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Our Stories, Our Selves

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Our Stories, Our Selves
by Gordon Yumibe

Each one of us is a separately created and evolved person that has his or her own unique story to share with the One and All. We each personally reflect what choices and experiences we have all taken. We may think that is all we are—an inner composite of all of these choices and decisions—but there is so much more! It is becoming increasingly clear to many of us that this is only the smaller pattern that is reflecting a greater pattern of which we are all a part. Each reality we experience is part of something greater.

Part of my own individual reality started down this road of discovery when I first came upon writings of G. Carl Jung. What took hold of me in my early 20s was the concept of the process of individuation, the microcosm. This was a big blessing for me. It meant that my own life might have a greater meaning and significance than I once thought. The true greatness of this idea is that it points us towards a larger reality and meaning, the macrocosm.

DNA 04212 A pattern has emerged within my imagination to help me illustrate how this process seems to be working. The pattern is a strand of DNA—it unfolds in several dimensions at once. The larger dimension is the inner relationship between the physical and spiritual reality. Whether or not one is aware of this larger pattern, each strand is operational while we are living here on this planet. On a smaller dimension, our individuality is asserting itself on a physical level so that our inner spiritual lives can unfold. Our spiritual side can grow apart or together with the physical strand because of our thoughts and actions. Our inner selves can share and grow into a larger dimension depending on the nature of our actions and how they reflect back upon the nature of this greater reality.

There are many different teachings that demonstrate this. One example is the biblical parable about building your house on either sand or rock, a showing the necessity of a solid foundation. Edgar Cayce also taught that one’s spiritual foundation should be built “line-by-line,” “here a little, there a little,” and “practiced daily.” Another facet of Cayce’s teaching was that no matter what happens, God has prepared a way out. If one can imagine a series of intersecting, interconnected actions all moving forward in an ever-increasing spiral; the goal is the creation of a more loving divine space within us. By connecting with that one small soul portion of ourselves, we can begin bridging the inner chasm between our mortal and immortal selves.

You might be asking what this has to do with your own stories. Cayce says each of us represents a corpuscle in the body of our Creator. Once we are able to see past our feelings of smallness and limitations, we become much more willing to accept the parts of ourselves that can help us recognize our inherent greatness. We can become one with the Lord. Our individual stories will take on a greater meaning as we come to terms with something in our past or as a way of moving forward collectively, realizing we are all interconnected. Another aspect is finding what our soul’s mission is. It could be anything—a vocation, a family, a religion, or another spiritual pursuit. Things happen to us for a reason, no matter how small and insignificant they might seem.

Light Waves 042012Right now as we speak, there is an ocean of love and light pouring down from the heavens. It is meant to strengthen our connectedness to that inner bridge, between all the strands of our earthly dimensions and the spiritual. It becomes increasingly important for all of us to pause to allow this light to enter. Let our inward successes become the outward manifestation of our spiritual growth. Many of our choices will reflect what comes and what goes. Already there is much unrest in the world as we are all waking up to these higher dimensions. We are no longer willing to accept the status quo and the rampant inequality that has caused so much suffering. Let our stories share our joys and sorrows. We have been asking for the light and the love to help us find our way back home. Every burden we suffer can be given up into the ready embrace of the Almighty’s love—everything.

These higher frequency energies are changing not only the way we live but also our fundamental societal structures that no longer fit. Changing is not easy, but there are many among us who have already taken the necessary steps within to help others make similar transformations. A new wave has emerged. Our stories are merging into a higher vision that once seemed impossible and unimaginable. Release what no longer holds any lasting value, breathe in, and let these new energies into your divine selves. Begin to imagine yourself as a divine spark reigniting. Begin another chapter of your life story that will bring delight to your forthcoming days…peace and blessings to all.

Gordon YumibeGordon Yumibe is a lifelong seeker with an interest in Jungian, Gnostic, and Edgar Cayce material. While he is a professional gardener by trade, he also has a psychology degree. In 2009, he received a Spiritual Mentoring Certificate from Atlantic University. You can find Gordon on Facebook.

Did Famed Psychic Edgar Cayce Once Locate Amelia Earhart?

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Did Famed Psychic Edgar Cayce Once Locate Amelia Earhart?
By Kevin J. Todeschi

More than 70 years ago, a young female pilot by the name of Amelia Earhart captured the imagination of much of the world by becoming an aviation pioneer and excelling in a field that had once been limited to only men. Because of her charisma and her courage in breaking down barriers, she became an inspiration to countless individuals. Her story has inspired and captured the imaginations of thousands.

Amelia and Fred NoonanEarhart disappeared just before her 40th birthday along with her navigator, Fred Noonan, during a failed attempt to circumnavigate the globe. Many of her accomplishments are noted by history. She gained international fame with a number of firsts: she was the first woman to receive the Distinguished Flying Cross; she was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean; she founded an organization for female pilots; she wrote best-selling books about her flying adventures; and, she was a faculty member of Purdue University's Aviation Department. What may not be so well known is that famed psychic Edgar Cayce was asked to locate her three days after her disappearance.

Earhart and Noonan were nearly three-quarters of the way around the globe when their plane disappeared. Their intended destination had been a small stretch of land in the Pacific known as Howland Island. In fact, a United States Coast Guard vessel had been stationed on Howland to guide their plane onto the tiny island. What is known is that the Coast Guard vessel did receive several communications from Earhart's plane as it neared the island but, for whatever reason, Earhart and Noonan could not hear transmissions sent back from the Coast Guard—the plane was flying "blind" in the middle of the Pacific. One of Earhart's last transmissions was that gas was running low. When the Coast Guard lost track of her plane on July 2, 1937, Amelia Earhart's disappearance became world news.

On July 5, 1937, Mrs. [1293], a member of Edgar Cayce's A.R.E., professional astrologer, and an acquaintance of George Putnam (Earhart's husband), requested a reading to help locate Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan. The request given to the sleeping Cayce was as follows:

"You will have before you the request from [1293], for information regarding locating Amelia Earhart who according to radio reports on July 2, 1937, was approximately 100 miles from Howland Island in the South Pacific Ocean, in her plane. You will locate the plane as of this time and then trace it to its present position, giving specific directions for locating this plane now. You will answer the questions regarding this."

Howland Island

As soon as the sleeping Cayce began the reading he noted that conditions for Earhart and Noonan were "rather serious" but that both were still alive. Cayce next suggested that the two could be found if a ship followed the reef that extended from Howland Island. Although not exactly clear, the convoluted language either suggested that they were located in a northwesterly direction for approximately 100 miles OR that Howland Island was located in a northwesterly direction, placing their position to the southeast, which is where the current search is presently focused. When Cayce was asked, "What is the present condition of Amelia Earhart and her companion [George Noonan]?" the reply came: "Amelia Earhart … [is] much better than the companion; for the companion has been panicky…"

When asked about the condition of the plane, Cayce replied that it was no longer flyable: "It is broken up somewhat, but this as we find is more from the attempt in the landing when gas was gone than from anything else; though to be sure, the winds and the inability to stabilize same has made all very out of order; not able to proceed even with gas."

In terms of their supplies, Cayce stated that there was "mighty little" of either food or water. When asked about their chances for recovery, Cayce replied that the conditions were growing worse all the time but that, because of rescue attempts already set in motion, the best possibility for recovery would be by the next morning, provided rescue attempts continued along the same path "in the right direction."

For weeks, a fleet of planes scoured the area looking for any signs of the aircraft without success. Finally, on July 18, 1937, the search was called off. It was feared that Noonan and Earhart had perished and lay somewhere beneath the Pacific.

However, George Putnam had not given up hope. On July 31, 1937, Mrs. [1293] sent a wire to Edgar Cayce stating that Putnam was still very interested in Cayce continuing the search:

"Mr. Putnam very sorry cannot come to Virginia Beach but would appreciate very much your doing whatever possible without him. He has confidence in your work and any report will have much bearing on his future plans. Please phone, wire or write information to [1293] at my home."

A follow-up reading was given the next day, on August 1, 1937. The suggestion given to the sleeping Cayce was, as follows:

"You will have before you the desire of George Putnam for further information regarding his wife, Amelia Earhart, as requested through Mrs. [1293] of N.Y., and the information given through this channel on July 5, 1937. You will give any further information which will be helpful at this time, and answer the questions that may be asked."

Cayce immediately responded with the fact that it was too late. He stated that Earhart had lasted until July 21, 1937, before succumbing to the elements. Apparently Noonan had died earlier, as the sleeping Cayce noted that Earhart perished alone. In an attempt to pinpoint the location of the body with a little more accuracy and offer what help he could to Putnam, Cayce added that her body was located "between eighty-nine and ninety miles northwest from her intended destination" … [of] Howland Island. Upon receiving the information, Mrs. [1293] replied:

"Sad as the news is, I feel your last communication is all too true and that Amelia is gone. I held out hopes for quite a while but the time-element was so long to have survived three weeks seems almost incredible. And to think that the fleet of planes gave up the search on the 18th and she evidently lived until the 21st.
"I shall somehow get the news to George Putnam when I can although the man is so terribly stricken, yet trying very hard to carry on. He has almost nightly sessions with Hereward Carrington and some other psychics from the Psychic Research Society and I believe that the strain is bad for him. Hard as it may be for him and for us all to face the inevitable fact, perhaps a definite knowledge will be better news than none at all.

"The whole affair has been a great setback to me because I felt very sure Amelia would make a safe flight and told her so, and even advised her when to start on it, so to have the thing end in disaster gives astrology (and [1293]) an awful blow. I shall never again make a prediction with the same carefree attitude that I had before this happened. Perhaps that is my lesson."

Whether or not Edgar Cayce had accurately tuned into Amelia Earhart, her location, and her situation may never be known. What is known is that this woman has captured the imagination of the world for many decades, and will continue to capture our imagination for many, many more.

Kevin Todeschi new BlogKevin J. Todeschi is Executive Director and CEO of Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. and Atlantic University. He oversees activities of the Cayce work worldwide. As both student and teacher of the Edgar Cayce material for more than 30 years, he has lectured on five continents in front of thousands of individuals. A prolific writer, he is the author of numerous articles and more than 20 books, including Edgar Cayce on Vibration, Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records, and The Rest of the Noah Story.


The “BB’s” of Sacred Knowledge

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The "BB's" of Sacred Knowledge
By Don Carroll

caduceus woodcut 042012The Edgar Cayce readings and related correspondences add up to over 49,000 pages of material that runs the gamut from the celestial to the terrestrial, the spiritual to the material, and from the mundane to the arcane. One might expect to discover new and exciting symbols for sacred knowledge such as the Kundalini or the Caduceus, but I did not expect to read about the double B.

When the mind of Edgar Cayce brought the information from the source, the Akashic Records and humanity's subconscious, it often required that he explain words and concepts beyond our three-dimensions in a way that we might comprehend. At times, the information and imagery from the readings seems clear and concise. At other times, it required the reader to meditate on the information and allow the meaning to unfold.

The readings often suggested symbols be used by individuals for a variety of reasons. The reading below describes a symbol with two B's that would likely have appeared similar to the caduceus.

Then the name was Ai-Ellaiin, and the hieroglyphics will be found to be marked as these: The Ibex (the bird of same), the hornheaded man, the Ibex turned in the opposite direction, the sacred bull of Ipis [?], the hooded man as of the Ethiopian people, the cross, the serpent (upright), the staff with the symbol (that should be the symbol of the entity throughout its experience) as the B's turned toward each other—or one upright with two loops on either side of same, with the serpent head two ways from the top of same.

This should be the symbol ever of the entity, as should be the scarab with same; one as the amulet and the other either as a pin or about the body; as well as the lapis linguis also would bring to the entity much, if it were worn about the body, keeping low the fires of passion—from materiality that there may be greater mental and spiritual development of this entity in the experience.
(Edgar Cayce Reading 559-7, 6-year-old girl)

There has been much discussion and controversy over the date of construction of the Great Pyramid. Mainstream Egyptologists place its construction at approximately 2500 BCE, but there are several researchers that suggest it is much older, and date the pyramid closer to 10,000 BCE. The Edgar Cayce readings were very specific about the dates, placing the building of the Great Pyramid from 10,490 to 10,390 BCE.

Caduceus 042012 The caduceus has become a common symbol for medicine, especially in North America. It is the staff carried by the mythological god Hermes (Greek) or Mercury (Roman) and is depicted with two entwined serpents. These snakes are often shown with wings, indicative of the Kundalini energy that rises from the base of the spine. These symbols represent communication with a higher self or God.

By correlating this reading with others, I was fascinated to discover that the B symbols were used in two more readings:

…And as a symbol of the activities in that sojourn, as in those when in Poona the entity made for the greater increase, would be the BB; or, as it would be termed from that period, the sacred serpent and the fire of same should be the emblems of the entity and worn about the body; something that is of fine linen but of blue should be upon the flesh of the body at all periods, for its consecration and its dedication of its activities. (Edgar Cayce Reading 812-1)

(Q) What are my symbols?
(A) The dorna (?) and the staff; the dorna (?) being the BB as would be put together, representing the people that adhered to the faiths in Palestine that were of another race; the staff, of course, being the shepherd crook. (Edgar Cayce Reading 537-1)

Another reading goes on to explain the symbols of the serpent and the rod. The following is from a reading given for Edgar Cayce to understand and interpret his dream.

(Q) [Edgar Cayce's dream:] Saw a little mound of dead leaves. As I looked it began to move off. I thought there must be a snake under it. I picked up a stick and went towards it. By that time the mound was on the side of an embankment, almost on the edge, and the snake poked his head out and said, "Don't hit me—and I won't bother you any more."

(A) As is visioned in the dream, the position of the body and the acts at the time indicated the clearing of the system of those things that are vile…from body, so that…through the activities of others—that are indicated by the mound, or prominence as in front of body —with this arising will come out of same that as indicated by the serpent, which indicates the wisdom of all things being known to others as pertain to their proper relationships and understandings, and while temptations arise—as through the serpent—with the use of the rod, or staff, as is of life, as is represented by those that are, or were, the leaders in each dispensation, of activity, may be used in love and truth, budding to like itself, as in the hands of many. So may it make for the overcoming of that which would hinder, or injure in any way, and bring about that peace as sought by the tempter in the vision. (Edgar Cayce Reading 294-136)

The beauty of the language and expressions of the symbols from Edgar Cayce's own dream as well as the BB readings remind us that there is valuable information hidden in plain sight. We can apply the new understanding gained from the symbols in the readings to better understand our own dreams.

Don Carroll - Reflections Radio 11

Don Carroll had a career of over thirty years in the Fire/Rescue service. After receiving his degree in Fire Science, he worked as a district chief for a battalion, an operations company officer, an emergency medical technician, a paramedic, and a teacher at the regional fire academy. While raising a family, he pursued the greater meaning of life, reading materials on Edgar Cayce and attending A.R.E. conferences, seminars, tours, and retreats. He is the author of the article The Cayce Cubit and the Kundalini in the Oct.-Dec. issue of Venture Inward Magazine, available in the online member-only section.


A Reading for Easter

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A Reading for Easter

Reading 5749-12 Given March 24, 1940 
Present: Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno. Florence Edmonds, Esther Wynne, Hannah Miller, Helen and Marsden Godfrey, Myrtle Demaio, Minnie and C. A. Barrett, and Hugh Lynn Cayce.

Gertrude Cayce: On this Easter day of 1940 we seek a discourse on the significance of the Resurrection of Jesus, the Christ.

Edgar Cayce: In giving that as might be significant in the experiences of those present, it is well that there be considered those conditions which exist in the world of thought, as well as in the political and economic situations throughout the world—if there is to be a practical application of the significance of the resurrection of Jesus, the Christ.

The life, the death, the resurrection of Jesus are as facts, in the hearts and minds of those here. The resurrection of Jesus, the Christ, is a significant fact to each individual only according to how he applies same (as it is significant to him) in his daily life, experience and conversation with his fellow man.Staimed Glass window 042012

Then, in a material world—a world of hate, of divided opinions—what is the course that you each will pursue, in relationships to your fellow men?

Is it the course outlined by the tenets, the principles which He, the Teacher of teachers gave as respecting the manner of life, of activity, that you each would give in your dealings and relationships with your fellow men?

We know, and only need to be reminded, that the whole law is in Him. For, as He gave that which is the basis, the principle, of the intent and desire and purpose which should prompt our activity, so we in our own world—as we live, as we speak, as we pray—are to let it be in that tempo, in that way and manner which was prompted by Him, as He taught His disciples how to pray.

Then, as we analyze this prayer in our experience, we see what the life, the death, the resurrection of Jesus, the Christ—who is the way, the truth, the light—must mean in this period in the experience of man.

Think not that He, God, will be mocked. For, whatsoever a man soweth, that must he also reap. This was truly exemplified in the life of the Man of Galilee. For, in Him we all live, we all move, we all die. So, in Him we are all made alive.


Put away hate, malice, jealousy, or the taking sides with any that stir up strife.

Be ye rather on the Lord's side—knowing that no man is in any position of power or might save by the will of the Father, that there may be fulfilled that which has been promised of Him, by Him, and through that advent of the man Jesus into a material world.

Then, as ye meditate upon the meaning of the resurrection of this man of God—know that the way is open to thee to approach the throne of God; not as an excuse, not as a justification, but rather in love, in harmony, in that which brings hope for a sin-sick world.

Each individual, then, may act, may live, may pray—in his or her own little sphere of activity—in such a manner as to bring peace and harmony, even among those who appear to be at variance to the cause of the Christ in the material world.

Let not thy heart be troubled, then. Ye believe in God; believe also in Him—who came to bring peace, and the way to the Father, exemplifying same in the ability to take away death - that is as sin in the experience of man.

And thus may he (man) indeed love the Lord with all his heart, and his neighbor as himself.

We are through.


Daffodils 0402012



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