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Uranus the Awakener

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Uranus the Awakener
by Gordon Yumibe

As we find, no one enters by chance, but there is a pattern, a purpose; and the experiences, problems, hardships, activities in every phase of the experience, are in order that each soul may be an expression of that it, the soul, has chosen as its ideal.
Edgar Cayce Reading 2280-1

The astrological influence that the planet Uranus has had on my life has long fascinated me. I have been able to take some time to reflect upon several different aspects to see where they have led me. There were patterns and impulses that helped move me forward throughout my adult life that I didn’t completely understand. About four or five years ago I enrolled in Atlantic University’s Spiritual Mentorship certificate program. Among the courses I took, some required, was AS 501: Transformational Astrology with Raye Mathis. Part of that course work involved the study of the outer planets: Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. They are where the impulses that shape our spiritual transformation originate. I was fortunate to have had this opportunity not only for the valuable insights that I was able glean but also for the support I got from personally beginning to understand my struggles, sorrows, and triumphs from a broader perspective. It is humbling and enlightening to know that your life is indeed part of a larger structure, though at times it seems only a longing to be part of something greater.

Uranus - photo NASAUranus has been part of humanity’s lore and mythology since ancient Greece. Howard Sasportas uses the story of Prometheus to illustrate what the Uranian influences may have on our lives in his book, The Gods of Change; Pain, Crisis and the Transits of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Prometheus was one of the Titans who sided with Zeus in a struggle with the other Titans. After their victory, Prometheus was able to learn a great deal of wisdom from Zeus and Athena but later became unhappy that the gods had a monopoly on all the knowledge and goods. In an attempt to improve mortal life, he passed on his knowledge to the human race in an attempt to make the mortals more equal with the gods. This really angered Zeus, who attempted to deny the mortals the gift of fire.

Sasportas says that Prometheus represents the Uranian urge in all of us. It is this urge to change and advance our situation. It is the urge to make something better of ourselves. Zeus represents the part of us “which resists change, and which exacts a price for our growth and development.”

Richard Tarnas, in his book on this subject, Prometheus the Awakener; An Essay on the Archetypal Meaning of the Planet Uranus, says that “the planet Uranus is empirically associated with the principle of change, rebellion, freedom, liberation, reform and revolution…the act of cosmic rebellion against a universal structure to free humanity of bondage, the urge to transcend limitation…the element of excitement and risk.”

A soul may therefore agree to endure what appear to be hurtful relationships and tragic conditions during a physical lifetime on Earth. The most common reasons for doing so appear to be to learn a lesson, to teach others, or to make manifest the glory of God. In fact, the readings give numerous instances of “advanced” souls who entered the earth plane with a physical or mental disability so that others might learn from their associations with them.

In Margaret Gammon and W.H. Church’s book, Edgar Cayce’s Astrology for the Soul, there seems to be an agreement with what Cayce says about Uranus with other astrological sources. “Uranus is the planet of electricity. It is sometimes said to be malefic…it can cause the whole efforts of a lifetime to tumble down…The old has to be destroyed before something new can enter…it is never content to allow old institutions to continue without change.”

In my own life, Uranus has had a similar impact. I felt a need to transform the very institutions where I worked. I did not like the fact that those in authority held such great sway over the rest of us. The IChing said something about bringing the mountains down and the lowlands higher… or equal. Cayce probably would say that this was a lesson in learning to become cooperative with each other. My struggle came with a price. There was nothing really dramatic, no clashes or armed conflict, just a gradual awakening to another reality that was anchored in an inner connection back to our shared collective humanity.

The way of the Cross is not easy, yet it is the tuneful, the rhythmic, the beautiful, the lovely way. Edgar Cayce Reading 1089-6

…through the varying activities overcame the world through the experiences, bearing the cross in each and every experience, reaching the final cross with all power, all knowledge in having overcome the world, and of Himself accepted the Cross… Edgar Cayce Reading 262-36

The suffering I endured has yet to be rectified through personal growth and the very process that involves forgiveness and grace.

Harry Sasportas talks about another inner surprise when he brings out the Uranian aspect of the “inner furies.” If one fails to respond to his own inner urges he will be left with having to face up to his own furies. If one responds to these urges, he is left having to face the furies of the others. We all are left having to meet our own impulse to improve upon something, or we are left suffering our inner torment. Such seems to be the nature of this planet’s hopes for our survival and development.

The Book of Job tells us that Job was a righteous man and that none of the misfortune that befell him was due to his own making. If you accept the premise that the soul chooses the lessons it desires to work on while in the physical plane, you realize that Job chose the experiences he encountered, knowing the great soul growth that would occur if he met those experiences with the right spirit.

There is meaning and hope in this astrological aspect as we move toward 2012 and beyond. There will be birth pains, struggles, and heartaches. Many of the readings that I have read predict a change in how our institutions are organized. Many predict a further empowering of ourselves as we take back the power that these organizations have had in our lives. They also reflect back on the individual: we must continue to grow and advance to keep up with all the different levels of consciousness that are becoming more attuned the higher vibrations currently being showered down our lives. The image of the Aquarian Age is the water bearer pouring water from above to heal our inner aridness so that we can blossom again. The Uranian aspect can help reawaken our own inner resolve so that we may overcome our own fears and obstacles and drink from this Divine source of eternal life, love, and light. Blessings

Gordon YumibeGordon Yumibe is a lifelong seeker with an interest in Jungian, Gnostic, and Edgar Cayce material. While he is a professional gardener by trade, he also has a psychology degree. In 2009, he received a Spiritual Mentoring Certificate from Atlantic University. You can find Gordon on Facebook.


The Radiac Appliance

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The Radiac Appliance
By Debrah Harding, ND

Vibrational appliances are a unique contribution to alternative medicine from the Cayce readings. The first one I’ll discuss is the Radiac Appliance, also called the Radio-Active Device, Impedance Device or the Radiac. The specifications for the construction of this gadget were entirely channeled from the Source of Cayce's readings. Cayce himself, knew nothing about this device, nor did this device exist at the time. Here is an image of the device.

Radaic from BaarInside this rectangular structure are two carbon steel plates, separated by panes of glass and surrounded by carbon blocks and charcoal. Visit Baar Products, the exclusive supplier of Edgar Cayce remedies at Baar.com.

How does it work? In electrical terms it could be called a capacitor, (passive electrical component), surrounded by a resistor, (a two terminal electrical component). In other words, it would seem to be some kind of battery. Interestingly, unlike a battery, the radiac appliance offers no electrical charge or output of its own. It utilizes your own electrical currents and manipulates them in such a way as to give you back your own perfect recharge. It is truly medicine for your energy.

Does it sound far-fetched? Well Cayce recommended using the Radial Appliance over 455 times! He went so far as to say in this oft quoted saying,

“The radial appliance is very good: good for everybody! (631-2) Especially to rest tired businessmen and overtaxed ladies….and there are a few!”
(Reading 1800-16)

And this overtaxed lady can say it’s amazing. I received my radiac appliance in 2003. I have been faithfully using it ever since. Results from it have become pleasantly predictable. I use it whenever I feel just plain shot. This could be after traveling, a crappy day, or lack of enough sleep. I charge it up then strap it on and lie down with it for 30-45 minutes.

Within about 10 minutes it just knocks me out…a short while later it wakes me up! I get right up (something of a miracle in itself) and I'm in a pleasant mood (ditto)...and here it is…I feel fully mental and physically recharged. There’s nothing like it! I sell herbs and vitamins and can say there’s no feeling I get from any of it that I get from the Radiac Appliance.

“The appliance acts as an equalizer and would only act in that same force wherein normal rest to the body becomes recuperative powers for same”
(Reading 1800-4)

Cayce says that it puts us in touch with the Creative Forces, improves our dreams, and helps to quiet us from within. All of that has been my experience. He recommended using it during meditation or while reading uplifting spiritual material.

I have used this in my practice with about 25 patients. Nearly every single one has said “It does what you said it would do”. I have had patients purchase the device for spouses and parents.

It’s a unique, reliable tool that you can heal your energy with every day.

Debrah Harding, NDDebrah Harding, ND is a Naturopathic Doctor and a graduate of National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Ore. Her private practice is in Marlton, N.J. For the past 10 years she has skillfully integrated Cayce based therapies into her naturopathic practice. To learn more visit www.DebHarding.com.

From Stumbling Blocks to Stepping-Stones:

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From Stumbling Blocks to Stepping-Stones:
Adversity as a Key to Spiritual Development
Kathy L. Callahan, Ph.D.

Stumbling Blocks- Stepping StonesMany schools of thought teach us that it is the difficult things in life that serve as an impetus to greater growth and wholeness. Jesus said that temptations (stumbling blocks) must come as a necessary experience in life. Buddha expressed this sentiment when he said that it is our enemy who teaches us the most valuable lessons. According to the psychological concept of individuation, it is only by overcoming adversity that we become whole and fully functioning individuals capable of realizing our true potential. Similarly, the Edgar Cayce readings teach us that it is the difficult things in life that present us with opportunities to further our spiritual development and bring us closer to God.

The readings tell us that a soul enters the earth plane to learn lessons necessary for its spiritual development. It is only after we have applied and mastered a lesson that we are allowed to continue on to the next step. God is patient and merciful. We are given opportunity after opportunity to become the creative beings we were meant to be.

The readings also tell us that very few experiences happen by chance. “Hence in the relationships, the meetings with others in WHATEVER form or manner, such are not coincidental but are rather as purposeful experiences.” (1722-1) Every person we meet, each condition we encounter, and all the situations we face, present us with an opportunity to learn lessons designed to help us on our spiritual journey.

A number of esoteric traditions teach that prior to entering the earth plane each soul is given the opportunity to choose what lessons it desires to learn. During this “life mapping” session, the soul is given the opportunity to see all the possibilities it may meet based upon the choices it makes. The soul rejects some and agrees to others, knowing that some may involve physical pain, emotional sorrow, or suffering. While in the spiritual realm, the soul sees the greater purpose each experience may bring, knowing that physical experiences are temporal and cannot truly harm it. The soul accepts those experiences in the knowledge that they will foster a unity-consciousness with God.

A soul may therefore agree to endure what appear to be hurtful relationships and tragic conditions during a physical lifetime on Earth. The most common reasons for doing so appear to be to learn a lesson, to teach others, or to make manifest the glory of God. In fact, the readings give numerous instances of “advanced” souls who entered the earth plane with a physical or mental disability so that others might learn from their associations with them.

When we enter the earth plane, however, the “veil” of this material world clouds our memory, and the reasons for which we came move to the subconscious level of our minds. We begin to see with our physical eyes rather than spiritual vision. While the conscious mind of a person may not be aware of the choices made by the soul, the individual subconsciously knows and understands the reasons for the condition.

Individuation and Spiritual Development

A parallel can be drawn between the psychological process of individuation (first developed by Carl Jung) and Cayce’s concept of spiritual development. In individuation, the strongest desire of any human being is to fulfill his/her full potential. In the readings, this equates to the soul seeking to correct its errors of perception and realize its true nature and relationship with God. In individuation, this urge comes from the unconscious mind and requires the forging of the conscious and unconscious. The readings attribute this urge to “memory of First Cause,” contained within the spirit (spark of God) of each human being. It is First Cause that prompts us to look beyond our five physical senses and integrate all three components of ourselves: body, mind, and soul.

In order for the process of individuation to succeed, a person must confront his/her shadow self. In order to awaken spiritually, a person must confront his/her true nature as a co-creator with God and acknowledge that as creative beings, our thoughts and actions create our experience. While at first look this may not seem to equate to the “dark side” of the shadow self, it truly does equate, because this requires us to accept the fact that we can create evil as well as good.

“Ideas may be merely thoughts. As they run the course through those activities and minds of individuals, they may become crimes or they become miracles, dependent upon that with which the individual entity gives the thought or the idea to an ideal...” (5250-1)

The goal of individuation is an indivisible, unified personality. The goal of spiritual development is a “fully integrated human.” The fully integrated human is able to move beyond the perception of the five physical senses and perceive phenomena that exist in the world of pure spirit or energy. This enables the person to see with a new type of “spiritual” vision, look beyond old paradigms built upon differences (separation), and act according to paradigms based upon unity or God-consciousness. Simply put, the fully integrated human becomes aware of his/her spiritual nature, and begins to act upon spiritual impulses rather than selfish desires.

The catalyst for individuation is something that is destructive or life threatening to the individual. The catalyst for spiritual awakening is often adversity of some kind. The readings call these experiences stumbling blocks and frequently admonish us to take the stumbling blocks we encounter in our lives and turn them into stepping-stones toward greater spiritual growth and development. The story of Job is an excellent illustration of this process.

The Book of Job tells us that Job was a righteous man and that none of the misfortune that befell him was due to his own making. If you accept the premise that the soul chooses the lessons it desires to work on while in the physical plane, you realize that Job chose the experiences he encountered, knowing the great soul growth that would occur if he met those experiences with the right spirit.

Scripture clearly indicates that Job met the many misfortunes of his later life in the same spirit he had met the good fortune of his early life—with patience, understanding, and faith. Job could easily have reacted with anger and even hatred toward God for all the evil that befell him. Some might even say that he was justified in doing so. If he had made that choice, however, he would have separated himself from God and fostered a separation-consciousness. Instead, Job chose to manifest spiritual attributes thereby reaffirming a unity-consciousness between himself and his Creator. Because of the misfortunes he experienced, Job knew both good and evil, and through free will, made the choice to manifest good. By returning good for evil, Job experienced a high level of spiritual growth.

When we experience those difficult things in life, we need to remember that it is our response to those difficulties that truly defines us. If we respond from a divine perspective, we make a choice to rise above surface appearances and search for the lesson each experience brings. We demonstrate our belief that there is a higher order and wisdom at work in the world, and reaffirm our unity with God.

Kathy L. Callahan, Ph.D.Image of God and Shadow of Demons Kathy L. Callahan, Ph.D. has been as student of the Edgar Cayce readings for over 40 years. She is a noted author and speaker for the ARE. This article is adapted from Kathy’s book In the Image of God and the Shadow of Demons, A Metaphysical Study of Good and Evil, available through the A.R.E. store at Amazon.com  

Are We All Shape Shifters?

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Are We All Shape Shifters?
By Tina Erwin

In at least 2,000 readings, Edgar Cayce spoke of reincarnation and the shifting of the soul from the heaven world into a physical body “to meet the needs of that to make the entity at oneness with the Creative Energy.” Reading 254-32 

There are all kinds of sophisticated online games, numerous movies about magic, sorcery, vampires, and wizards out there that directly discuss the mystical elements of shape shifting. In these scary and challenging games, a magician is turning some hapless human into something else. Some wizards turn themselves into wolves. The point of the concept of game shape shifting is that we become something else. We don’t become someone else; we become something else.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons - Jerzy StrzeleckiNative American lore is replete with shape shifting, especially the wolf legends. A person changes his or her shape into that of a wolf, to disguise himself to gain access to ancient knowledge, understand the animal kingdom, or to use spiritual stealth technology. One wonders if shape shifting is real beyond the games and legends.

Shape shifting is going on all the time, all around us and within us. All thought is energy. What we think, we create. We shift the energy of thought into shape. Sometimes we do not like what we have created and change that shape into something else. Consider that clay is the ultimate material to use to shift shape. The potter takes a humble lump of clay, adds the energy of water, and molds it into a pot, urn, human sculpture, or abstract form. At any moment he or she can shift that shape with the shifting of his or her own thoughts.

A peach shifts its shape? from a gorgeous flower to a green piece of fruit, to a ripe piece of fruit, to rotten fruit, to merely a seed. Then the seed shifts again into a new plant to create more flowers to perpetuate the shifting of shapes for the perpetuation of life itself in the world of peaches.

We are all shape shifters, shifting our shape from the moment of conception from a separate egg and separate sperm into an embryo. That embryo becomes a neonate, which then shifts into a fetus, which shifts over time into a living, breathing baby. At some point along the way, the soul enters the energetic mass of cells and becomes a personality. According to the Cayce readings, the soul enters with the breath. The newborn becomes a toddler, who becomes a child, teen, and finally an adult. Adults are constantly changing their bodies in so many ways until the body begins to shift its shape into the posture of eventual death.

Souls take many shapes. In some lives we are male, some female. Souls, like energy (which is neither created nor destroyed) are eternal: souls just change shape for the pure delight of the experience of all types of different lives. We are still the same soul, just shifting our shape to accommodate a new experience. For some lives we shift into what will become a deformed body, or a dwarf body. In some lives we take on giant shapes.

We even shape shift our experiences. In some lives we are wealthy, lose it all, and shift into the experience of poverty. Some lives, we shift out of poverty into varying levels of wealth. Some lives we keep our basic physical shape and some lives we gain huge amounts of weight and have the experience of either dying from it or losing it and regaining our physical and emotional sense of balance.

We shift our shapes emotionally as well. Some lives we are immature all of our life, permanently a child in an adult body. Some lives we are the parent to our parents, even as we are children. We shift our roles in life as well, constantly changing.

Perhaps the concept of shape shifting is a profound reminder that the only constant in life is change. Sometimes that change within us is a slow stagnation as we fiercely resist change of any sort. Sometimes it is magical in its utter transformation. Truly, some people go through a metamorphic process whereby they change from a mundane caterpillar-personality into a magnificent butterfly. There are even those souls who transform from a caterpillar into a night-dwelling moth, occupying the darker aspects of life.

We are all shape shifters and so is life around us. One could consider this as a unique way to observe and possibly accept change.

Tina ErwinTINA D. ERWIN, CDR, USN, Ret. has studied metaphysics all her life to enable her to understand her own psychic abilities. These intense studies were further enhanced by the experiences of a dynamic 20-year career in the Navy, working for the U.S. Submarine Force, retiring at the Commander level. Erwin is the author of the A.R.E. Press book, The Lightworker’s Guide to Healing Grief.

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