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December 21, 2012 - Free Activities

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Friday, December 21, 2012:
The Mayan Date of Destiny

Free Activities at Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. and
Live-Stream Video Event

2012 vid bkgDecember 21, 2012 marks the end of Mayan calendar and many individuals around the globe are expecting something to happen. The news is filled with anticipation of cataclysm and prophecies of doomsday. In response to many inquiries we have about the end of the 5,125 year cycle, Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. is hosting a free global event celebrating the dawning of a new age.

In addition to a day full of activities at our Virginia Beach headquarters honoring December 21, 2012, A.R.E. will be offering a free live video presentation featuring internationally renowned speaker and bestselling author John Van Auken available to participants around the globe with internet access. The live-streamed lecture "The Prophecies of 2012" is available from 3:30 p.m. (eastern time) until 5 p.m. at EdgarCayce.org/2012. Other presentations available only in Virginia Beach include Understanding the Mayan Calendar with Murray Summers; a Drum Circle with JP Amonte; Earth Changes by Laura Jackson; and Beyond 2012 with Peter Woodbury. Download the full Schedule of Events (pdf). For a list of all daily activities at A.R.E. in Virginia Beach, visit EdgarCayce.org/ScheduleHQ.

The Mayan Date of Destiny began with a discovery about the culture that invented what is known as the Long Count Calendar. On the Pacific coastal plain of Chiapas, Mexico, a few miles from the Guatemala border, the astrological observatory of the Izapa civilization was used for a thousand years to record the Long Count Calendar on monuments and ceramic vessels. While most of the dates refer to local events, like the crowning of a specific king, some of the monuments refer events that occurred at the beginning of the current "World Age" a date which has been correlated by scholars to August 11, 3114 BC.

Mayan Calendar day with symbols

Using a complex system of measurements of time, we can calculate when their calendar reaches a new zero point – at the end of 13 Baktuns, their measure of time which equals 5,125 years. At this point, a new cycle of time commences. For the Maya, the rising, passing, and descending of the Milky Way in the sky marked major points in the cycle of time and on August 11, 3114 BC, a new Solar Age began and the Sun Lord was reborn.

While there are no specific markings or statements about the year 2012 on the archaeological artifacts at Izapa, there are numerous images that portray a rare celestial alignment that appears in the skies in the years around 2012. This galactic alignment marks the December solstice and the rebirth of the Sun Lord. Read the full story of The Mayan Date of Destiny in the Ancient Mysteries section of our website.

John Van Auken  AM 13 John Van Auken, is an internationally renowned speaker, long-time staff member, current director at A.R.E., and the popular leader of A.R.E.'s tours to Egypt and other sacred sites. He is a regular contributor to Venture Inward magazine and is the author of several bestselling books including From Karma to Grace, Edgar Cayce and the Kabbalah, and his newest, 2038: The Great Pyramid Timeline Prophecy. His extensive knowledge of the Cayce readings, the Bible, world religions, and ancient Egypt mysticism is combined with years of experience as a teacher and meditation retreat leader to bring you a deep understanding and practical insight.

A.R.E. Members will be able to download the full presentation in the online member section in January.


The Age of the Lily By Sharon Falk

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The Age of the Lily
By Sharon Falk

In Kevin Todeschi's book Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records, he states that Cayce foresaw a promising Aquarian Age which he described as "the Age of the Lily." He says that "the readings depict this collective future as an age of purity when individuals, at long last, will come to understand their true relationship to the Creator. It will be a time in the history of the world when each individual realizes her or his responsibility toward all others. Regardless of the standing of any particular nation, there must "be the greater consideration of each individual, each soul being his brother's "keeper" (3976-18). That consideration will lead to what Cayce called a "leveling" in which humanity will understand that all are equal and "that each man will live for his fellow man!" (Edgar Cayce Reading 3976-29)

Sharon and Lily Blog 2012
Sharon and Lily

I was particularly struck by his phrase, "The Age of the Lily," as I have a 10-year-old granddaughter named Lily, and I have often pondered what kind of world her generation will inherit. It seems relevant to contemplate this benign prophecy during this pivotal year of 2012. When one reads the newspapers, it is easy to become disheartened by the rampant violence and cruelty that the human race seems capable of. It is an enormous comfort to believe that, in spite of the way things look, we are nevertheless slowly growing in awareness of our oneness with all things. Edgar Cayce said, "For you grow to heaven, you don't go to heaven." (3409-1) and it is precisely this growth in consciousness that will eventually bring about the peace we all desire deep in our hearts.

The realization of our connectedness with one another will bring in a collective future of unprecedented prosperity and peace. I don't know if it will happen in my granddaughter's lifetime, but Cayce could see this future unfolding in the Akashic Records as the souls of men awakened to their true relationship with God. Cayce says that "Man can only begin, then, within himself." (3976-23) We have come into this dimension to evolve and expand our consciousness, and it is up to each of us to help bring about this eventual transformation within ourselves.

What kind of world will this future be? We would imagine that it would be one where we would all be aware of our relationship to the whole. No one would go hungry, no one would be without shelter, and no one would be without opportunities for education or medical care. A time when the planet would be respected and treated with loving care. A time when the advances of science would be used to encourage a feeling of oneness throughout humanity. Science would view the basic stuff of the universe to be consciousness and put paramount importance on how our thoughts affect each other. Age of Lily

Maybe they would have created the "etheronic machine" that Cayce predicted in a reading 443-5. He stated that it would eventually be possible to create a machine that could read the Akashic Records that are "written upon the skeins of time and space." Each individual would be able to access his or her own past lives and see how they are impacting the present life. People would understand their relationships with the important individuals in their life and be able to work toward healing them.

They would be humbled by the realization that they alone are responsible for their circumstances and would be motivated to express love and compassion toward all living creatures.

In this wonderful future, everyone would realize that just as Cayce stated, "time and space are literal only to the consciousness of the finite mind" ( 2000-3) and that "viewed from the spirit, much of time and space in a material concept loses its relationship—and becomes now" ( 2981-1). If what we consider the past and future is really only now, then as Kevin Todeschi says, "Since time is ultimately an illusion, past lives would have to be fluid as well. Ultimately, we should be able to change our past-life experiences as readily as we can create our tomorrows." Imagine how liberating that would be—to realize that there is no pain, no regret, no memory that cannot be ultimately healed. Imagine how wonderful for all of humanity to realize that ultimately our consciousness in not limited but able to become aware of other realities happening now within the soul's journey?

During this year of 2012, rather than feeling helpless in regard to the world situation, let us concentrate on Cayce's promise of a future where we all manifest our spiritual essence on a daily basis. Cayce says that in "the passage of a soul through time and space, through this and that experience" the purpose is to provide opportunities to express mercy, love, and patience toward one another. (Edgar Cayce Reading 938-1) How wonderful to imagine a future time on Earth in which we all are striving to do just that!

Sharon Falk
Sharon Falk's grandmother introduced her to the Edgar Cayce's readings when she was a teenager, and she has studied his work ever since. She has had several articles published in Venture Inward magazine and is a longtime member of the A.R.E. Sharon is a retired teacher, has an M.F.A. from George Washington University, and loves to paint as well as write. She currently lives in Gig Harbor, Wash., with her husband and their cat, Mittens.


John Van Auken on Coast to Coast AM

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John Van Auken on Coast to Coast AM with George Noorycoasttocoastamicon

Mark your calendars: Our own John Van Auken will be the featured guest on Coast to Coast AM on Thursday, May 20 from 1 a.m. to 4 a.m. EST (that’s really the early morning hours of Friday May 21). John Van 

He will be speaking with George Noory about “Edgar Cayce's Prophecies” including Cayce's prophecies for the years 2012 and beyond, beings from other planets, the Giza pyramids, other ancient mysteries, the fifth-root race, and his new book and DVD Edgar Cayce and the Kabbalah.

John is an internationally renowned speaker, longtime staff member, and a current director at A.R.E. A popular leader of A.R.E.’s life-changing tours to Egypt and other sacred sites, he is also the author of several best-selling books, including Edgar Cayce on the Revelation, Toward a Deeper Meditation, and his newest Edgar Cayce and the Kabbalah. In addition he is a regular contributor to the Ancient Mysteries column in Venture Inward magazine. His extensive knowledge of the Cayce readings, the Bible, world religions, Gnosticism, and ancient Egyptian mysticism is combined with years of experience as a teacher and meditation retreat leader, to bring you a deeper understanding of this ancient mystical tradition that enhances the understanding and skill of today’s spiritual seeker.Kabbalah Gift set

You can listen to the show online on CoasttoCoastam.com.

Be sure to let your friends know! It will be amazing.


What did Edgar Cayce say about 2012?

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What did Edgar Cayce say about 2012?
By Kevin J. Todeschi


Just what did Edgar Cayce say about the topic? Bottom line is that the actual date “2012” is not discussed by the readings. However, the readings do offer information on our progression into the Aquarian Age and what this transition between ages may be all about.


The readings state that eventually one hallmark of this New Age could be described simply as “purity.” (1602-3) It is important to point out that we’re not going to wake up on December 22, 2012 (the day after the Mayan Calendar ends) and think “Oh my gosh – we’ve entered an age of purity.” Instead, there is a gradual transition between ages. It’s quite possible that it will be a generation or two from now that humankind finally looks back and says, “You know, it appears that the real change started to occur around the end of 2012…”


Another important factor to keep in mind is that in all likelihood December 2012 will come and go and many individuals will be convinced that “Nothing happened.” The world might look very much the same on December 22 as it did on December 21. But the Edgar Cayce readings suggest quite a different possibility. In fact Cayce states that only those who really accept the responsibility of this new age and actually begin to apply it “Will even become aware of what's going on about them!”


In addition to purity, the readings suggest that the Age of Aquarius is ultimately one of globalization in terms of understanding that each individual is responsible for every other individual. Ultimately, a time will come in our collective history when we become cognizant of this fact. Nations will understand their responsibility to all other nations and the citizens who live in those nations. One of the concepts contained in the Cayce readings is that ultimately everyone in the earth is a brother or a sister. And a conscious realization of that fact is part of the promise of the next age.


In addition to globalization and purity, the Edgar Cayce readings also state that spiritual consciousness will reach such a height of development during this period that eventually each individual will be able to communicate directly with the Divine.


These promises of the future are still a ways off. Since there is a transitional period between ages, we cannot expect there to be peace on earth and good will toward all perhaps even anytime soon. I think we need to be aware that there will be set-backs. There will be ongoing challenges between nations and people, but gradually these things will change. Because the promises of an Aquarian Age that embody purity, globalization and our direct connection to the Divine are our collective destiny.


As the 2012 date draws near, I’m certain that we will hear more and more publicity about the topic, with everything ranging from unrealistic expectations of heaven on earth to doom and gloom end-of- the-world prophecies. But neither of these approaches is the premise in the Edgar Cayce readings.


Instead, we are about to undergo a gradual transition between ages. A transition in which we need to apply those things in our personal lives that we hope to have embodied in a “New Age of Peace and Enlightenment” or we will not experience them.


In terms of the approach to application suggested by the readings, the Cayce material contends that all of humankind regardless of religious background or spiritual inclination can share a common ideal, and that ideal is simply that to the best of our individual abilities and understanding we can love God, we can love one another, and we can love ourselves. In terms of practically applying this ideal in our day to day lives, I think Cayce would simply quote from the fruits of the spirit – faith, hope, patience, gentleness, longsuffering, and love.


All of this is ultimately what 2012 and the New Age is going to be all about.



Kevin Todeschi is A.R.E.'s Executive Director and CEO. As both student and teacher of the Edgar Cayce material for thirty years, he is the author of over twenty books, including his most recent, God In Real Life: Personal Encounters with the Divine, and the bestselling Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records. Known for his ability to explain complex subjects in a straightforward and easy to understand manner, Kevin is popular for his insight and his sense of humor.



Copyright 2009, Kevin J. Todeschi

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