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My Journey to Founding Paraview TV

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My Journey to Founding Paraview TV
By Sandra Martin

Paraview- Banner 2011

I was introduced to Edgar Cayce through my mom, who in 1968 was a Director with Virginia State Travel (now called Virginia Tourism). Her group was touring Virginia Beach and one of their stops was the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.).

Mom had never heard of Edgar Cayce and her first introduction to his life was from his son Hugh Lynn, who greeted the tourism group, providing them with a behind-the-scenes tour of A.R.E. followed by a grand luncheon. When the tour was over, everyone in the group was given the book, There Is a River: The Story of Edgar Cayce by Thomas Sugrue.

When Mom came home, she gave the book to me, saying that she thought I might like it. Every word in that book spoke to me, to my soul; it opened a door to another world, a world I welcomed. I "knew" there was more to life than what was apparent to the five senses. I didn't have the vocabulary to articulate that empty space in my soul that needed to know why I was here, what the meaning of life was and to discover who "I" really was, but Mr. Cayce's life work of over 14,000 readings gave my life structure, a basis for finding my true path, and hope.

search for god 1After reading There Is a River, I immediately started attending A.R.E. Study Group meetings working with the A Search for God books. They were hard lessons even though the titles seemed easy; cooperation was the first lesson and often took the longest to process. Over the years, I attended Search for God study groups in Los Angeles, Athens, Georgia, New York City, and London.

My mom and I started driving to Virginia Beach to attend lectures, and weekend seminars, and we would talk and talk and talk. We met the most fascinating people on the planet at A.R.E.

A.R.E. has always been my touchstone when it comes to spirituality and understanding who we are as human beings. After many years of wandering around trying to find myself, I did. I began working as a literary agent and selling manuscripts about Edgar Cayce's work to publishers in New York City.

I've worked with many of the metaphysical and new science organizations, sold their manuscripts, listened to their lectures and their complaints about the way television treats their work and how it trivializes the material. How it also devalues and sometimes even says "it's the devil's work." A.R.E.'s core membership seems dedicated to walk the spiritual path but has found no true outlet on television.

I've sold many of my client's books to be made into films or for television and listened to them as they "woo-woo-ed" it up. So many of these subjects—like near-death experiences, precognitive dreams, or psychic experiences—are meant to empower, to support, to inspire, and to give hope, yet few films or television programs do them justice. Instead they are used for shock value or to instill fear.

What could we do to get this message out through TV? I wondered. It became clear to me that the next natural step for me was to do it myself! That's why I founded Paraview TV. Paraview's goal is to bring work like that of the A.R.E. and Edgar Cayce to light—and in the proper light. To reach people with this same message of hope and empowerment that reached me so many years ago.

Paraview TV is now available online at ParaviewTV.com, and we hope to launch our FIOS network channel by mid-winter, before the end of the year. We are partnering with A.R.E. to bring information about Edgar Cayce and related materials to television audiences across the country.

Sandra Martin 2011Sandra Martin is an acknowledged innovator in the mind/body/spirit field and has dedicated her professional career to bringing the best programming and content from the genre to the widest possible audience. As an award winning Account Executive for PBS affiliate WHRO, she produced a weekly series on subjects related to mind/body/spirit before expanding to television for The Discovery Channel, NHK, TLC, and PBS. She created Paraview Literary Agency in New York City where she developed and introduced many of the concepts, experts and authors of this genre to the mainstream publishing world. In 2002, she became Senior Vice President of Content for Wisdom Television where she was responsible for developing and producing programming for the new linear cable channel. As founder and CEO of Paraview TV, she plans to fulfill the mission she began thirty years ago to provide the best and most important content to national and international audiences. To learn more, visit ParaviewTV.com.

Improving Memory from the Edgar Cayce Readings

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Improving Memory from the
Edgar Cayce Readings

Extracts from the Circulating File Thought,
Concentration, and Memory

Improving MemoryThe readings have a great deal to say about ways to improve our memory. First of all, however, it should be noted that the readings say that memory is never really lost: "The memory is not lost. There isn't such a thing as loss of memory—there is only the need for making the individual aware…" (Reading 1711-2) Interestingly, this is a position that has gained substantial support from open brain surgery during which it has been found that long-forgotten memories can be awakened by stimulating the outer cortex of the brain.

According to the readings, we lose the ability to retrieve memory when there is a lack of coordination between the cerebrospinal nervous system and the sympathetic nervous system. To improve this condition, Cayce often recommended massage or spinal adjustments: "The massage will keep the centers and ganglia along the spinal system in better coordination; and we will find the vision corrected, the taste and hearing and odors quite different, and the memory much bettered." (Edgar Cayce Reading 3098-1).

In addition to such physical advice, Cayce also recommended several practical exercises for storing and retrieving memory. Two practices which have been confirmed in their effectiveness by research are: sleeping between learning sessions and distributing our efforts over several short periods rather than cramming it into a single, lengthy session: "Do not study or ponder—what may be termed—"hard," or too long. Rather study, ponder same, and let the physical body immediately rest." (Edgar CayceReading 416-10)

Meditation is also recommended by the readings as an effective aid to improving memory consolidation.

That which ye would attain in the studies as to that which is a text, a thesis or a theory—mull same as it were in thy mind, in thy consciousness. Then lay it aside, and meditate rather upon its application in every way and manner. Do this especially just before ye would rest in physical consciousness, or from physical consciousness—or in sleep. And ye will find thy memory, thy ability to analyze, thy ability to maintain and retain greater principles will be thy experience. (Edgar Cayce Reading 1581-2)

While these two comments represent very different positions toward poor memory; they were given to different people under different circumstances. Finally, the Edgar Cayce readings encourage us to apply as soon as possible whatever we are trying to remember. Following is the answer to the question posed by a 40 year-old attorney: "How can I improve my mental powers—especially those of analysis, concentration, etc.?"

And in thy reading or study of same do not attempt to force self to memorize words or tenets by others, but as ye read—then lay aside and make these, as ye sleep, as ye meditate, become as practical applications. For knowledge or understanding or wisdom or what not, if it be not applicable in thy daily experience with thy fellow man is as naught. (Edgar Cayce Reading 1285-1)


The Unveiling of “Cayce’s Divine Event”

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The Unveiling of "Cayce's Divine Event"

Cayce's Divine Event by Dr.John Pagano
Cayce's Divine Event
by John O. A. Pagano
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The idea for an oil painting of "Cayce's Divine Event" was born in the heart and mind of artist Dr. John Pagano more than 50 years ago. Yet it was not until 2011 that he felt ready to bring to life the dramatic scene he had visualized so many years ago.

Having been trained at the School of Visual Arts in New York before entering chiropractic college, Pagano has never stopped painting and illustrating scenes that captured his imagination. While in college he read about the experience Edgar Cayce had in 1889, when the celestial being appeared before him, and granted his heart's desire, which later led to his ability to diagnose and suggest remedies that would benefit suffering humanity. This scene had never been brought to canvas before as far as Pagano knew, but had only been recorded in works like Thomas Sugrue's There Is a River. Someday, Pagano thought, he would be the one to do it.

Little did he know that it would take him half a century to turn that thought into reality. On June 21, 2011, at the 80th A.R.E. Congress, Dr. Pagano delivered a lecture on the natural healing of psoriasis and eczema based on the Cayce readings and over 40 years of independent research. The unveiling of his painting was the finishing touch before a very enthusiastic audience. Kevin Todeschi, President and CEO of the A.R.E. announced that there would be a permanent place at the A.R.E. for the oil painting. Indeed, it now hangs in the beautiful library of the main building in fulfillment of Pagano's dream as a both a Cayce researcher and an artist. He hopes to have captured the essence of the moment of the divine event when young Cayce responded to the angelic lady when she asked him what he wanted most in life, to which he answered:

"Most of all I would like to be helpful to others, and especially to children when they are sick."

When one views such results as the case below of a five-year-old girl (one of many) suffering from psoriasis, who was healed in three months, it seems self-evident that Cayce's wish has been fulfilled in the work that Dr. Pagano has done in healing psoriasis. For his part, Pagano feels this is not the end, but rather a beginning in a new era of healing. before-after1

Dr.PaganoJohn O. A. Pagano, DC, is a chiropractic physician who for 40 years has conducted research on the natural healing of psoriasis and eczema, conditions that afflict millions of people throughout the world. He is the award-winning author of Healing Psoriasis: The Natural Alternative, Dr. John's Healing Psoriasis Cookbook…Plus! (on its third printing) and his latest book One Cause, Many Ailments: The Leaky Gut Syndrome. He has been a featured guest on many programs including on CNBC's America's Talking, NBC's Unsolved Mysteries, WABC TALKRadio, and WOR's Dr. Ronald Hoffman Show. His work has been featured in Alternative Medicine and Dermatology Times. Dr. Pagano has lectured on five continents and presented his work at the Parapsychology Society of the United Nations; before the Dalai Lama and 500 international physicians at the First International Conference on Holistic Medicine in Bangalore, India in 1989; and Russian Academy of Science in Moscow in October of 2009. He traveled to Paris earlier this year and presented a lecture at the Librairie Le Cornaline and book-signing in conjunction with the launch of Healing Psoriasis: The Natural Alternative in the French language. You can learn about Dr. John Pagano and his work online at www.Psoriasis-healing.com.


2012: A Movie, a Miracle, and Me—Part 2

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2012: A Movie, a Miracle, and Me—Part 2
by Pamela Anne Bro, PhD

Journal entry, March 1995. Ten students prepare to enter sweat lodge on the Rose Bud Reservation in SD after a day of schism, where Catholic students forbid me to celebrate Communion in worship because, as a Protestant minister, I was "unworthy."

Holy womanIt is snowing lightly, frigid below-zero cold, frozen ground and black velvet sky with a crescent moon. The fire crackles warmly outside the three-foot-high tent-like structure, sending tiny sparks into the frosty air. Preparing for the ritual, I remove my wedding ring and even my contacts. After gathering self-consciously around the blazing fire heating the large rocks, we peel off our clothes down to T-shirts. I am dying to my old self, ganz nakt—completely naked—down to my soul.

Humbly crawling into the lodge on all fours, close to Mother Earth, I utter reverently the ancient words, "Mitakuye oyasin, "All my relations," which includes all beings: the winged ones, the four-leggeds, and so on.

Inside the pitch-black dome, steam rises as the Holy Woman pours water upon the sizzling rocks. We huddle together as Lakota women have done for hundreds of years in exactly the same way, chanting similar songs.

"Focus, pray, offer thanks to the four Grandfathers, Tunkashila," urges the Holy Woman. "They will come and heed our uplifted voices." Beads of sweat trickle down my body as I listen in wonder to one student praying the Lord's Prayer in Swedish, the tongue of my ancestors, in this timeless place.

At one point, the heat gets so intense that I don't think I can stand it. I fight the urge to burst right through the tent flap to gasp for air. My heart begins to pound wildly in my chest. As my anxiety rises, I remember a Buddhist practice I had recently learned. Instead of resisting the heat, I order myself to "eat" the heat. Ever so slowly, I breathe in the steam with its pungent fragrance of sweet grass and sage. The Holy Woman's voice is so soothing that I begin to believe I can survive the ordeal. I need the purification so desperately.

"Create in me a clean heart, O God," I silently plead.

Then a miracle happens! The Holy Woman brings out her sacred pipe and shares it with us in the holiest of Lakota rituals. As she affirms, "We are all women, somehow bonded together beyond our differences," I silently cry, "Grace from on high—pouring down on me the very day when a Catholic woman refuses to share Eucharist—a Christian's most holy ritual—with me."

We can't keep the pipe lit, there is so much steam. We laugh and cry, passing it around, relighting it, holding the female bowl in the left hand and the male stem in the right. When it is my turn, I draw in a gulp of husky smoke. The ancient ritual is over all too quickly.

My first Sweat Lodge—I endured! Radiant, glowing within and without, I crawl out on all fours, sweaty, wet and pink-skinned, again praying, "Mitakuye oyasin." I feel like a babe newborn.

Drawing in drafts of frosty air and blinking up in amazement at the crystalline stars, I murmur:

Thank you, Sacred Pipe, gift of White Buffalo Calf Woman! Truly, Lakota women inviting us Christian women into their sweat lodge to pray is like Jews inviting Nazis into their Temple's "Holy of Holies." The lodge's womb enclosed us all—Lakota and Christian—and, for one shining moment, we were one again with each other. True sisters.

Fast forward 16 years (today)
I sit in a sweat lodge with three Marten brothers, filmmakers of White Buffalo. We sweat under the guidance of Lakota One Heart, a bold yet gentle and wise Holy Woman.

During the first round of steaming rocks in inky blackness, I find my heart racing in rising panic. "Not again!" I moan. "Haven't I grown at all?" I resolve to focus in trust on my breaths. Lakota's words cradle me, and my sweat-mates' heart-felt petitions to the Creator comfort me. I make it through all four rounds! Aho! It is good!

Taliking History Lakota wikapedia

Lakota speaks such deep yet simple truths. "Heal your hearts." "Finish saying goodbye to anyone you love who has died." "Treat the earth with respect. How crazy is it for human beings to be cutting down forests! We breathe out CO2 and they breathe out the oxygen we need to survive. They're not just our brothers. They're our lungs." I still have so much to learn!

*In my next blog, I will report on the shocking news from Sun Bear, channeled through my sister, Greta, about the scope of the White Buffalo film project. Stay tuned!

Dr Pamela BroPamela Anne Bro, PhD, is spiritual counselor for the A.R.E. Health Center & Day Spa, founder and pastor of Living Waters, (livingwaterssanctuary.org), author of WomanQuest: A Trail Guide to Life (womanquest.org) and anthropology consultant and "gopher" for film crew, WhiteBuffalomovie.com and facebook.com/whitebuffalomovie.



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