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Demonic Possession in the News, What Did Cayce Say?

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Demonic Possession in the News,
What Did Cayce Say?
by Sidney D. Kirkpatrick


On July 1, 2016, I was surprised to find an article in the Washington Post on the topic of demonic possession. What’s remarkable about this article, written by Dr. Richard Gallagher, is that a major U.S. newspaper had the courage to print it. Editors didn’t dismiss his story as a hoax, misunderstanding, or Hollywood hype; his first-person account of paranormal activity was feature news. The ostensible reason is the author’s credentials. Dr. Gallagher is a board-certified psychiatrist and a professor of clinical psychiatry at New York Medical College and holds degrees from Princeton, Yale, and Columbia. The credentials most relevant to readers, however, are his deep-seated Catholicism and extracurricular work for the church, which is the stimulus for the article’s provocative title: "As a psychiatrist, I diagnose mental illness. Also, I help spot demonic possession."

Demonic Pocession

Readers will note that many of Dr. Gallagher’s concepts support basic principles put forth in the Edgar Cayce readings. Among them is the reality of spirit possession. As Cayce tells us in reading 5753-1, "Discarnate entities… may influence the thought of an entity." Cayce goes further in 5221-1, by identifying "discarnate entities" as the root cause of a woman’s physical illness. At the onset of 638-1, given for an elderly patient suffering insanity, Cayce overtly declares: "We have possession."

Edgar Cayce How to Develop Psychic AbilityThe challenge that Dr. Gallagher highlights is the difficulty differentiating possession from mental illness. Cayce presents a broader range of options, and goes further by identifying causes for conditions that can give rise to both mental illness and possession. For instance, Cayce identifies spinal injury as the root cause for a loving husband who, seemingly possessed, starts beating his wife and children (1513-1), and for an artist whose sudden and inexplicable self- destructive behavior requires that she be tied to a hospital gurney (1789-1). Add stress-related psychosis into the mix (3315-1), blood deficiency-inducing nightmares (4519-1), and cancer- created delirium (1004-1), and proper assessment requires help from the Akashic records. The problem is compounded because trauma and poor health lead to insanity, and insanity can lead to possession. This is the message in 281-24, conducted for the "Glad Helpers" healing group.

The most striking difference between what Dr. Gallagher reports and what appears in the Cayce readings may be the point of view. Using the standard protocols required by the Catholic Church, only one individual profiled in the entire body of Cayce readings exhibits the severity of behavior that might qualify for exorcism. He is the alcoholic husband of 1183, a man who undergoes a chilling Jekyll and Hyde transformation when he becomes intoxicated and, according to Cayce, a malevolent spirit takes control of his body.

Church doctrine presents other limitations on our understanding of the spirit world as well. For instance, as the readings make clear, not all spirit communications are diabolic, and not all discarnates have demonic motives. This is conveyed in 5756-13, in which departed loved ones provide comfort to the living. Reading 5756-14 contains a message from a deceased father to his daughter telling her that love knows no boundaries. Furthermore, possession may have a karmic component that is not recognized by the church. In 436-2, for example, there’s a warning for an elevator operator susceptible to the influence of a spirit identified as "Big Rock, Black Rock," with whom he had been entangled in a previous incarnation. Reading 693-3 chronicles the haunting of a child who, as an adult two centuries earlier, persecuted witches in Salem.

Given the complexity of these cases and what psychiatrists (and priests, too) encounter in the field, Dr. Gallagher should be applauded for giving voice to a subject dismissed by his medical colleagues as mere superstition. But where the American Psychiatric Association maintains no official opinion that might help possessed individuals, and Dr. Gallagher advises psychiatric counsel and Vatican-certified exorcism, Cayce’s recommendations may prove to be the most effective. His preventative advice includes massage and osteopathy, use of low-voltage impedance devices such as the Radiac, positive and uplifting prayer and meditation, and in cases featuring karma, forgiveness for oneself and others. By filling one’s mind with the holy, Cayce says, there is no room for the demonic.

Radaic from Baar
Radiac -  Cayce Readings Remedy

One can take an even more proactive approach as described in a reading conducted for a woman battling discarnates (422-1). Similar to a priest’s marching orders at an exorcism, Cayce instructs her to demand that the intrusive spirits acknowledge the supremacy of Christ. Should the spirits fail to comply, the woman must order their expulsion: "Get thee behind me," and "I will have no part with thee," she is to proclaim. "Through His name only will I… ACCEPT direction."

Sidney Kirkpatrick 80x100pxSidney D. Kirkpatrick,  is author of Edgar Cayce: An American Prophet, which is widely considered the definitive biography of the seer from Virginia Beach. His most recent book, co-authored with this wife, Nancy Kirkpatrick, is published by A.R.E. Press, and titled, True Tales from the Cayce Archives: Lives Touched and Lessons Learned from the Sleeping Prophet..


June 2016 Update

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June 2016 Update
From the Desk of Kevin J. Todeschi

This is my update for June 2016 to A.R.E. members and friends who are interested in the new and exciting trends occurring within Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. and Atlantic University. A number of exciting things are happening this month! Please share the following with your friends:


The memorial service will be held at the end of Congress on June 25, 10:00 to 11:30 a.m. in our Main Auditorium. Harvey Green, former Board Chair will be officiating. You can read the Press Release about Charles Thomas’s passing at the following link: http://www.edgarcayce.org/are/mediaGuidelines.aspx?id=13173

We hope you can join us for this celebration of Charles Thomas’s life and his lifelong commitment to this great Work.


AU logo 90 Founded by Edgar Cayce in 1930, Atlantic University focuses on educating students through a holistic, interdisciplinary perspective. The teachings and philosophies of the A.R.E. and Edgar Cayce are infused in the mission and vision of Atlantic University and can be found in nearly every course and resonating throughout our virtual halls. Learn more about how to nourish your soul and expand into the inherent possibilities of human development at these links: Transpersonal Studies| Leadership Studies| Mindful Leadership | Regression Hypnosis | Spiritual Mentoring | Lifelong Learning.

AtlanticUniv.edu |or 800-428-1512 | info@AtlanticUniv.edu

"He that is grounded in the truths as set forth here is grounded indeed in the truths that makes the individual one with, in will and purport, the whole creative energy, and will make for that individual the faith that moves mountains and maketh the pastures green where there was consternation and trouble before." 254-48


Cayce/Reilly is still accepting applications for the next class starting June 20, 2016. Spaces are filling up quickly – if you still want to be included in the summer class, apply online today and become part of a new era in holistic healthcare - www.caycereilly.edu.

cayce Reilly logo 90Our current students are offering the unique Cayce/Reilly massage technique and foot reflexology sessions at a reduced price in our Student Clinic. Call 757-457-7146 to schedule your appointment. We usually have a 2-3 week waiting list, so call now to book your next session!

We have hosted over a dozen fantastic weekend workshop courses so far this year! Our Continuing Education program includes many wonderful classes for massage therapists as well as a number of great courses available to the general public like Reiki, CPR, Jin Shin Do Acupressure and MORE! Please click this link for details: http://www.caycereilly.edu/#!continuing-education-/cwdb

astro charts Sale 062016


From now until July 11, all astrology charts at ARECatalog.com are on sale for only $14 non-member/$11.20 A.R.E. members. Now is a great time to buy and save!


spa logo small 16The A.R.E. Health Center and Spa happily presents our June Spa therapy special. To commemorate the A.R.E.’s 85th anniversary, for $85 we are offering an hour combination of Cayce/Reilly Massage & Foot Reflexology. This would normally be valued at $110! (No other discounts or specials apply.)

We are also excited to share our revamped Wellness Retreat September 17-23rd which includes kayaking, a dinner cruise, Cayce-readings-recommended walks on the beach and in the state park, morning yoga, etc. along with our traditional Cayce body-mind-and spirit rejuvenation. The group size is limited to 12. Details can be found at http://www.arehealth.org/#!wellness-week/c4mb.


We have two unique and insightful one-day programs coming the HQ this August—perfect for a summer vacation for the soul!

afterLifestoneSaturday August 13 Medium Rev. Janet Nohavec and "spirit artist" Joseph Shiel share the art and science of mediumship with tips and techniques plus live gallery readings. And, experience a special evening of messages from the other side as part of the full program or as a separate event.

bag-w-stonesSunday, August 14, 2016, we have Edgar Cayce’s Sacred Stones: Using Gems to Enhance Your Spirit, Mind, and Body! featuring Shelley Kaehr, PhD. Based on her best-selling new book, a highlight includes a guided meditation where you are led to the stone that will help you most on your current soul journey, by your higher self and Edgar Cayce!


  • Ireland: "The Land of Leprechauns, Fairies, and Elves" July 10-24, 2016. Led by popular Tour Leader, Speaker, and Director of A.R.E. Join John as he shares his insights from his recent book about the wee folk most commonly associated with these handpicked sites. Filling fast, call to register
  • travel 052016 England: "The Sacred Mists of Avalon". September 23-October 3, 2016. Led by Don Carroll author of Sacred Geometry. Along with Glastonbury, Avebury, and the Chalice Well, enjoy a private meditation on the site of the stone circle Stonehenge at Sunrise.
  • Bermuda Cruise: "Mysteries of Bermuda" October 23-30, 2016. Led by Patrick Belisle and his wife, Jane. Leaving from NYC, tour the pink sand beaches of Bermuda, and enjoy a moonlight boat cruise exploring the legends of the Bermuda Triangle. Go to arebemudacruise.com to register. Register before July 31 and receive a $100. Discount!
  • Costa Rica: "Spirit of the Rainforest, Return to Oneness" November 10-18, 2016. Led by popular Tour Leader, Peter Woodbury MSW. Join Peter as he shares Cayce Concepts in the Jungle Paradise known for its dedication to conservation and World Peace. Highlights include visits to Coffee and Chocolate Farms, Zip Lining in the Rainforest, and rafting down the winding Sarapiqui River. 

Exciting New Tours Being Planned for 2017:

  • Mysterious Mexico led by Don Carroll (March)
  • Beauty and Wonder of Brazil and John of God led by Peter Woodbury (May)
  • Western Canada including Banff and Lake Louise led by John Van Auken (June)
  • Hopkinsville, KY for the Solar Eclipse led by Kevin J. Todeschi (August)
  • China and Tibet led by John Van Auken (September)

Visit www.edgarcayce.org/are/aretours.aspx

COMING SOON: New Website Design!

Sometime this summer, we’ll be rolling out a new design for our website, EdgarCayce.org. Besides the beautiful modern look, the new site will enable users from mobile and tablet devices to view and use our website functions with ease! (A growing number of people are visiting our site from these devices!) Some other functions that we’re excited about include:


  • Search Our Blog by Topic and Key Words;
  • Search Our Events by Location, Speaker Name, and more!
  • New Member Section has an Improved Readings Database.

We hope you enjoy visiting our current website, and look forward to greeting you with a new design this summer (as early as next month!)


Mysterious-EssenesJohn Van Auken partnered with long-time A.R.E. Member and donor Ruben Miller, PhD, to bring us the story of the Essenes as given in the Edgar Cayce readings. Their new book, Edgar Cayce on the Mysterious Essenes: Lessons from Our Sacred Past, is available now from ARECatalog.com (or 800-333-4499). You can read an excerpt from this book at EdgarCayceBooksBlog.com.


The New Thought Channel, a new broadcast channel introduced to us by Mitch Horowitz, has added his Mind As Builder talk and will add two additional videos of ours: Guidance from Dreams by Dr. Pam Bro and Cayce 101 by Peter Woodbury. This is an opportunity to introduce Cayce to a larger audience, as they describe it: The New Thought Channel is a central location on your television and on Roku and Amazon Fire TV that is a gathering place for the spiritually open-minded: www.newthoughtchannel.com

Why-Am-I-Here Blog 2016Joyce Keller, American television and radio host, psychic medium, and the author of the new A.R.E. Press book Why Am I Here? A Concise Guide to Your Purpose and Potential will be on Coast to Coast with George Noory (CoasttoCoastam.com) on Sunday night July 3 at midnight Pacific time (which is Monday morning July 4 at 3 am Eastern or 2 am Central) for two hours. According to Edgar Cayce reading 2823-1, "Each soul…has a definite job to do. But ye alone may find and do that job." Her new book, written with daughter Elaine Keller, reiterates this important concept and includes information on using angel guides, astrology, karmic patterns, the Akashic records, and more.

A.R.E. CAMP – Join us for your vacation, and/or send your kids!

Summer at A.R.E. Camp is officially under way! We’ve been enjoying all of the friends and volunteers that have joined us in the Camp valley for Construction Camp to help get our facilities ready for the coming programs. We’re anxiously awaiting the arrival of our all-summer staff, who will be filling the valley in just a few days.

We still have space available in our Children’s, Family, and Adult Sessions! Give this gift to your child or your entire family and expand your mind and soul. At A.R.E. Camp, you will fill your days with meditation, workshops, arts and crafts, late afternoon swims in the pond, plentiful home-cooked, family-style meals full of veggies from our organic garden, long conversations with new friends, and hikes through Blue Ridge Mountain paradise. Contact A.R.E. Camp Manager, Malenka Kaydan, for information at 757-457-7162 or email arecamp@edgarcayce.org. Check our 2016 offerings and register online at: www.EdgarCayce.org/camp or by calling 800-333-4499.

Dining Hall

The Camp Dining Hall rebuild is going well, and we are pushing hard to get it built in time for this summer’s sessions. We need your help to make it happen:

Matching Gift Fund for Dining Hall Still Available – A committed group of Camp fans has put together a $40,000 Matching Gift Fund that will match your donation of $200 or more dollar-for-dollar AND they'll match donations of $1,000 or more at a rate of TWO-TO-ONE! Think of all of our happy campers… and please donate what you can. Thank you. https://secure.edgarcayce.com/supportCampBuildingFund.aspx. Keep us in your prayers and consider making a donation.


This year’s Donor Appreciation event for members of the Golden Circle (donations of $1,000 or more in a year) and ECLS (those of you who have included us in your will or estate plan) will be held on Friday, June 24 – the last day of Congress. We will be treating these donors to an evening at the Norfolk Botanical Garden, featuring a scenic tram ride, a Secret Garden wine reception, special dinner, and an inspirational program with Kevin Todeschi and Sidney Kirkpatrick among others. Join the Golden Circle and RSVP by June 20. Last year, donations accounted for almost 50% of all revenues at the A.R.E. and these two donor groups accounted for almost 90% of those donations. Thank you for entrusting us with your donations and helping us make the world a better place.


It’s the A.R.E’s mission to help people transform their lives for the better, just as you, yourself have experienced. Did you know that carrying out that mission through the programs you are so passionate about are, in very large part, funded by your donations? From keeping operations running smoothly, digitizing the circulating files, sending Cayce books to prisoners, planting an organic garden at A.R.E. Camp, and SO much more, every dollar makes a difference. As we celebrate A.R.E.’s 85th Birthday this summer, we are asking our members to consider joining the Golden Circle by making a donation of either $1,931 (the year we were founded) or a monthly donation of $85 or more. Being a member of the Golden Circle has special benefits like receiving unique gifts and event invitations throughout the year. Thanks for all you do to support this great work. https://secure.edgarcayce.com/donate-DW165.aspx


excellenceWe received Trip Advisor’s 2016 Certificate of Excellence! The logo will appear on our Visitor Center doors, the VB website page, and automatically shows up on our Association for Research and Enlightenment Facebook page under the Trip Advisor tab, viewable here: https://www.facebook.com/edgarcayce.ARE/app/254084314702229/

Thank you for all you continue to do for this great Work!

Ever the same,


Kevin J. Todeschi


My Near-Death and Out-of-Body Experience

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My Near-Death and Out-of-Body Experience 
By Joyce Keller


Child in water

I was only eight years old, but I should have known better. I should have said, "No thanks," when my 16-year old sister, Grace, offered to teach me to swim. I should have realized that she only theoretically knew how to swim. She had really never gotten wet during her high school swimming classes. But she knew the various swimming styles and techniques.

She also realized that my handicapped mother had instilled a deep fear of water in us, mostly because my mom knew that she would not be able to ever go in water herself should an emergency arrive. In addition, one of my little cousins had recently drowned in Flushing Bay, N.Y.

My sister was determined that we face our swimming fears! There was no stopping her today; she had a look of fierce determination on her face. I knew better than to challenge her. She took me by the hand, and boldly announced, "Today is the day I will turn you into a swimmer!"

I had a deep feeling of foreboding, as we both sallied forth into Southampton Lake. It was a bright, sunny August day. I looked up and saw a beautiful blue sky, with majestic white clouds. But when I looked down into the lake, it was murky and dark. I thought to myself that I had never been able to see the bottom of this lake. It was always muddy and had a reputation of being "bottomless." How could that be? There had to be a bottom to it, right? It definitely could not go all the way to China, or wherever it is that "bottomless" lakes go.

With a feeling of dread that I was working hard to overcome, I allowed my bigger, bolder, and more courageous sister, to lead me into this nasty lake.

We walked slowly and carefully, hand-in-hand, into the water. She then announced, "We have to walk out farther, because it is still too shallow for real swimming…" What was she saying? What "real swimming?" The water was already up to my waist and getting higher by the second.

Just as I realized that we had already gone out too far, I stepped into what seemed like an incredibly deep hole…apparently, she did also, because as I started to submerge, I realized that she was no longer holding my hand. I felt myself going down…deeper and deeper into what seemed like an endless tunnel. It was dark, and when I couldn’t hold my breath any longer, I started breathing in water…more and more water was rushing in to my body.

First came intense panic, then overriding fear. I tried to call my mother, but of course that was useless. At a certain point, I started to see my young life passing before me: my school, my friends, the parrot who was my friend, my bike, and all the things I loved…my baby brother…God…this was all happening so fast…I thought about my dad, who had just had a heart attack…I remembered how ill both of my parents were and how they were struggling to keep us together as a family… When I realized the utter hopelessness of my current family life, and the looming challenges, I knew in a flash that I did not want to continue this existence. I was suddenly quite happy and relieved that it was going to end, and that I would be going back home to God.

At the point of complete physical surrender, when I no longer was struggling to breathe or to stay in my body, a very strange thing happened. A beautiful angel appeared and extended her hand to me. I was sure I was hallucinating, but I didn’t really care. I was happy to go with her.

water AngelThen she spoke to me…it was the most incredibly, melodious, angelic voice…she said, "Joyce, are you ready to come with me?" I said, "Oh, yes…let’s go!" But then she spoke again, and with a sweet, gentle laugh said, "It’s not your time…you can’t go with me now. You have so much work to do. You are going to have a long life, get married, and have two children. You have made a contract before your birth to do God’s work for a very long time. That’s why you have to go back. Don’t worry so much about your parents. They are also going to live a long time, and things will improve. Not everything will be as bleak as they seem to be right now. So, when you take my hand, you will be back on the beach, and you will be fine."

With that, I took her hand, and realized that my cousin George, who had been relaxing on the beach, had jumped into the lake and pulled both my sister and me out. He did some form of resuscitation on both of us and left us to cough a bit and dry out. That angel’s words were correct. My parents went on to live many years, and things slowly, but surely, did improve at home. She was also right about my future. I had two children, and my service to God continues to this day.

I’ve had many metaphysical experiences in my life. Most are impossible to understand and explain. I’ve had many out-of-body experiences, and have done a great deal of astral travel. I believe it is something we all can do. In all likelihood, most of the flying dreams we have are actually astral travel. Most of us have experiences that seem exceptional, or other-worldly. Remember the old adage, "When the student is ready, the teacher appears."

Prayer and meditation open the door to greater understanding, and bonding with the highest angelic forces. The primary lesson in near-death experiences (NDEs) is to know that death should not be feared. It is merely a doorway to higher understanding and love in the universe. The earth is only a temporary place of soul growth and experience. The most important lesson is to love one another.

Open to  Understanding


Joyce Keller Blog 2016Why-Am-I-Here Blog 2016Joyce Keller is an American television and radio host, author, and psychic medium. She has hosted a live radio show since 1989 on New York's WGBB, and is featured in both editions of the book, 100 Top Psychics in America (Simon & Schuster). She has also authored seven international best-selling books, including the Angel Series books, Seven Steps to Heaven, Calling All Angels, and The Complete Book of Numerology. Her new book, Why Am I Here? A Concise Guide to Your Purpose and Potential, is a simple yet powerful guidebook to your purpose and potential. It includes valuable information that will help you use angel guides, astrology, karmic patterns, Akashic records, and more to recognize important aspects of yourself that are signs toward your true purpose. Her website is JoyceKeller.com.



Keys to Unlocking Your Intuition

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Keys to Unlocking Your Intuition

An excerpt from Unlocking Your Intuition

By Carol Ann Liaros

Having given readings for 45 years, I have discovered there are certain formulas that work. I am sharing these formulas in the Seven Keys; these keys will be helpful as you learn to use your intuitive skills…


Key Number Seven-Practice, Practice, Practice

brain-gearsThe seventh key to unlocking your intuition has three parts to it-practice, practice, practice! Confidence will come with practice and feedback. Intuition is like other skills. Even though an artist has wonderful talent, certain amounts of training and practice are required to develop that talent. You wouldn't expect to take one or two tennis lessons and be an excellent player. Like any skill or talent, intuition takes practice and feedback to gain confidence.


Having been in a scientific laboratory where I had the opportunity to practice, receive immediate and extensive feedback, and thus gain confidence was fortunate for me. One of the things people ask is "How can I practice? I can't go up to strangers on the street and say let me give you a reading! Let me tune into you. I want to practice." Actually, all you need to do is let your friends know that you are studying intuition, and they will usually say something like this: "Well, I don't believe in this, but here…here's a photograph, or here's my watch, or tune into me, or tune into my daughter." Most will be more than willing to have you practice with them, and at the same time, you have the freedom to say "I'm just learning."


newspaperPractice with a situation in which you don't have an emotional investment. Take the newspaper, and with an election tomorrow (you don't care who wins) decide who is going to win. Keep in mind though that if you are a staunch party member, your conclusion might be colored. There are many TV shows (like a quiz show) you can practice with and get immediate feedback. After you have developed a track record and want to make decisions using your intuition (along with your intellect) about important issues in your life, you have confidence that you can be objective.


eye-magnifiedHere are other suggestions for practicing. When you are standing in front of an elevator, decide which of the elevators is going to come first. If you are shopping for a particular object, select three or four stores where you might find it; then intuit which store will have the object. Intuit the price as well. Then call the stores for confirmation. Is it the store you have intuited? Is the price higher or lower? If you want to play the stock market, pick a stock. Will it go higher or lower? What will the selling price be? While listening to the news, intuit outcomes, such as what the verdict is going to be in a trial which is in progress.


Suggestions When Visiting a Psychic

  • Every person has his or her own area of expertise. If possible, find out if it is relationships, precognition, retrocognition, locating lost objects, etc. What are your needs?
  • Make a list of questions to cover everything you want to know. Some people are nervous or intrigued with information the psychic gives them and may leave with questions unanswered.
  • psychic crystal ballBe prepared: If the psychic does psychometry, have all of your objects ready. Follow the instructions of the psychic. Allow the reader to proceed in his or her own manner. Record the reading. Sometimes we hear what we want to hear, not what was said. Also, you can check the accuracy of the psychic to discover what areas he or she has been most accurate for you. (Be concerned if the person will not allow taping.)
  • Do not send telepathic messages. You will not want your fears/guesses/wishes fed back to you.
  • Be courteous, even if you are a skeptic. The individual deserves to be treated with consideration. As the psychic is concentrating, do not rattle papers, smoke, squirm in your seat, interrupt, or display other distracting behaviors.
  • Do not press for information. The psychic will give you everything he or she receives. A good reading is designed to help you cope with your life.
  • Be discerning. Not critical.
  • Keep an open mind-but not a sieve!
  • Remember the percentage of accuracy varies with each psychic. Get the perspective of friends whose judgment you trust to review the reading with you. Sometimes our blind spots interfere with our evaluation!
  • Unlocking Your Intuition CoverInaccuracies can occur in readings if the psychic is reading your mind (telepathy) or misinterpreting information he or she receives. It can be a good idea to ask how the person receives the information. You may recognize the information while he or she may be interpreting from his or her own experiences. Be willing to verify.
  • After the reading is completed, share the information that you can verify. Psychics are human and feedback can be very helpful for them. If the psychic makes predictions, it would be very thoughtful to write and let the person know the outcome…
"Each one who has a soul has a psychic power." Edgar Cayce  (5392-1)


Carol Ann Liaros 2015Carol Ann Liaros, was the subject of psychic research with E. Douglas Dean, Ph.D., Sister M. Justa Smith, Ph.D., and Shafica Karagulla, M.D.; her accuracy over a 2-year study was 93-97% in predicting the future.      

For over 40 years, Carol Ann has been a professional psychic, lecturer, workshop presenter, and author. She has appeared on international TV, hundreds of radio shows, in the movie Inner Spaces, and has been a speaker and mentor for Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) for more than 25 years. She has worked for business leaders, psychotherapists, senior corporate executives, health organizations, spiritual groups, and churches designing workshops, meditations, innovative psychic techniques, intuition programs, and more. She is the author of Unlocking Your Intuition  and co-author of Edgar Cayce on Auras and Colors (A.R.E. Press, 2012).




Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. blog offers opinion pieces from contributors with a wide variety of backgrounds. These opinions are valued and create points of discussion. Opinions expressed in our blog may not necessarily represent the opinion of A.R.E.