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The Visible and the Invisible

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The Visible and the Invisible
By Edgar Cayce

A few weeks ago, I stood up to speak to a Sunday school class, and many more seats were vacant in front of me than were filled. Within myself I felt that I had something to say, and I wondered why so few were present. Then I saw an invisible audience come in and fill practically every seat there—an audience invisible to the others present.


We may rest assured that there is the invisible as well as the visible! We always have with us an invisible audience for our acts—yes, even for every thought. If only we could come to realize this more and more, then we would know His presence abides with us; and if it does not abide with us, it is our own fault for we have blinded ourselves to that which we could have for our very own.


Churchwindow2Everyone realizes that we are passing through a period of stress in which we all are expecting something—what, we do not know. Why don’t we know what to expect? Why is it impossible to know what is going to happen? Isn’t it because we have blinded ourselves to the evidence around us?


We are told by many who have made a study of such matters that we are passing through a certain position in the universe. Astrologers have said that we are reaching that place in space wherein the influences are beginning for the third cycle. Others describe it as a plane where we may expect a new race, a new people, a new thought.


We are studying along lines of thought pertaining to development of the inner man, the soul. Within us is that something we call the soul, the entity, the being; and this lives on and on. We say this is a period of hard times when we all wonder just what is coming to pass, that it is a period when there are to be upheavals. What have we done to prepare ourselves for such happenings?


We are now in the midst of the condition, and it is all around us. The changes are coming about. Portions of the earth are going to be wiped away in the next few years; I feel very sure of that. Right away, we want to know if it will happen where we are. What difference does it make, if we are living right?


If thoughts are deeds, our constructive and positive thinking will aid in building or establishing that which will bring peace, harmony, joy, love—the fruits of the spirit. What is the Spirit? That which we can comprehend only by the application of it, by what we do for someone else.


Perhaps we shall just speak a kind word to our next-door neighbor, to the child we meet in the street, to the lame dog we see—or to anything or anybody that is a manifestation of God. Just speaking the kind word that brings hope to those who are losing hope; speaking the cheery word to those who are discouraged; as we can do these things, we give out that which we have received.


For not all are called to be healers, not all preachers; but each of us can do what our hands find to do, magnifying the Spirit and the fruits of the Spirit—which are unseen. The things we do today will make the manner of individual we will be tomorrow or a million years from now. We don’t die to be in eternity: we are already in it! Then it’s just as important to understand whence we came, as it is to understand where we are going. To know whence we came is to know what we’re up against. If we use the abilities we have, we will be given more tomorrow. The next step to take will be given us. It is self-exaltation and it is selfishness that carry us away from the knowledge of God. These bring doubts, fears, and all those qualities bespeaking the visible or making for worry, hardship and misunderstanding.


An excerpt from a talk given on February 26, 1933.

Sleep as Spiritual Practice

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Sleep as Spiritual Practice

By Tina Erwin

Those valiant souls who study yoga will over time know about the discipline of spiritual practice. Their yoga teachers will admonish them to breathe, to feel their body, to listen to their body and to ask the body what it wants. Yoga is only about measured movements, releasing stressful negativity from the body, and being healthy overall. Yoga is also about the peace of release as stress, worry and pain leave the body when the yoga student finally lies down to 'take a Savasana,' or rest. .

Savasana is one of the most important 'postures' in yoga and literally it means to feel the body at rest. Feel the body at rest is a novel concept. What does that mean and what does it have to do with sleep?

When we go to sleep, most of us just plop down in bed, exhausted from a day of trying to cram way too much into about 18 hours of useable time. We have probably listened to everyone else's issues, worked hard at problem solving and projected our thoughts to tomorrow's challenges. Then we expect our body to 'just go to sleep.' Computers can just go to sleep, but human beings cannot do this. Human beings need time to process the volume of emotional events that have happened during a modern day.

Sleep as a spiritual practiceSo much of the time, even very spiritual people are too exhausted to pray and yet they want to, they want to exercise that spiritual process of connecting to the Divine before they enter the dimension of sleep. Yet the 'busyness' of their day, the demands of dynamic mind to solve huge, complicated issues leads them away from that critical Divine connection.

Human beings often view sleep as a necessary distraction from the amount they have to get done. Some people try to train themselves to sleep less, thinking—wrongly—that they will get so much more done. This just isn't true.

Human bodies need physical sleep to repair all of the systems in a functioning body. The body only repairs itself at night during the sleep state. Quick naps may refresh a person but that is not enough time to allow the body to process out all of the adrenalin that we each absorb during a busy day. The body also has to process the volume of healthy and unhealthy food that we have eaten. The body also has to evaluate itself to see if there are pathogens that need to be expelled through kidneys and liver. All systems have to be evaluated, given healing and brought back up to functioning levels for each person to expect to function during the day.

That process takes a full eight hours to work successfully. Not five or six and a half, but a full eight hours of continuous, uninterrupted sleep. This is not a luxury; it is a requirement for good health, a sharp mind and strong muscles and organs. When asked how many hours of sleep a body needed, Edgar Cayce responded "At least seven and a half to eight hours each twenty-four." (Reading 462-16).

The creative process desperately requires sleep. The more sleep, the more creative we can be no matter what our jobs. Creative problem solving is a creative process. When we sleep, our diligent subconscious starts to work on our body to realign, repair and nourish our physical structure. Our conscious self leaves the body to its work and reconnects to the Divine, our Higher Self. This is why prayer prior to sleep is always a positive thing to do. The more we pray, the more we open ourselves up to the tender mercies, the wisdom and the energy of the Heaven world. We can always ask for the Divine to be with us when we sleep so that we can assure ourselves that critical connection with the hope of creating the wonderful and powerful energy of tomorrow.

Honoring our body, spirit and mind with our connection to the Divine helps us to grow on every level, to evolve into spiritual beings. It also provides the physical body with spiritual nourishment, something only sleep, delicious sleep can provide!

Tina ErwinTINA D. ERWIN, CDR, USN, Ret. has studied metaphysics all her life to enable her to understand her own psychic abilities. These intense studies were further enhanced by the experiences of a dynamic 20-year career in the Navy, working for the U.S. Submarine Force, retiring at the Commander level. Erwin is the author of the A.R.E. Press book, The Lightworker's Guide to Healing Grief.

Trust the Voice Within

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Trust the Voice Within

Echo Bodine

I need your help. I want to start a movement and spread the word about Intuition. For me, intuition is that still small voice within each of us. It's the divine guidance that—as Edgar Cayce puts it—we don't necessarily get when we want it, but always when we need it. Intuition has always been one of my favorite topics to read about and teach. There's still a lot of confusion about what it is. Many psychics call themselves intuitives which has caused some confusion because people think that psychic abilities and intuition are the same, but they are very different. Having studied both for over 45 years, I would define intuition as a sense, a knowing, a hunch, a gut-feeling somewhere between the heart and stomach area that is 100% accurate.

Psychic abilities include clairvoyance—the gift of sight, clairaudience—the gift of hearing, and clairgustance—the gift of smell which are all located in the mind. The last one, clairsentience—the gift of sensing, is in the body. There's a subtle difference between the sensing in psychic abilities and knowing in intuition.

Trust the Voice WithinWhat I want to do with this movement is bring clarity to people so that they can learn to distinguish their Intuition from the other voices we carry inside such as our parents, teachers, society and significant others. These can sometimes fool us into thinking we are being guided by intuition, but the one key word that helps us distinguish between those voices and the still small voice within is should. Whenever we find ourselves making decisions based on should, we are not using intuition. Oftentimes, intuition is a calm knowing not based on fact or practicality; it can go against our logical mind and to make matters worse, it never explains why we are being guided to do something. We just need to trust that the outcome is perfect for us. That's the hard part for most people, trusting ourselves without following logic.

Edgar Cayce might define the "Intuitive Personality" as openness and trust in one's inner experience. Spontaneity, self-confidence, tolerance of ambiguity and doubt, and willingness to risk criticism.

Living the intuitive way is not easy but it's incredibly rewarding. Here's how it works: You ask a question. Focus your attention on the middle of yourself rather than your head over the next day or so. Pay attention to what you feel led to do. The voice is subtle and silent, so it's more of a knowing than an actual voice. Diving guidance feels like an invisible energy is pushing you in a certain direction, creating a desire within you.

You might be wondering where your mind fits into all of this and it's simple. Once we get the guidance from within, we take it to our mind to work it out. Here's a scenario to help you understand how this works: Let's say you are thinking of going on vacation to New Mexico or Sedona, Arizona, but aren't sure where you should go. First, ask your inner voice which place would be the best. You can ask out loud or write it in your journal. A day or two later, you may start to get a strong desire to see Sedona. Your head says, "yeah but, I really want to go to New Mexico," but the desire for Sedona gets stronger. New Mexico starts to fade and you get a strong gut feeling that Sedona is the perfect spot. That's when you take the answer to your mind and make this happen. Your brain goes into action, pulling all the pieces together and you end up having a perfect time. "

Your inner voice will also guide you to the perfect time to go on that vacation. Since the weather is no longer something we can count on to be normal anywhere in the world, always check with your inner voice on timing.

There isn't a question on Earth that your inner voice won't give you guidance for. That's the job of intuition: to guide us through our life for our highest good.

Echo Bodine - June BlogEcho Bodine was born with psychic abilities and the gift of healing, including clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. A talented and experienced psychic development trainer, spiritual healer, and "ghostbuster," she is the author of Hands That Heal, which teaches others how to channel spiritual healing, and several books on psychic development including The Gift, The Key, and the forthcoming My Little Book of True Ghost Stories. Her book A Still Small Voice includes a much lengthier explanation of intuition and living this way of life. Echo has appeared on numerous television shows, including Sightings, Beyond with James Van Praagh, and The Today Show. She has hosted her own cable TV show, New Age Perspectives , and radio show, Intuitive Living. Paramount Pictures solicited her services for the promotion of the movie Ghost. She has just released her 10th book, My Big Book of Healing. Visit her Web site EchoBodine.com to learn more.

Gladys Davis Turner Remembered: A New Book

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Gladys Davis Turner Remembered in a New Book by Micki Kluge

Joanne DiMaggio

If you've had the good fortune of meeting someone for the first time and instantly recognizing them as a soul you knew and loved in a previous lifetime, you can begin to understand the extraordinary bond shared by Gladys Davis, Edgar Cayce's secretary and archivist, and Micki Kluge. It is that friendship that is chronicled in Micki's new book: Reflections of Gladness: Edgar Cayce's Vision of the Work Shared in a Collection of Memories of Gladys Davis.

Micki Kluge and Gladys Davis TurnerMicki met Gladys in the late 1960s at an A.R.E. conference in Virginia Beach. The two instantly recognized each other from previous lifetimes, but interestingly, not from the same incarnations. Micki remembered Gladys as the infant daughter of Ra-Ta (Edgar Cayce) and Isis (Gertrude Cayce) that she cared for; Gladys recognized Micki as a dear friend from an 8th-century BC Persian lifetime. Both women instantly gravitated to the other.

"There was no one else around us; no other humans in the periphery of our conversation," Micki said. "It was wonderful that the Good Lord allowed us to touch base again and that we didn't have to share that moment with anybody else. From the minute Gladys and I first got to know each other, she felt as much like a sister to me as I felt to her."

Over their 25-year friendship, Gladys and Micki had many intimate conversations, sharing details about their current life as well triggering memories of past lives they had shared. "We could tune in and in our mind's eye, not only see the reference but also the landscape, and thus paint a broader scene of the memory that either of us asked about."

Through their many conversations, Micki came to understand and appreciate the role that Gladys played in the life of Edgar Cayce, and more importantly, to the A.R.E.

"Edgar Cayce's translations of the Akashic Records did for souls in search of spiritual truths what the Hubble Space Telescope does for stargazers and astronomers," wrote Micki. "Gladys archived each snapshot of Edgar Cayce's experience as vividly as Hubble's celestial transmissions, magnifying his accomplishments as a transmitter of spiritual inspiration."

Those desiring a knowledge of various beliefs embodying these theories will find of interest those of Plato, Pythagoras, the Indian religions, African tribal religions, American Indian religions, Egyptian and Persian Mysteries, Druidic and Christian mysticism. Among the modern philosophies and cults Theosophy, Rosicrucianism and the Order of Christian Mystics present interpretations of the subject. Spirtualism is divided as to the truth of this theory. Information through mediums in America may be said to discount it, while that given through those in England and on the continent substantiates the belief.

Micki further wrote: "In re-establishing a school of inspiration for entities seeking further enlightenment, Edgar Cayce's and Gladys's efforts magnetized the spirit of cooperation, which soon drew global support of kindred souls whose mission was to share the 'Work'. From their arrival in Virginia in September 1925, their mission attracted workers who had previously contributed their services toward its fulfillment."

Reflections of Gladness by Micki KlugeThe stories of those kindred souls and the years they spent together, as shared by Gladys, became the impetus for Micki's book.

"We began to realize that the younger generation involved in the A.R.E. work did not know Gladys," Micki related. "We felt there should be a link to the knowledge of the pioneers of that work that is being carried on today. To do that, we wanted to create a record by the people who knew Gladys, the hand-me-down stories from people who were actually there during the time she was there. For Gladys's generation and mine, that is a fast closing door. Our idea was for the people who were still alive to lay down some tracks for future generations to ride on."

To that end, the book contains wonderful vignettes of touching memories shared by the people who knew and loved Gladys, but none as heartfelt as the loving tribute by the author herself.

"Gladys and I were drawn together, not because of similarities of personalities, but in answer to a need that required diversification," Micki wrote. "The contrast was significant in our mutual need to serve. She supplied the cream. I churned it. Then, she gleaned the butter to spread on life's plain bread, and we shared with everyone at the table."

Fittingly, Micki continues to share that bread "with everyone at the table" each year at Gladys's annual January 30 birthday luncheon. Although gone from the physical plane since 1986, Gladys' presence is felt in the hearts of those whose lives she touched, most especially her dearest friend Micki Kluge.

"When you meet another soul and you look into their eyes and see a reflection of yourself mirrored in their eyes and they see a reflection of themselves mirrored in yours—if that isn't love, I don't know what is."

Micki Kluge will be signing copies of her book at the Author's Showcase at the 80th Anniversary A.R.E. Members Congress on Sunday, June 19, from 3-4 p.m. A portion of the proceeds from her book sales is being donated to the Gladys Davis Endowment Fund, which Micki founded in 2006 to help support dissemination of the Cayce readings that Gladys loved so much. For details on buying the book visit: www.reflectionsofgladness.com

[The Gladys Davis Endowment Fund is part of A.R.E.'s endowment and the annual interest is used to support the Cayce work. The interest from this fund has already been used to create the Gladys Davis Turner Meeting Room in the A.R.E. Visitors Center. Individuals are encouraged to contribute additional funds to support the endowment fund by contacting Patrick Belisle at 757-457-2126 or pat@EdgarCayce.org.]

Joanne DiMaggio 100x79Joanne DiMaggio, MA, is coordinator for Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. Charlottesville area team and the president of the Atlantic University Alumni Association. She will speak at the conference A Spiritual Roadmap for Enlightened Living: Edgar Cayce's Tools for Transformation and Guidance, August 19-21 at A.R.E. HQ in Virginia Beach. Visit EdgarCayce.org/conferences or call 888-273-0020 for information.

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