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Planetary Cycles for Spring

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Planetary Cycles for Spring

By Nicholas Theo

lotus-flowerSpring is a time to welcome renewed growth and activity. The strengthening sun animates long-dormant life, and it reminds us that, in truth, life is eternal. Cayce viewed astrology as a tool that gave us that continual connection to spirit so that we could achieve our goals that our soul chose to experience. He reminded us about maintaining that larger perspective:

“Also it is true that the earthly or earth’s sojourn is only a portion of the solar realm in which the soul finds self as an experience of a day in the earth’s sojourn.”
~ Edgar Cayce reading 553-1


Astrology and BookHere we are reminded to view our activities and goals from the deeper soul’s perspective. Thus, our current life is like one pearl on a necklace strand. The silk thread is the connecting experience of the soul while the pearl is the substance manifested by our reactions to the events of that specific life. If we then look at it from this level, we can choose how we want the pearl that is our current life to appear as it sits alongside our other pearls.


This March we saw the final of seven exact matches in the running square between Uranus and Pluto that we experienced over the last few years. This square will define these last years just as the 1965-68 Uranus-Pluto conjunction was the defining energy for the 1960s—a decade of rapid social change and upheaval; and Saturn’s opposition to Pluto in 1931-33 defined the Depression and the rise of Fascism. On a broad level, the energy from the Uranus-Pluto square brought into sharper relief the gulf between political and social belief systems. The greater noise and acrimony that volleyed through the media and politics forced us to find our own truth from within. However, more importantly, and on a personal level, many individuals experienced life-altering changes through external and frequently unexpected circumstances that brought trauma through the loss of home, health, relationship, or status.


Now that the greatest intensity of this energy is past, we live our lives in a new energy space. On a mundane level, these last few years were difficult, so we were forced to find a new peace and balance from within. Therefore, although the most challenging parts are behind us, this new space requires some time for us to get used to it. Yet, we must move forward. Absence of doubt is a rare companion on the journey to follow your own inner direction. In one fairly long reading about astrology and sunspots, Cayce used the final part of the reading to express some eloquent spiritual thoughts. At the end of the reading he said, “Let not your hearts be troubled; ye believe in God. Then just act like it—to others.” (5757-1) Cayce reminded us that even when we have inner questions and doubts, in order to remain in the universal flow of life, we must move forward.


people helpingCayce repeatedly stated the value of astrology. The cycles of the planets within our solar system reflect the many patterns we experience in life. In the last few years, one of those planetary cycles challenged us to step away from a pattern we no longer needed, and move into a new sense of self-awareness. Cayce explained: “The more ye become aware of thy relationships to the universe and those influences that control same, the greater the ability to help, to aid—the greater thy ability to rely upon the God-force within; but still greater thy responsibility to thy fellow men. For, as ye do it unto the least, ye do it unto thy Maker—even as to the Sun which reflects those turmoils that arise with thee; even as the earthquake, even as wars and hates, even as the influences in thy life day by day.” (5757-1)


Therefore, just as the spring energy renews nature, you can use its energy to renew ties and reach out to other people. The personal events that fell under the Pluto-Uranus square may have upended your life, or the life of a friend, family member, or a neighbor. In fact, you or they may still be in a muddle, and that is okay. However, the important thing to do now is to bridge links of support and encouragement as Cayce put it, “… ye believe in God. Then just act like it—to others.” Acting in the spirit of personal kindness and support is the antidote for these times, and if each one of us sows these seeds about us, this sustaining energy will take root, and then bring more balance to our world.  

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Nicholas TheoNicholas Theo, an operations and strategic manager, was raised with the Cayce materials and his interest in astrology started as a teenager. Because the Cayce readings on astrology consistently emphasize the importance of using astrology as a tool for self-discovery and understanding rather than as a primarily predictive system, over the years, his interest in astrology evolved into a side vocation with research on the application of soul astrology (Soulastrologer.com). He has been doing astrology readings since 1980. He is a regular contributor to A.R.E.’s blog at EdgarCayce.org/blog. A.R.E. members can view a video of his predictions for 2015 in the online member section at EdgarCayce.org/members.





May 2015 Update From the Desk of Kevin J. Todeschi

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May 2015 Update
From the Desk of Kevin J. Todeschi


This is my update for May 2015 to A.R.E. members and friends who are interested in the new and exciting trends occurring within Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. and Atlantic University. A number of exciting things are happening this month! Please share the following with your friends: 


Create CapstoneThis is the “Capstone Year” of our $30 million CREATE Campaign (capital, endowment, and program support)… and, thanks to some recent donations for our renovation project and upgraded technology (focused on world outreach), we have raised almost $28 million – just $2 million to go! $1 million of that is needed to renovate our Library and Conference Center (new restrooms, HVAC system, Library carpeting, expanding the auditorium, parking improvements, and upgrades throughout the building). Donors of $500 or more to the project will be listed on our Stairway to Heaven.

A.R.E. Camp is also raising funds to build a new shower house; our Prison Outreach program is expanding into prison libraries; and you are still supporting our various programs and our day-to-day operations through your Annual Fund donations as well. Thank you!

Golden Circle donors and Edgar Cayce Legacy Society members: Mark your calendars! Join us for our annual Donor Appreciation event the evening of Friday, June 26 at Virginia’s Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA). Details and invitations will be forthcoming.  


Don Carroll Palestine Retreat 2015Lora Little on-demandBoard members Don Carroll and Lora Little (along with her husband Greg) have made it their priority to support the A.R.E.’s A Search for God Study Groups. Combined, they have pledged $75,000 to create funding for a new, part-time staff person to focus on nurturing Study Groups and they have created endowment funds which will support Study Groups for generations to come. The endowments will generate about $2,500 annually and – if you will add your donation to them – they could do even more. One fund is named in memory of Doris Van Auken whose decades-long dedication was inspirational to many. YOU are invited to contribute to “The Doris Van Auken Fund” in any amount if you wish to honor this wonderful woman’s memory. Thank you for your leadership and contributions, Don, Greg, and Lora!


  Hazel ZacharWatch your mailbox from A.R.E. member and donor Hazel Zachar (and June Bro) who are calling for the Women of the A.R.E. to UNITE! And to contribute: EdgarCayce.org/Donate  

  • $10+ June Bro Level
  • $100+ Hazel's Friends
  • $1,000+ Unsung Hero Level (for all the A.R.E. women you have known)
  • $10,000+ Gladys Davis and Gertrude Cayce Level (they always cooperated for the good of the A.R.E., so they're doing the same here)

Join me in celebrating the Women of the A.R.E. by making a donation in honor of any A.R.E. Woman of your choosing. And when you donate by July 31, either YOUR name as a woman donor OR another you might choose to honor will be included in a list to be mailed out in our Year-End Newsletter in November. Watch for it there!



Atlantic University celebrated its Spring 2015 Convocation on April 24. Six students presented their culminating projects to a full audience of members, alumni, faculty, and staff – AND, for the first time, were streamed live through YouTube: 

AU logo 90Amy McKay – Creative Authenticity: Art as a Transformative Practice
Mary Sandy – Spirituality and the Workplace
Luis Palma – Holistic Stroke Aid
Sandy Mayer – Exploration of Automatic Painting and Abstract Art
Matthew Small – Telepathy: An Application Project of Hypnagogia
Rosemary Watts-Dreyer – Dreaming Differences between Introverts and Extroverts

If you missed the live stream of this event you can still view the individual presentations on YouTube. Go to the Atlantic University YouTube page to watch these and many other profound and moving student presentations.

Visit our website for more information, AtlanticUniv.edu or call us at 800-428-1512.



A.R.E. online courses are designed to allow the participant to focus on your spiritual growth and personal enrichment from the comfort of home. With 24/7 access to all lesson material, staying connected to a network of like-minded seekers is easy and convenient. Upcoming Groups 

  • The Spiritual Application of Self Hypnosis, June 3 – June 30, 2015, mentored by Henry Reed 
  • Co-Creating Your Life Using Whole Brain Thinking, June 17 – July 14, 2015, mentored by Mitzi Crall 
  • Reincarnation, Karma and Destiny, July 8 – August 4, 2015, mentored by Lynn Sparrow Christy 

To learn more and register, visit EdgarCayce.org/eGroups, or call 800.333.4499 


After offering Charitable Gift Annuities (CGA) as an investment option to our members for many years, we have decided to take a hiatus beginning July 1. If you have been working with the Development Office on a CGA before now, and are 75 or older, please contact them to secure yours by June 30. Thanks to all of you who have participated in supporting us in this way over the years.


The Cayce Reilly School of Massage is currently accepting applications for our June 700-hour massage program – applications are due no later than June 10 and all students who start the program in June will receive a $750.00 tuition discount - visit our website: CayceReilly.edu to apply online today!

Cayce Reilly Massage School logo 2014The Cayce/Reilly School of Massage attracts students from all backgrounds and ages, including military veterans, to our exciting and unique holistic massage program. We are the only school in the Tidewater region that has a specialized, institutional accreditation in massage and bodywork, and we also accept Federal financial aid and GI Bill® educational benefits. Students can complete their training in as little as 8 months and be on their way to a rewarding career in the healthcare industry.

Our Continuing Education program is thriving, with a number of new courses available to the general public. Please click the link: CayceReilly.edu for more information. And Come visit our Student Clinic to receive the unique Cayce/Reilly massage technique at a reduced price – call 757-457-7146 to schedule your appointment.



Are you ready to leap ahead on your spiritual journey? Author, speaker, and therapist Gregg Unterberger dares you to enter a miraculous world where ancient spiritual wisdom meets the cutting edge technologies of the new millennium. Using humor and metaphor and stories from his therapy practice, Gregg cuts through the spiritual jargon and shares direct and pragmatic ways to turbo-charge your spiritual awareness and take your spiritual journey to a new level! View the book here.

A.R.E. 2015 TOURS

tours Quebec Montreal 2014

Old Quebec and Montreal – Led by Patrick and Jane Belisle, August 10-16, 2015.
Sacré bleu! Did you know that Quebec City was ranked as the 6th best destination in the world by Conde Nast travelers a couple of years ago? Ahead of its cousin Paris, France! No jet lag, just lots of fun and tours China Tibet 2014fellowship to be had!
China and Tibet – Led by John Van Auken, September 15-28, 2015.
Walk the back of the dragon on the Great Wall of China…feel the peace and serenity of that past life as a Tibetan monk… This once-in-a-lifetime adventure is filling up very quickly, so get a move on and save your space!
New Mexico and Mesa Verde – Led by Don Carroll, October 24-31, 2015.tours NewMexico - Mesa Verde 2014
Join us as we “walk the good red road” and tune into the sacred energies of Mother Earth in a land that long been an area of pilgrimage by those seeking the wisdom of the Native American cultures.

Cuba, the “Return to Atlantis” Tour – Led by John Van Auken, February 13 – 21, 2016.
Travel with us as we touch ground that may have once been Atlantean soil! Will it stir deep memories? Will it reinforce your Soul’s Mission?

Peru and Bolivia, Where Heaven Meets Earth - Led by Peter Woodbury with Andean Shaman, Juan de Dios Kucho, May 11 – 22, 2016, with optional extension to see and experience the Nazca Lines!
Walk the ancient paths of Machu Picchu alongside renowned Shaman and Healer, Juan de Dios Kucho, and participate in a special Shamanic Ceremony. The ancient echoes of Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca and Tiahuanaco are calling you…

Ireland – Led by John Van Auken, Summer of 2016!
Greece – Led by Charles Thomas Cayce, Fall of 2016!

If you would like additional information about any of our travel programs, contact our Travel Programs Administrator, Cheryl Bernath, at tours@edgarcayce.org or by phone at 1-888-273-3339!


May 28-31, 2015, Headquarters Conferences is offering Neuro-Linguistic Programming Certification Training with Dr. Yvonne Oswald, author of Every Word has Power. Learn the transformative power of NLP, which guides you to find and achieve your purpose in your personal and professional life, improves your communication skills, and gives you the ability to create real, meaningful, positive changes to your life. Completion leads to certification as an NLP Practitioner. This program has limited enrollment, so early registration is encouraged.


Summer is on the horizon, and Headquarters-sponsored Field programs has two retreats coming up that will give you a vacation experience for the soul: June 24-28, 2015, A.R.E. 50th Annual Summer Seabeck Retreat at Seabeck Washington, Edgar Cayce on the Spiritual Forces Within You: How to Rejuvenate and Illuminate your Body, Mind, & Spirit with John Van Auken and August 14-17, 2015 A.R.E. 58th Annual Summer Granlibakken Retreat at Tahoe City, California Exploring Your Intuition, Your Consciousness and Your Soul Self with Kevin J. Todeschi and Mary Roach. Create a lasting memory and experience a transformative program with like-minded individuals in a relaxed retreat setting.

Group shot Seabeck 2012It’s not too late to register for your one of a kind vacation at A.R.E. Camp – there are still spots available in our 2015 sessions! Give this gift to your child or family and expand your mind, body, and soul. At A.R.E. Camp, you will fill your days with meditation, workshops, arts and crafts, late afternoon swims in the pond, plentiful home cooked family style meals full of veggies from our organic garden, long conversations with new friends, and hikes through Blue Ridge Mountain paradise. Contact A.R.E. Camp Manager, Malenka Kaydan, for questions or more information at 757-457-7162 or email arecamp@edgarcayce.org. Check our 2015 offerings and register online at EdgarCayce.org/camp or by calling 800-3334499


The Bookstore and Gift Shop has some great events coming up!

The next in our series of highly successful Psychic Fairs will be on Saturday, June 13. Registration begins at 9:00 a.m. in the Visitors Center, and the last appointment is 4:30 p.m. This event is free and open to the public, but space is limited so plan to arrive early!

Next, on June 3rd, we’ll be partnering with Whole Foods to host a meet and greet book signing with Rip Esselstyn, author of The Engine 2 Diet and a frequent guest on The Dr. Oz Show. We’re excited to have him here!

Watch our Facebook page and new bookstore webpage EdgarCayce.org/Bookstore for details!

And finally, we will be hosting a special evening with Bruce Baar on Thursday, June 18, from 6:00 – 8:00 pm, in our Main Auditorium. Bruce will be discussing the wet cell and radiac appliances as well as the many other Cayce Care remedies. This event will be free and open to the public. Be sure to bring any questions you have about Baar products!

Thank you for your ongoing support, your prayers and your generosity!


Ever the same,

Kevin J. Todeschi
Executive Director and CEO

The Little Prophetess from the Cayce Readings

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Don't miss a chance to see her in June
at the 
A.R.E. Member Congress.

The Little Prophetess
from the Cayce Readings
By Sidney and Nancy Kirkpatrick

"[Archangel] Michael's message was given with such force that I could hear the windows rattling in their frames in our home. I could even hear the cups rattling in the dish drainer in the kitchen. The vibrations nearly knocked us all out of our chairs."
– Hugh Lynn Cayce describing the appearance of Archangel Michael in one of his father's readings.

On rare occasions during an Edgar Cayce reading, an angel would speak through Cayce to impart an important message or warning. Such was the case during a reading for four-year-old Faith Hope Charity Harding, of Trucksville, Penn., known as "the Little Prophetess," Faith's was a remarkable story and is featured in our upcoming new book, True Tales from the Edgar Cayce Archives: Lives Touched and Lessons Learned from the Sleeping Prophet.

Faith Harding blog
Faith Harding

At the height of her renown in 1941, the child "oracle" was featured on popular radio shows, written about in Time magazine, had a weekly newspaper column, and was pursued by a movie studio. The whirlwind of attention was the result of psychic pronouncements that Faith's mother claimed her daughter would scribble on drawing paper or deliver in a state of near ecstasy.

Among Faith's uncannily accurate prophecies, delivered in biblical language, was the unexpected resignation of Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, FDR's decision to seek an unprecedented third term in office, and the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Interspersed with such pronouncements were compelling spiritual messages that included a life reading describing a previous incarnation of Adolf Hitler as Pontius Pilate.

Two Cayce readings conducted in 1940 made clear that the Little Prophetess possessed special gifts. Reading 2156-1 describes her as "a chosen channel of… love which the Father hath bestowed upon the children of men." This and the next reading suggested that she would never have a normal childhood, because she was not a normal child, having been born with gifts beyond those of even Edgar Cayce. In addition to the power of prophecy, the readings stated, she might manifest the ability to heal through the laying on of hands.

According to Cayce, previous to her present incarnation, she had been Saint Cecilia, the patron saint of musicians; and before that, Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist and cousin of the Virgin Mary. She had, it seemed, represented female energy since the dawn of time, when, as the reading said, "the sons of God came together to announce… a way being opened for the… souls of God's creation."

Saint Cecilia with an Angel
Saint Cecilia with an Angel
Orazio Gentileschi, Created: 1618-1621

Archangel Michael made his extraordinary appearance during reading number 2156-2 (the second given for her). Accompanying his entry into the session was a strange wind that rattled the closed door and windows. The vibrational change was enough to bring about spontaneous tears to those gathered around Edgar.


Michael went on to make his message clear: those who were "honored with the care of this prophetess" must protect and love her and keep strife from the door. They were to foster "patience, in love, in kindness, in gentleness, in those things that bring constructive, hopeful, helpful forces into the experiences of others."

Given Michael's message, which was both a warning and a pronouncement, Edgar invited Faith and her parents to visit Virginia Beach to attend one of the first annual A.R.E. Congresses where further readings could be conducted and the child's needs addressed. If anyone could understand what Faith was going through, it would be Edgar, who had himself had been visited by an angel in his early youth.

This trip to Virginia Beach was not to be. Against her father's wishes, her mother took Faith to North Carolina with the intention of installing her in a temple where, it was presumed, Faith would prophesy as did the Greek oracles of antiquity. A terrible situation then ensued as the six-year-old child was caught in a bitter custody battle between a mother craving attention and a father determined that Faith be just a normal child and lead a normal life. As a result, the child who might have otherwise manifested powers beyond even those of Edgar Cayce, put her psychic past completely behind her and went on to lead her life like any ordinary American woman, wife, and mother.

It is with much pleasure and humility that we have extended Edgar's original invitation for Faith Harding to visit Virginia Beach and attend this year's Congress. She has generously agreed to be our guest on Sunday, June 21, 2015, at the 84th Annual A.R.E. Congress. We hope many of you will come and join us for what will truly be a once-in-a-life-time event. Share the love as we extend a warm welcome in the spirit in which Archangel Michael admonished: "Give ye—each one—thanks and praise to thy Maker… that ye have been counted worthy to come into the presence of one so endeared to the heart of God."

Sidney and Nancy KirkpatrickSidney D. Kirkpatrick III is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and bestselling author. Nancy Kirkpatrick is a writer who has ghost written, edited and helped publish several books on a variety of topics in partnership with Sidney. The two of them worked for five years researching and writing the book, Edgar Cayce: An American Prophet—described by The New Yorker as 'a codex for the New Age' and considered the definitive biography of Edgar Cayce. They are well known for their depth of knowledge and lively and engaging presentations. Faith Harding will be joining Sid and Nancy at the upcoming A.R.E. Member Congress in Virginia Beach from June 20-26; their presentation, Lives Touched and Lessons Learned from the Sleeping Prophet will be available online live on Sunday, June 21, 2015 from, 7-9 p.m. EST and on-demand any time after that date! True Tales from the Edgar Cayce Archives

Sid and Nancy's latest title, True Tales from the Edgar Cayce Archives: Lives Touched and Lessons Learned from the Sleeping Prophet, was published by A.R.E. Press and is now available at ARECatalog.com.







Hypertension Wellness Wednesday

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The fifth in a series of discussions from the Cayce health readings.

Josephine Adamson, MD, editor

wellness Wednesday blog05-20-015WHAT IS HYPERTENSION?

Hypertension (high blood pressure) is an elevation in overall blood pressure, which is the force created by the heart as it pushes blood through the circulatory system. Blood pressure is measured in two numbers: the first, or top number, is the "systolic" pressure, created when the heart contracts; the second, or bottom number, is the "diastolic" pressure, or the period during which the heart relaxes. Normal blood pressure at rest is 120/80 or lower.

Hypertension affects about 70 million Americans (1 in every 3 adults.) The incidence of hypertension in the United States has increased dramatically over the past 30 years. Elevated blood pressure means that the heart is working harder than normal, putting both the heart and the arteries under greater strain. Chronic high blood pressure may contribute to heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure, and eye damage. According to recent data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 7 out of 10 people having their first heart attack have high blood pressure, and 8 out of 10 people having their first stroke have high blood pressure.

A small percentage of people with hypertension have kidney or adrenal problems. Another small percentage have an underlying genetic factor. In the vast majority of people with high blood pressure, however, lifestyle-related issues play a huge role. A diet high in salt and sugar, physical inactivity, obesity, drinking too much alcohol, and tobacco use are all associated with an increased risk of high blood pressure.


HypertensionThe Edgar Cayce readings were all given before 1945. Obesity rates in the United States before 1945 were only a fraction of what they are today. Processed high-sodium foods were rare then, and most Americans were physically active. It is likely that the readings for hypertension that were given then were for individuals who had different causes of hypertension than most Americans of today.

The readings described what science has recently illustrated: how engorgements and clogs in the tiny capillaries and blood vessels slow blood flow and demand extra force (higher blood pressure) from the heart to pump the blood through the system and back to the heart to be replenished with oxygen.


Though the Cayce readings about hypertension may have been more generalizable 100 years ago, most of the therapeutic recommendations are, interestingly, widely applicable for Americans today. A positive attitude, maintaining a healthy weight, eating healthy foods, moderate exercise, quitting smoking and excessive alcohol use—all of these Cayce recommendations have been shown in current medical studies to decrease blood pressure. Detailed therapeutic summaries from the readings include:

  • AVOIDING CONSTIPATION/INTERNAL CLEANSING: Hydrotherapy includes drinking six to eight glasses of pure water daily, colonic irrigations (preferably) or enemas, and cleansing diet of fresh fruits and vegetables. Castor oil packs across the abdomen are recommended to improve eliminations. Regular exercise and a plant-based, whole food diet will prevent constipation from becoming a problem.
  • SPINAL MANIPULATION AND MASSAGE: For those individuals who have a neurological component to their hypertension, osteopathic or chiropractic treatment was recommended to relieve any pressures that may be hindering circulation. Special attention is to be paid to the thoracic vertebrae (2nd to 9th thoracic) as this portion of the spine was often cited in the Cayce readings on hypertension. If osteopathic or chiropractic treatment is not available, the use of an electric vibrator along the spine may be helpful. Finally, gentle massage is suggested to relax the body and balance the circulation.
  • DIET: The Basic Cayce Diet, intended to improve assimilation and elimination, is what modern literature refers to as Mediterranean: olive oil, fresh vegetables, almonds, poultry, seafood, and limited consumption of meat. The readings recommended avoiding foods which produce toxicity and drain the system, like fried foods and refined sugary carbohydrates ("junk food"). Certain food combinations are emphasized.
  • RADIAL APPLIANCE (Radiac®): The Radial Appliance, also known as the Radiac, is a subtle energy device frequently recommended by Edgar Cayce to balance the circulation and relax the body. Most people do not feel anything during a treatment session but notice improved sleep and a sense of well-being with repeated use. The Cayce readings emphasized the importance of maintaining a positive attitude while attached to the appliance and encouraged individuals to meditate during the therapy sessions. Though there are no scientific studies to research its use, there have been no reported side-effects.
  • MODERATE EXERCISE: Moderate exercise is an important aspect of balanced living. Walking was a favorite exercise recommended by Edgar Cayce for people suffering from high blood pressure. A daily walk after dinner is a good place to start.
  • ATTITUDES AND EMOTIONS: The mental and emotional aspects of healing are frequently discussed in the Cayce readings. Particularly, an attitude of desiring and expecting to be healed is important. A positive mental and emotional attitude can be created and maintained by focusing on a higher purpose (ideal) for being healed.


JJosephine Adamson, MDJosephine B. Adamson, MD, MPH, CMT, is the Medical Director for Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. She received her MD from Duke University’s School of Medicine and Master’s degree in Public Health from the University of North Carolina and is a graduate of the Cayce/Reilly® School of Massage. A director and co-owner of a medical device company, she has a wealth of experience creating and maintaining health-related non- profit and for-profit businesses. She joined A.R.E. as part of the organization’s renewed focus on the health information, one of the most important, enduring legacies from the Edgar Cayce readings. She is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the health outreach and administration and interfacing with the stellar staff of the Cayce/Reilly School of Massage—which provides a comprehensive education in the art and science of therapeutic massage—and the holistic A.R.E. Health Center & Spa—which provides holistic therapies to clients from around the world in its oceanfront Virginia Beach, Va., setting complete with a Café.

A.R.E. Members can download a circulating file—a collection of verbatim Edgar Cayce readings and reading extracts carefully selected and arranged by topic—on Hypertension from our online member section.


Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. blog offers opinion pieces from contributors with a wide variety of backgrounds. These opinions are valued and create points of discussion. Opinions expressed in our blog may not necessarily represent the opinion of A.R.E.