the Edgar Cayce Readings, select files are
available for download in the Member-only section.)

The world today has many of the same issues and concerns as we have faced for the last century. Economic hardships that seem to abound in America and elsewhere as we read or listen to the news, we hear of inflation, recession, the high unemployment figures, foreclosures, and homelessness in many parts of the world. These appear to be times of crisis similar to that of the Great Depression of the 1930’s. We can turn to the wisdom from the psychic readings of Edgar Cayce for insight both during and after the Depression. These insights and practical suggestions offer us much knowledge, hope, and inspiration by which we can encounter these times.

The law of supply presupposes that all we could ever truly need will be made available to us if we are seeking to obey the universal laws, especially that of love. Supply is merely the natural result then of working in harmony with these other laws; we do not need to dwell on how it works. But neither should we interfere with the workings of this law through denial. Many people that I have talked with give much thought and energy to the belief that poverty is a virtue and that somehow God wishes us to live in want. The readings stress that we should never be self-indulgent with the supply, but that through the proper use of supply it becomes abundant, infinite, and available to us as we need. Christ is stressed in the readings as an example that one should not waste or misuse the abundance entrusted into his or her care. In the Search for God readings, the question was asked, “Is our lack of material necessities due to the fact that we have not first sought the Kingdom, or the lack of faith in not speaking the word?” The answer given provides clear insight for all of us as to the economy of the law of supply:

Both. For what saith the Law? Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all things shall be added unto thee thou hast need of! Most of us think we need a great deal more than we do!     262-89

…what is thine ideal. What is thy purpose in life? Is it to get, through the attitude of “Gimme—Gimme—Gimme!” or is it to give—give—give! If it is the latter, then there should be the knowledge and security from within as given of old: “Let others do as they may, but for me—I will know the living God.”     815-3

It would be well, in the application of self in these directions, for the entity to learn that what is of the constructive nature is in giving. For, as ye receive, so should ye give. The word give is the prompting of the expression of love in, “The Lord gave His son that ye, through Him, might have life, and have it more abundantly.”     1107-1

For the same reason that food kept too long spoils, clothes held back only for “good” soon go out of fashion, and unexpressed ideas or intuition benefit no one, so also the readings suggest that we use that money and goods we have in hand. When we hoard for the future, we are interfering with the flow of abundance because of our fear and lack of trust. We should trust in the Lord and let tomorrow take care of itself.

The law of faith stresses our need to trust wholly in God at all times to supply our needs as long as we seek to serve Him through serving others. If we are truly trusting in God we should have no ideas of poverty, fear, or lack. The following readings urge this faith and the expectance of abundance:

When fear of the future occurs, or fear of the past…put all such away with this prayer— not merely by mouth, not merely by thought, but in body, in mind and in soul say: “Here am I, Lord—Thine! Keep me in the way Thou would have me go, rather than in that I might choose.”     2540-1

Q: As has been indicated…money is the root cause of the general economic unbalance of our country. Will you give specifically the reasons for this statement and the approach that can be made toward correction of the money order as operated today? A: Fear on the part of those who control or direct the investing of capital into channels that give the greater outlet of their characters of outlet. As to how this may be corrected—it is only through patience, persistence, and a return to the trust in God, and not in the power or the might of self.     3976-24

Remember, my children, it is the fear of the material conditions that wrecks the material body. It is the fear of this or that, that prevents a channel from making for the greater supply.     254-85

My first experience with the laws occurred before I had conscious knowledge of these principles. Four years ago when I was Director of Forensics, the speech team I helped coach had won so many trophies that they were invited to attend the National Speech Championships to be held in Michigan. The team members worked very hard raising the money for each member to be able to compete. After a month of earning money in every conceivable way, there was not enough, and one student was to be left behind. I made my first economic choice involving a large donation at that time rather than see the student stay home. Soon after we won the tournament, the local chapter of an organization called the A.R.E. asked if I would coach their members in speech skills. I inquired how much they could afford to pay me and it ended up being the exact amount that I had donated to send the student to the tournament. The moment I heard the speakers from A.R.E. talking about the philosophy of Edgar Cayce and the organization, I joined the Association and have been active ever since with new rewards at every corner.

If we are feeling poor economically, then it probably stems from our failure to observe these universal laws. We must choose to begin applying ourselves in such a way as to allow God to provide us with a healing. Work, as the following individuals were told:

Know that all comes to him who puts his trust in the all-powerful influence of love and harmony, the real poem of life, and then works like thunder for same!     2337-1

Expect much, you will obtain much! Expect little, you will obtain little! Expect nothing, you will obtain nothing!     5325-1

Expect much, demand much; but when ye do, be willing to give much. For as ye give, or as ye measure to others, so is it measured to thee again. This is the spiritual law, this becomes the mental law—and the mind is the builder.     1532-1

For, he that expects nothing shall not be disappointed, but he that expects much—if he lives and uses that in hand day by day shall be full to running over.     557-3

In all, the readings contain over 180 references to economic healing during times of challenge. Cayce told individuals not to lose faith in the divine, or in their own abilities and talents. He encouraged some to see the challenge as a purposeful experience that would bring them to where they really needed to be in life. He advised helping those who were less fortunate with time, money, prayer, or simply a listening ear. And he assured them that God had not forgotten their needs or remained ignorant of their challenges:

Ask and ye shall receive. Knock and it shall be opened to you …The supply will come from that storehouse that is of His building…Be thou faithful, then, guided, guarded, directed, by Him.     294-41

From Cayce’s perspective, at least, personal challenges with finances are perhaps some of the best opportunities to place more focus on spiritual practices, and reaffirm our connection to the divine.

Change, Changes, and Earth Changes

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Change, Changes, and Earth Changes
Kevin J. Todeschi


Today, I am more convinced than ever that many of us who are students of the Edgar Cayce readings have somehow misunderstood or misinterpreted these predictions on earth changes or that somehow those changes have become manifest at a different level.


Cayce’s predictions are not really about earthquakes. Instead they are about the fact that a new world is being born. The changes provide an opportunity to get our priorities back in focus. The promise of the Aquarian Age is that this refocus is indeed going to happen. Our actions and our attitudes alone will determine the course we take in order to arrive at this inevitable future. The experiences we require to get there are “changeable” – open to choice – but the destiny is not.

Somehow we’ve collectively lost track of our purpose in the earth. The changing events in our world and in our lives are to enable us to remember why we are here. If our faith is currently placed in money – our finances will be tested because we’re not in the earth for monetary gain. If we’ve put all our hopes for the future in government, then we can expect political upheavals. If we put our security exclusively on the solid ground where we live, then we may need an earthquake or a cataclysm to redirect our lives. Whatever we’ve focused on previously may be taken from us. Simply stated, the changes are the testing which will enable us to put God first in our lives.


Ultimately, that’s the only reason for this business of change, changes, and earth changes. Our planet is in the midst of upheavals that will enable individuals everywhere to eventually gain this realization: with God as our Creator we are all part of the same family. That understanding and experience is our collective destiny. As I reflect upon Cayce’s earth change prophecies, this is essentially the reason we are undergoing change. This is the promise of the New Age. By our thoughts and deeds as individuals, we contribute to how long it’s going to take us to get there.


We don’t want to fool ourselves: the geological condition of the planet makes some earth changes inevitable. In other words, there will continue to be earthquakes. But the purpose of the changes we are experiencing is not for the earth changes themselves, it is so that we will undergo personal transformation. Just as the people of Nineveh were faced with inevitable change, humanity today is in the midst of an unavoidable process. Our need to come together as one global community is greater than ever before. It is a necessary part of fulfilling our destinies as a human family; it is a necessary part of our heritage as spiritual beings manifesting in the earth.


Kevin Todeschi is A.R.E.'s Executive Director and CEO. As both student and teacher of the Edgar Cayce material for thirty years, he is the author of over twenty books, including his most recent, God In Real Life: Personal Encounters with the Divine, and the bestselling Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records. Known for his ability to explain complex subjects in a straightforward and easy to understand manner, Kevin is popular for his insight and his sense of humor.


Copyright 2009, Kevin J. Todeschi

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