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The Mystery of the Resurrection

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The Mystery of the Resurrection

This Psychic Reading, 2533-8, given by Edgar Cayce at the office of the Association, Arctic Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va., this 3rd day of May, 1944 from 11:05 to 11:40 a. m. eastern. Present: Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno. Mr. [2533] and Jeanette Fitch.

JesusShroud…There is no mystery to the transmutation of the body of the Christ. For having attained in the physical consciousness the at-onement with the Father-Mother-God, the completeness was such that with the disintegration of the body―as indicated in the manner in which the shroud, the robe, the napkin lay―there was then the taking of the body-physical form. This was the manner. It was not a transmutation, as of changing from one to another.

Just as indicated in the manner in which the body-physical entered the Upper Room with the doors closed, not by being a part of the wood through which the body passed but by forming from the ether waves that were within the room, because of a meeting prepared by faith. For as had been given, “Tarry ye in Jerusalem―in the upper chamber―until ye be endued with power from on high.”

As indicated in the spoken word to Mary in the garden, “Touch me not, for I have not yet ascended to my Father.” The body (flesh) that formed that seen by the normal or carnal eye of Mary was such that it could not be handled until there had been the conscious union with the sources of all power, of all force.
But afterward―when there had been the first, second, third, fourth and even the sixth meeting―He then said: “Put forth thy hand and touch the nail prints in my hands, in my feet. Thrust thy hand into my side and believe.” This indicated the transformation.

For as indicated when the soul departs from a body (this is not being spoken of the Christ, you see), it has all of the form of the body from which it has passed―yet it is not visible to the carnal mind unless that mind has been, and is, attuned to the infinite. Then it appears, in the infinite, as that which may be handled, with all the attributes of the physical being; with the appetites, until these have been accorded to a unit of activity with universal consciousness.

Just as it was with the Christ-body: “Children, have ye anything here to eat?” This indicated to the disciples and the Apostles present that this was not transmutation but a regeneration, recreation of the atoms and cells of body that might, through desire, masticate material things―fish and honey (in the honeycomb) were given.

As also indicated later, when He stood by the sea and the disciples and Apostles who saw Him from the distance could not, in the early morning light, discern―but when He spoke, the voice made the impression upon the mind of the beloved disciple such that he spoke, “It is the Lord!” The body had prepared fire upon the earth―fire, water, the elements that make for creation. For as the spirit is the beginning, water combined of elements is the mother of creation.

Not transmutation of flesh but creation, in the pattern indicated.

Just as when there are those various realms about the solar system in which each entity may find itself when absent from the body, it takes on in those other realms not an earthly form but a pattern―conforming to the same dimensional elements of that individual planet or space.

Wishing you peace and blessings this Easter season. 




“I Refuse to Accept This Limitation—God is My Source!”

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“I Refuse to Accept This
Limitation—God is My Source!”
By Suzette Faith Foster

Q. Can healing be instantaneous or is it always progressive?
A. The natural bent is progressive, but this does not indicate it may not be instantaneous.
Edgar Cayce reading (443-6)

We all hold, whether tapped or untapped, the healing and manifesting potential of the mind, body and spirit. It took one experience for me to validate the depth and power of this potential in myself.

mountain bikeI had met up with my friends for our weekly mountain bike ride, which involved leaning into curves, riding over obstacles, and jumping piles of logs.

We reached a familiar teeter-totter, one we had mastered many times, riding up one side and down the other. Then we stopped and contemplated one much bigger that was new to the trail. I wanted to try it.

In mountain biking, speed is your friend. I pressed forward.

My front tire made contact with the teeter-totter. But next, I found myself barreling headfirst into the ground.

My neck snapped!

Lying there, I tried to move—but couldn’t. I tried to talk, but no sound came out. I was totally paralyzed.

Then I stopped breathing—the imminent death sentence.

Caught between life and death, my training instinctively emerged. Daily, I had practiced, as I now help my clients practice, spiritual and holistic healing principles. In that moment, I had the opportunity of a lifetime to walk my talk.

I had no movement, no voice, no breath. But I had everything I needed within me; I had my mind and my faith.

A short, powerful mantra that I used daily rushed forth. Still on the ground, motionless, breathless, I willed my body, emphatically: “I refuse to accept this limitation—God is my Source!”

Boom! What felt like a huge, pain-free lightning bolt coursed through me. I repeated, “I refuse to accept this limitation—God is my Source!”

A second bolt instantly went through me.

Miraculously, I regained my breath! My lifeless form had accepted the dance of my mind, body, and spirit.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) arrived after 17 minutes and transported me to Duke Medical Center. An ER doctor told me that my full paralysis was the result of my totally severed C2 neck vertebra and a very serious spinal cord injury, the same injury that the late Christopher Reeve had suffered. Soon, friends and family arrived. I told them, “This is temporary. See me dancing.”

The surgery to reconnect my C2 was successful. But I was still left a quadriplegic. Unbeknownst to me, my doctor, Robert E. Isaacs, Director of Spine Surgery at Duke, prepared a friend by telling her, “Don’t expect much improvement in Suzette’s condition.”

I knew the profound healing I desired was my responsibility from the inside out. I did affirmations, visualizations, and meditations. I also listened to CDs that bathed me with healing-sound frequencies.

pretty pattern When I awoke from surgery, I refused pain medicine. I experienced no pain. They said I would be in ICU for 7-10 days. I said I would be out in two, and I walked out two days later. They predicted my hospital stay would be three weeks, minimum. I said I’d be out in a week, and I was. Appearing perplexed, Dr. Isaacs said, “People like you don’t exist.” He explained that most people with severe spinal cord injury die at the scene, because they stop breathing. I had stopped breathing. He said even the surviving few who don’t stop breathing are left quadriplegic. Yet I walked out of the hospital.

My passion and belief in the teachings and tools that I had learned thus far along my spiritual journey directly influenced my outcome. In hindsight, it was my commitment to my spiritual deepening that literally saved my life and allowed for my unexpected healing. I’m grateful for my practice of having energy healings and going within to shift my old programming, limited thinking, and emotional wounds. All these had raised my vibration; a vibration that magnetized me to my remarkable healing.

Within months, I was fully functioning: enjoying dancing, hiking, and yoga. I am blessed that I am living the emotional and physical freedom that mind, body, and spirit principles allow.

A year later, Dr. Isaacs wrote, “Considering Suzette’s spinal cord damage, her results surpassed medical expectations. The rapidity and completeness of her improvement is more than would be comprehended. So I’m trying to make sense of it in my mind.”

Suzette Faith FosterSuzette Faith Foster is a life coach, distance energy healing facilitator, transformational author and speaker. To read her full story and many other personal and client stories and to get inspired to delve deeper into your own spiritual journey, read Suzette’s book, Calling Back Your Power. Her Web site is Choose2Thrive.com.


A Message from Award-Winning Actress Diane Ladd

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A Message from
Award-Winning Actress Diane Ladd

Diane LaddFor decades, I have been a fan of the life’s work of Edgar Cayce. I want to take a moment to express why I think his gift is important and what it still means to us today.

Although there are literally hundreds of books about Cayce’s life and work, his amazing psychic talent, his insights into hundreds of topics from personal spirituality and ancient mysteries to holistic health and personal guidance, what stands out for me is that he made it abundantly clear that each and every one of us has a special gift.

For some, that gift might be serving as a wonderful and supporting parent. Some find a talent with counseling or teaching. Others might find it in avenues as diverse as business or even nature. There are many roles that people find in the healing professions. In my case, the gift that called to me has been the Creative Arts. There is something that each and every one of us is called to do—a role that perhaps no one else can fill as well as we can.

Cayce’s life is, in part, the story of a regular individual who had incredible access to universal knowledge and information. It wasn’t a gift that he readily accepted, at first. In fact, he was very reluctant to take on the role of medical clairvoyant but it was the efficacy of the information, and the way that he could see that the information helped people change their lives for the better that convinced him that his gift was a role that he needed to take on to help so many others.

There is a difference, in my opinion, between knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge is something that is too often changeable or something that might be important one moment and gone the next. Wisdom, on the other hand, is something that is relevant forever and a day. The Edgar Cayce information and his life’s work embodies wisdom.

Both the Cayce legacy and his gift of helping others endure even to this day. Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.), the organization he founded more than 80 years ago, continues his vision of helping people to transform their lives for the better through ideas and information found in his psychic readings. On behalf of A.R.E., I invite you to consider joining Mr. Cayce’s organization so that you can come to know for yourself how his gift can be helpful in your own life—physically, mentally, and spiritually. You can read about the benefits of membership and explore a sample issue of Venture Inward magazine at EdgarCayce.org/join.

A Bad Afternoon for a Piece of Cake - Diane LaddDiane Ladd is an American actress, film director, producer and author, having appeared in more than 300 roles, on television and film. She is the winner of 37 international awards including the British Academy Award, and is a three-time Emmy nominee and a three-time Oscar nominee for Scorsese’s Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, Coolidge’s Rambling Rose, and David Lynch’s Wild at Heart. Presently she is co-starring as the mother, Helen, in HBO’s hit show, Enlightened along with her daughter, Laura Dern, who stars as the incomparable Amy! The show also co-stars Luke Wilson as Levi. Diane’s latest book, A Bad Afternoon for a Piece of Cake a collection of ten short stories, has received rave reviews. Learn more at www.DianeLadd.com.



Earth Changes Update

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Earth Changes Update
By Laura Jackson

In the last two weeks of February, 2013, we have witnessed profound changes to the earth. There have been a record number (and magnitude) of earthquakes along the Ring of Fire, which encompasses the Santa Cruz Islands, Sumatra, Indonesia, Kermadec Islands, Japan, Chile, and Colombia. Tsunamis from the Santa Cruz earthquakes have washed away villages. The number lost? Unknown.

Mt. Etna -Wikimedia Commons.

We have seen increased activity at Mt. Etna, already an active volcano but cited in Cayce’s readings as a precursor to coming earth changes activity. There has been significant solar activity. A meteorite exploded over central Russia injuring an estimated 1,200 people. A Pope has "stepped down" from the Vatican for the first time in 600 years. And following the Pope’s announcement, lightning hits the top of the Vatican building. Coincidence? And not the least of which, North Korea detonated a nuclear device underground.  Compounding North Korea's detonation is the close proximity to where four tectonic plates converge along the Ring of Fire.

Solar fare blog 032013
Stellar flare - Wikimedia Commons.

Some might ask, how are these vastly different events connected?

Where should I begin? Let me start by connecting the dots. As we interweave the prophecy of Edgar Cayce's readings, modern science, and quantum physics, we find a deeper, more connected understanding. It enables us to embrace this extraordinary time in which we live, putting pieces into perspective, including seemingly unrelated ones. Metaphysics is the lens through which we find greater understanding.

We have already entered the New Age. While it's not readily visible, it's more about how we choose to operate, interact, and move through these times. The old ways no longer work. It's apparent when we look around—evidenced in our banking system, our economic system, corporate dealings, our relationships, and in our physical and energetic bodies.

To better understand these seemingly disconnected events, I would like to share two insights. First, what we are witnessing is an outward manifestation of changes that we, and the earth, are undergoing. As divine co-creators, we know our inner workings can manifest in the outer world—the good, the bad, and the not-so-pretty.

A second insight is that unless things—meaning people and businesses—transform, they cannot operate within the New Age. This New Age is an extraordinary time; an elevated level of consciousness with a feeling and knowing of the interconnectedness of all things. In the physical, it’s operating in a whole new way, where all of us are honored and all are equal. There is no hierarchy, there is only collaboration. There is no competition, there is only co-creation and cooperation. “All are equal—not only under the material law but under the spiritual.” (Edgar Cayce reading 3976-18)

Katie Walking Labyrinth
Wikimedia Commons.

We sit, straddling two worlds, knowing we are to choose to act and operate as if we are in the new. What we see however, is distortion rising to the surface, because it can no longer be hidden. Lack of integrity can no longer hide behind a mask. “Then if those in position to give of their means, their wealth, their education, their position, do not take these things into consideration, there must be that leveling that will come.” (Edgar Cayce reading 3976-19) We have a new operating system for the New Age, and when we use it, everyone wins!

So how do we move through our lives with more ease and grace during turbulent times? By using the tools we know about: exercising discernment, holding center, and practicing meditation. Now it’s about using them on a daily basis. “Take time first to be holy. Don’t let a day go by without meditation and prayer for some definite purpose, and not for self, but that self may be the channel of help to someone else. For in helping others is the greater way to help self.” (Edgar Cayce reading 3624-1)

And most importantly, it’s about taking responsibility for our individual thoughts and actions. Through the understanding of our interconnectedness comes the realization of our thought forms manifesting in our outer world. Yet we have the power to choose inner peace, to choose the divine flow, and transcend seeming chaos in the outer world. Have faith and know all is in divine order, in what Cayce calls the “Age of the Lily.”

Laura Jackson Blog 032013Laura Jackson Laura Jackson is a speaker, author, and life coach.  Through her company, Soul Action, she gives people the tools and knowledge to traverse all that is happening in our modern world. While Laura is emerging as a nationally-recognized speaker on earth changes, she also speaks on many other topics including metaphysics and meditation.  Laura gives lectures and workshops around the country and has been featured in print, radio, and television. Visit her website to learn more at www.soul-action.com.


The Wisdom of the Dream Maker Within

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The Wisdom of the Dream Maker Within
By Barbara A. Derrick, PhD

Edgar Cayce, the most documented seer of the 20th century, made an extraordinary claim— anyone could do what he did. Not only did he make this startling claim, but he encouraged others to explore, research, and verify what he said.

Universal Consciousness blog 032012

While lying on a couch, Edgar Cayce could place himself into a trance and answer any question about any topic put to him using the technical knowledge and language of the finest scholar. The information, he said, came from the “Universal Consciousness” that runs like a river through time.

When asked if anyone could do what he did, his answer was, “All can do it.” (Edgar Cayce reading 3744-1)

How? “In the experiences in the earth, one only meets self. Learn then to stand oft aside and watch self pass by.” (Edgar Cayce reading 3292-1)

Cayce gave this advice to 16 people under many different circumstances. I have applied this to my own studies, particularly of my dreams.

“In dreams…each individual soul…reviews or sees from a different attitude those experiences of its own activities.” (Edgar Cayce Reading 256-136)

In dreams, we view ourselves from a different perspective. What a gift—to see ourselves as others see us. When asked how dreams should be interpreted, Edgar Cayce said dreams are given for the better understanding of self. He answers that dreams “correlate those truths that are enacted in each and every dream that becomes a part of the entity of the individual to use (for the purpose of) better development; ever remembering that ‘develop’ means going toward the higher forces, or the Creator.” (Edgar Cayce Reading 3744-4) Often having this view isn’t pleasant, but it’s worthwhile.

I experienced this in my own dreams: I wanted a career in journalism and hoped my written work would help others and influence the world long after my death. A message came at the conclusion of a dream in which I could see myself walking down the beach looking for a treasure chest that contained my greatest gift to the world. I saw an obstacle obscuring my way to the treasure chest. Are there not always some obstacles we need to remove to reach the ultimate in our spiritual experience?

Only a corner of the chest was visible above the sand. I cleared the sand away and lifted the lid. Inside there were only pieces of paper containing some of my writings. My heart sank. How could this be of any use to anyone? This was nothing. Paper and the writing on paper were so fragile, so easily lost or destroyed. Worthless. I felt sick at heart. If this is all I have to leave to the world, I will have lived in vain. Suddenly the words came to me that I knew were coming from Christ, “I left only spoken words.”

My focus had been on what I wanted to leave to the world. My thoughts had never included leaving the harvest to a loving Creator.

Another dream alerted me to my own assessment of who I was:

I observed a child confined to a room. The child had bedsores and appeared “crazy” because she had been confined for so long. The air was stale with an unpleasant odor about it. I got the child out of the room and soon she no longer appeared “crazy” but was bright beyond belief. The child was attractive and learned rapidly once out of the room, cleaned up, and treated as if she were normal. Under good care, the child was exceptional. When it was time to take the child back, I wondered whether to report the situation to the authorities. I feared those in authority over the child would return her to the same environment.

Dream Blog 032013At the time of this dream, I was launching into a new venture. Until this time, I had confined myself to my home and family, having accepted what I felt was the mandate to bury myself in service to my husband and children. Now, I was pursuing interests outside of the home. I applied to graduate school, a seminary. I felt like a child who had been confined to a room and not permitted to develop normally. Most of the people at seminary were professional people of one sort or another, and I felt “disabled” by not having more exposure to the world. I thought of myself as underdeveloped. I was the child in my dream. The dream assured me that the “child” was not only normal, but could be exceptional. My fear of returning to a confining environment was sparked by fear that perhaps I could not measure up at seminary and I would be sent home, never to venture into the world outside the home again.

The dream helped me. The child in this dream is an archetypal symbol. A child represents a new life, a new beginning. At seminary and thereafter, doors have opened for me, which never would have opened without this very first step.

So, in both of these dreams I saw myself as I had never seen myself before. I did, indeed, as Edgar Cayce said, “Step aside and watch self pass by.”

Barbara DerrickBarbara Derrick, PhD, a researcher, lecturer and writer on Edgar Cayce, is a counselor, family therapist, and mental health specialist who has successfully used a protocol suggested by Edgar Cayce to enhance and improve the lives of Alzheimer's patients. She has presented at the Edgar Cayce Health Symposium at Virginia Beach and her articles have appeared in Venture Inward magazine, available exclusively to Members by mail or online at EdgarCayce.org/members.


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