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My Near-Death and Out-of-Body Experience

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My Near-Death and Out-of-Body Experience 
By Joyce Keller


Child in water

I was only eight years old, but I should have known better. I should have said, "No thanks," when my 16-year old sister, Grace, offered to teach me to swim. I should have realized that she only theoretically knew how to swim. She had really never gotten wet during her high school swimming classes. But she knew the various swimming styles and techniques.

She also realized that my handicapped mother had instilled a deep fear of water in us, mostly because my mom knew that she would not be able to ever go in water herself should an emergency arrive. In addition, one of my little cousins had recently drowned in Flushing Bay, N.Y.

My sister was determined that we face our swimming fears! There was no stopping her today; she had a look of fierce determination on her face. I knew better than to challenge her. She took me by the hand, and boldly announced, "Today is the day I will turn you into a swimmer!"

I had a deep feeling of foreboding, as we both sallied forth into Southampton Lake. It was a bright, sunny August day. I looked up and saw a beautiful blue sky, with majestic white clouds. But when I looked down into the lake, it was murky and dark. I thought to myself that I had never been able to see the bottom of this lake. It was always muddy and had a reputation of being "bottomless." How could that be? There had to be a bottom to it, right? It definitely could not go all the way to China, or wherever it is that "bottomless" lakes go.

With a feeling of dread that I was working hard to overcome, I allowed my bigger, bolder, and more courageous sister, to lead me into this nasty lake.

We walked slowly and carefully, hand-in-hand, into the water. She then announced, "We have to walk out farther, because it is still too shallow for real swimming…" What was she saying? What "real swimming?" The water was already up to my waist and getting higher by the second.

Just as I realized that we had already gone out too far, I stepped into what seemed like an incredibly deep hole…apparently, she did also, because as I started to submerge, I realized that she was no longer holding my hand. I felt myself going down…deeper and deeper into what seemed like an endless tunnel. It was dark, and when I couldn’t hold my breath any longer, I started breathing in water…more and more water was rushing in to my body.

First came intense panic, then overriding fear. I tried to call my mother, but of course that was useless. At a certain point, I started to see my young life passing before me: my school, my friends, the parrot who was my friend, my bike, and all the things I loved…my baby brother…God…this was all happening so fast…I thought about my dad, who had just had a heart attack…I remembered how ill both of my parents were and how they were struggling to keep us together as a family… When I realized the utter hopelessness of my current family life, and the looming challenges, I knew in a flash that I did not want to continue this existence. I was suddenly quite happy and relieved that it was going to end, and that I would be going back home to God.

At the point of complete physical surrender, when I no longer was struggling to breathe or to stay in my body, a very strange thing happened. A beautiful angel appeared and extended her hand to me. I was sure I was hallucinating, but I didn’t really care. I was happy to go with her.

water AngelThen she spoke to me…it was the most incredibly, melodious, angelic voice…she said, "Joyce, are you ready to come with me?" I said, "Oh, yes…let’s go!" But then she spoke again, and with a sweet, gentle laugh said, "It’s not your time…you can’t go with me now. You have so much work to do. You are going to have a long life, get married, and have two children. You have made a contract before your birth to do God’s work for a very long time. That’s why you have to go back. Don’t worry so much about your parents. They are also going to live a long time, and things will improve. Not everything will be as bleak as they seem to be right now. So, when you take my hand, you will be back on the beach, and you will be fine."

With that, I took her hand, and realized that my cousin George, who had been relaxing on the beach, had jumped into the lake and pulled both my sister and me out. He did some form of resuscitation on both of us and left us to cough a bit and dry out. That angel’s words were correct. My parents went on to live many years, and things slowly, but surely, did improve at home. She was also right about my future. I had two children, and my service to God continues to this day.

I’ve had many metaphysical experiences in my life. Most are impossible to understand and explain. I’ve had many out-of-body experiences, and have done a great deal of astral travel. I believe it is something we all can do. In all likelihood, most of the flying dreams we have are actually astral travel. Most of us have experiences that seem exceptional, or other-worldly. Remember the old adage, "When the student is ready, the teacher appears."

Prayer and meditation open the door to greater understanding, and bonding with the highest angelic forces. The primary lesson in near-death experiences (NDEs) is to know that death should not be feared. It is merely a doorway to higher understanding and love in the universe. The earth is only a temporary place of soul growth and experience. The most important lesson is to love one another.

Open to  Understanding


Joyce Keller Blog 2016Why-Am-I-Here Blog 2016Joyce Keller is an American television and radio host, author, and psychic medium. She has hosted a live radio show since 1989 on New York's WGBB, and is featured in both editions of the book, 100 Top Psychics in America (Simon & Schuster). She has also authored seven international best-selling books, including the Angel Series books, Seven Steps to Heaven, Calling All Angels, and The Complete Book of Numerology. Her new book, Why Am I Here? A Concise Guide to Your Purpose and Potential, is a simple yet powerful guidebook to your purpose and potential. It includes valuable information that will help you use angel guides, astrology, karmic patterns, Akashic records, and more to recognize important aspects of yourself that are signs toward your true purpose. Her website is JoyceKeller.com.



Keys to Unlocking Your Intuition

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Keys to Unlocking Your Intuition

An excerpt from Unlocking Your Intuition

By Carol Ann Liaros

Having given readings for 45 years, I have discovered there are certain formulas that work. I am sharing these formulas in the Seven Keys; these keys will be helpful as you learn to use your intuitive skills…


Key Number Seven-Practice, Practice, Practice

brain-gearsThe seventh key to unlocking your intuition has three parts to it-practice, practice, practice! Confidence will come with practice and feedback. Intuition is like other skills. Even though an artist has wonderful talent, certain amounts of training and practice are required to develop that talent. You wouldn't expect to take one or two tennis lessons and be an excellent player. Like any skill or talent, intuition takes practice and feedback to gain confidence.


Having been in a scientific laboratory where I had the opportunity to practice, receive immediate and extensive feedback, and thus gain confidence was fortunate for me. One of the things people ask is "How can I practice? I can't go up to strangers on the street and say let me give you a reading! Let me tune into you. I want to practice." Actually, all you need to do is let your friends know that you are studying intuition, and they will usually say something like this: "Well, I don't believe in this, but here…here's a photograph, or here's my watch, or tune into me, or tune into my daughter." Most will be more than willing to have you practice with them, and at the same time, you have the freedom to say "I'm just learning."


newspaperPractice with a situation in which you don't have an emotional investment. Take the newspaper, and with an election tomorrow (you don't care who wins) decide who is going to win. Keep in mind though that if you are a staunch party member, your conclusion might be colored. There are many TV shows (like a quiz show) you can practice with and get immediate feedback. After you have developed a track record and want to make decisions using your intuition (along with your intellect) about important issues in your life, you have confidence that you can be objective.


eye-magnifiedHere are other suggestions for practicing. When you are standing in front of an elevator, decide which of the elevators is going to come first. If you are shopping for a particular object, select three or four stores where you might find it; then intuit which store will have the object. Intuit the price as well. Then call the stores for confirmation. Is it the store you have intuited? Is the price higher or lower? If you want to play the stock market, pick a stock. Will it go higher or lower? What will the selling price be? While listening to the news, intuit outcomes, such as what the verdict is going to be in a trial which is in progress.


Suggestions When Visiting a Psychic

  • Every person has his or her own area of expertise. If possible, find out if it is relationships, precognition, retrocognition, locating lost objects, etc. What are your needs?
  • Make a list of questions to cover everything you want to know. Some people are nervous or intrigued with information the psychic gives them and may leave with questions unanswered.
  • psychic crystal ballBe prepared: If the psychic does psychometry, have all of your objects ready. Follow the instructions of the psychic. Allow the reader to proceed in his or her own manner. Record the reading. Sometimes we hear what we want to hear, not what was said. Also, you can check the accuracy of the psychic to discover what areas he or she has been most accurate for you. (Be concerned if the person will not allow taping.)
  • Do not send telepathic messages. You will not want your fears/guesses/wishes fed back to you.
  • Be courteous, even if you are a skeptic. The individual deserves to be treated with consideration. As the psychic is concentrating, do not rattle papers, smoke, squirm in your seat, interrupt, or display other distracting behaviors.
  • Do not press for information. The psychic will give you everything he or she receives. A good reading is designed to help you cope with your life.
  • Be discerning. Not critical.
  • Keep an open mind-but not a sieve!
  • Remember the percentage of accuracy varies with each psychic. Get the perspective of friends whose judgment you trust to review the reading with you. Sometimes our blind spots interfere with our evaluation!
  • Unlocking Your Intuition CoverInaccuracies can occur in readings if the psychic is reading your mind (telepathy) or misinterpreting information he or she receives. It can be a good idea to ask how the person receives the information. You may recognize the information while he or she may be interpreting from his or her own experiences. Be willing to verify.
  • After the reading is completed, share the information that you can verify. Psychics are human and feedback can be very helpful for them. If the psychic makes predictions, it would be very thoughtful to write and let the person know the outcome…
"Each one who has a soul has a psychic power." Edgar Cayce  (5392-1)


Carol Ann Liaros 2015Carol Ann Liaros, was the subject of psychic research with E. Douglas Dean, Ph.D., Sister M. Justa Smith, Ph.D., and Shafica Karagulla, M.D.; her accuracy over a 2-year study was 93-97% in predicting the future.      

For over 40 years, Carol Ann has been a professional psychic, lecturer, workshop presenter, and author. She has appeared on international TV, hundreds of radio shows, in the movie Inner Spaces, and has been a speaker and mentor for Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) for more than 25 years. She has worked for business leaders, psychotherapists, senior corporate executives, health organizations, spiritual groups, and churches designing workshops, meditations, innovative psychic techniques, intuition programs, and more. She is the author of Unlocking Your Intuition  and co-author of Edgar Cayce on Auras and Colors (A.R.E. Press, 2012).




How and Why Gem Healing Works

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How and Why Gem Healing Works

An excerpt from Edgar Cayce's Sacred Stones

By Shelley Kaehr, PhD



Everything in the universe consists of vibrations, and this idea is highlighted in much of the Edgar Cayce material.


Recently, after a long period of working non-stop over the holidays, I developed a headache that lasted for three days. It was so severe that I had no choice but to go to bed and rest. When we need rest but refuse to listen to subtle clues, the body will eventually make the decision for us. Such was the case with my headache…


gemstonesI was so "out of it" the first day that it wasn't until the second day before I finally got up and selected some rocks. I chose my favorite citrine for my solar plexus, some amethyst for my eye sockets, a carnelian for my abdomen, and some quartz for the collarbone and neck area.


Within about twenty minutes of laying the gems on my body, I began to feel better. The stones, along with a vaporizer filled with eucalyptus, a lavender pillow on my eyes, and music consisting of alpha waves, all worked together to help me turn the corner in my healing.


chakra balanceThis example of using stones explains how working with gems or any vibrational remedy can be successful. When you feel out of alignment in any way-and normally on a much more subtle level than what I just described-you need something to help you to restore your alignment.


Gems and stones, along with music, essential oils, and other wonderful tools that we have at our disposal, are very beneficial for realigning us with our natural healthy balance.


Gem healing is like music. Have you ever heard people trying to play music when it is out of tune? There is something off, and it doesn't sound quite right. That is what happens to the body-the physical body, as well as the energetic body. On the other hand, when you hear singing or playing that is harmonious, it lifts the spirit as though the heavens have parted…


Man on cell phoneI am extremely concerned about the idea of frequency sickness. Our society is often so plugged into phones, computers, televisions, and other devices that we have become out of sync with nature. This is not good!


During those few days when I was ill, I could not stand the sight of any [computer] screens or loud sounds. I was literally sick of anything electronic. I had to unplug. I am a very sensitive person, and I am greatly concerned about the masses that may be unaware of what electronics are doing to us…


Now more than ever, it is extremely beneficial to understand Cayce's work and to learn how to use natural methods to shift our energy when necessary.


Subtle Bodies


Aside from the physical body, there are three areas of energy within all of us. …


The first is the etheric energy layer. This is the field that resides closest to your physical body and is most intricately tied to your health and well-being. If you are blocked here, it will result in an actual, physical illness.


Second is the mental or emotional body, which is six inches away from the body. This is where our memories and emotions are stored. When we do not adequately express our emotions, this area is affected.


Dream Blog 032013Finally, the causal or spiritual body is about a foot away from your physical body and extends to infinity. I believe that all of our challenges in life begin here. Some challenges derive from karma that we incarnated here to work on, and some challenges are new lessons that we have decided to take on after our birth. If we can address our issues at this level, then we do not need to be concerned with the emotional aspects or physical aspects of our energy bodies. That is easier said than done, of course! As my story about being ill demonstrates, we do not normally make changes unless there is mental or physical discomfort first.


When you place a stone on your body, that mineral exists at a higher vibrational frequency than that of the body. Because it is natural and free from the mental or emotional garbage that affects the rest of us, the stone holds its own. When introduced to the physical shell, it will create a change in the above-mentioned energy fields.


Different stones bring different qualities to us. Do you need love, health, or money/security? Depending on what you want to create, certain stones hold a frequency for those circumstances or attributes. By using the stones, your field can begin to shift and align in order for you to attract what you want. We will explore how this energy shift works throughout this book…


Healing Self and Others

Edgar Cayce's Sacred StonesOnce you understand how and why gem healing works, it's time to put that knowledge to use by healing yourself and others with the stones…


When I do self-healing, I like to lie on my back and place stones on my heart center, my torso, and my forehead. In addition, I often place a crystal at the top of my head on my pillow to help open the crown. Sometimes the placement varies, depending on what I believe I need at the time.


Please remember that there is no right or wrong in this method. Your intuition will let you know what is best for you. Simply place the stones on or around the body, leaving them there while you take a brief nap or meditation. When you awake, the stones will have assisted you in producing the needed shift, as they did for me.


Shelly Kaehr 2015 RefelctionsShelley Kaehr, PhD, is one of the world's leading authorities on the practical uses of gems and stones for energy healing and mind-body medicine. She is the author of Origins of Huna: Secrets Behind the Secret Science, Gemstone Journeys, and Edgar Cayce's Guide to Gemstones, Minerals, Metals and More. She is a member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. She travels throughout the world conducting thousands of journeys through hypnosis and training energy healing practitioners.



The Giving Tree

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The Giving Tree

By Heather Preston

Tree TopLeaning on the deck rail of my little Sausalito house one spring day, straining to see through the upper leaves of a large tree obscuring the hill beyond, I wished idly that if only the top two feet of the tree were gone, my view could be restored. Within the next few days, leaves began dropping from the top of the tree, but only from the top two feet. A few days later the last leaf dropped from that area of the tree. I could once again see the hill across the valley.

It became apparent, a couple of weeks later that no more leaves were going to follow, that the remaining lower leaves were intact, healthy, and secured. Then it dawned on me that something utterly remarkable had happened. I caught my breath in confusion and amazement. Was this possible? There, indeed, was the view I had wished for. It was as if the tree had “understood” and granted my wish. A thrilling idea.

LeafI was grateful. But as time passed, I became uneasy, for even though I couldn’t have expected what happened, the tree had granted my wish at its own expense. I read once that a tree’s topmost leaves are unique in that they protect it in some way, processing the sun’s energy differently from its other leaves.

After telling a few friends this story and showing them the empty top branches, some were silent and some squinty-eyed. Cold observation proved the tree to be bare on top. “Right, it’s bare on top,” they would say and point out possible reasons, “Not enough water?”

Eggs in TreePretty soon the novelty turned into concern for the tree’s well-being.

I wanted those leaves back more than I wanted the view. I went out and pleaded with the tree to grow the leaves back and said that I was really sorry to have caused it any harm.

Slowly, to my great relief, buds started reappearing on the empty branches, tiny ones at first, only a scattering of green here and there. Then more and more popped open and stretched into leaves. Within a short time, the treetop was filled with beautiful new green leaves. I was weak with gratitude. Friends now marveled to see the perfectly normal tree. The rationalizers still rationalized. But I knew what I knew.

FlowersOne of my friends, Francis Rath, who prior to becoming a bookstore owner had been a rather imposing law enforcement officer, found that in the course of his work, he could put his hands on people in trauma, and they would instantly stop convulsing and breathe normally. He was a true healer and a sensitive. About a year after the leaf-dropping incident, Francis was at my house for a party. He stepped outside for a breather and leaned against this tree. He later told me that he felt it to be remarkable; its emanations were compassionate and giving. He asked me if I knew that this was “one special tree.” So I told him the story that I have just told you.

“Compassion is no attribute.
It is the Law of Laws…a shoreless universal essence,
the light of everlasting right and fitness of all things,
the love of love eternal.”

From Buddhism: The Seven Portals


 Heather PrestonHeather Preston is an award-winning artist and author. After graduating with honors and distinction from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, she studied in Europe, taught fine art, was represented by leading galleries, and exhibited widely. Her book "Tree Spirits: Tales and Encounters" won the silver finalist medal for the 2010 INDIE Book Awards; it is available at ARECatalog.com. She is a regular contributor to Venture Inward magazine, a benefit for members at EdgarCayce.org/members. For an extensive biography visit HeatherPrestonArt.com.


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