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Remembering Heaven

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Remembering Heaven
Rev. Dr. June Bro

Dr. Eden Alexander conf 200x283px
Dr. Eben Alexander

I have never doubted the authenticity of Near-Death Experiences (NDEs). Decades ago I was moved by the experiences of Dr. George Ritchie and Raymond Moody. When I recently heard the neurosurgeon, Dr. Eben Alexander, talk about his NDE and read his book (Proof of Heaven, which I highly recommend), I was assured again of heaven’s accessibility for each and every one of us.

I had been taught in Sunday School about heaven as an end time, but now I was beginning to think of it as a present reality, as close to me as my breathing. How could I doubt the truth of heaven as a present reality? At age 23 I sat in a room with Edgar Cayce as he gave a reading. Hearing that quiet voice so in tune with some beautiful far-away source (I thought then), and listening to that message of hope and healing, I said to myself, Oh, dear God, I must be in heaven! The atmosphere here is so breathtakingly holy, God must be in this room!

harmon_June_Congress-1944Then I remembered another moment of God’s heavenly presence. I recalled the charged atmosphere I felt as I walked into the vault for the first time to file correspondence or a typed-up reading. As I entered that long dimly lit room in the addition built onto Edgar’s and Gertrude’s home on Arctic Circle and 14th Street, where Harmon and I worked with the Cayces and Gladys, I felt as though I was entering a cathedral. How many healings in those files? How many lives changed? How much hope given to people with none? How much love given by Edgar as he lay still on that couch? How much compassion as Gertrude stayed composed and focused, giving the instructions Edgar needed? How much earnest concern did Gladys show with her stenographic skills and her daily loving presence?

Then I remembered something else. When Harmon and I came to Virginia Beach in 1943, I had a full scholarship at the Chicago Musical College, studying with the most coveted piano teacher in the area and I had expected to teach in one of the best music schools in the country or become a concert pianist. I never dreamed that Edgar’s reading for me would say anything different. But it did. He said, "Do make the home the career for this is the greatest career there is in the earth, and those who shun same will have much yet to answer for. Then make thy home as a shadow of the heavenly home." (5070-1)

I yearned for the time when our home would be filled with a heavenly fragrance, but we moved every few years and there were always boxes to unpack, new schools to attend, new friends to be made, and much anxiety over being unsettled and often broke. It was hard to create a peaceful, heavenly environment amidst that turmoil. Edgar’s beautiful picture of the soul and its journey kept me sane and plugging on.

The prophet Isaiah’s image of the "peaceable Kingdom" was a picture of heaven on Earth. He said in essence that a time would come when the inhabitants of Earth "would not hurt or destroy on all God’s holy mountain, and the earth would be as full of the Lord as the waters covering the sea." Eben is a scientist who believed before his NDE that consciousness came entirely from the brain. After a short time of being seriously ill with a rare strain of meningitis, he was pronounced brain-dead for seven days, but his journey past death taught him that consciousness does not come from the human brain. Cayce said, "Thy brain is not thy mind, it is that which is used by thy mind!" (826-11)

After our nine months with the Cayces was done, Harmon and I felt that to sing with the world-famous St. Olaf College choir would be the only way to fully absorb that special experience. The founder of the choir, F. Melius Christensen, had once listened to a top his children were spinning and heard the loveliest sound he had ever heard—a beautiful, clear, balanced chord. He had decided then and there that he would direct a choir some day that would sing that chord perfectly in unison. It meant that his group of singers would have to become one with him and the other choir members. It was an ideal of oneness which matched the oneness with God that Cayce had talked about.

Arms in the Air

We don’t have to be struck down by a terrible accident or illness to experience the equivalent of a near-death experience. We can become still, and remember the heavenly bliss that exists inside of us and all around us.

Excerpt from June Bro's "The Art of Living" from the Apr-Jun 2013 issue of Venture Inward magazine available to A.R.E. members at Edgarcayce.org/members.


June Bro Venture InwardDr. June Avis Bro found her life deeply affected by working daily with Edgar Cayce when she and her husband, Harmon, came to Virginia Beach in 1943. She set about sharing her interests with others as a pastoral counselor and minister, as well as by using her skills in the performing arts. She has a graduate ministerial degree from Andover-Newton Theological School, near Boston, and a doctorate from Chicago Theological Seminary. In addition to teaching on six campuses while raising five children, she has been a research assistant at Harvard, lectured and held workshops in many cities, led overseas tours to the Near East and China, and served as pastor. A concert pianist, she has served on the music staff in churches of most of the major Protestant denominations and draws on her background in the arts to illuminate myths, symbols, and dreams. At age ninety, she released her first piano CD called "Soul Soundings," which is being sold in the A.R.E. Bookstore. Her column for A.R.E.’s Venture Inward Magazine, "The Art of Living" is based on her life reading given by Mr. Cayce in 1944. She wrote the forward to the re-released book A Seer Out of Season written by Harmon Bro.


A Heartfelt Response to Tragedy

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A Heartfelt Response to Tragedy


The tragic killings that have taken place in Orlando, Fla., are a sadness to all of us at Edgar Cayce's A.R.E., and to the world at large. As many of us have found prayer to be a hopeful aspect in life, we are joining together through A.R.E.'s Prayer Services to deeply pray for all of the souls and the families and friends affected by this unexpected and violent event. It is shocking to the very core of our souls.

Heart Hands

The Edgar Cayce readings are timeless in their ability to direct us toward a hopeful, noble, and spirit-filled response to world happenings. This excerpt from the Cayce readings may bring hope and help to our human family that is processing this event.

“If you call, I will hear…”

“This is not of old, but a living thing in the hearts and souls of those today. For the fact of thy consciousness in a material world. Though troubled and bloodstained world, thy prayer, thy blessing may bring a new hope, and may blossom into joy on earth, peace among men.” Edgar Cayce reading 2629-1

“God is LOVE. Then—in thy activity under stress, strain, even disappointment and heartbreaking experiences – CALL For he hath promised, ‘if you call I will HEAR and answer speedily.’ Yet the answer can only be in that measure with which ye mete thy fellow man.” Edgar Cayce reading 2401-1

When we need to find a soft place for our minds, hearts, and souls to rest during difficult times, the Cayce material points us towards prayer, faith, and love as active forces we can use to sustain us and to remember our highest ideals. If you need a reminder, like most of us, during difficult times-simply consider this phrase, "If you call, I will hear."


Peace and blessings to you and yours from all of us here at A.R.E.


We invite you to join with us in prayer for all those  affected by this horrendous tragedy.


Blessings to each of you, 



Kevin J. Todeschi  



Called to Be a Mystic

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Called to Be a Mystic

By Sister Arlene Einwalter, SSSF

Many years ago, I read the book There Is a River by Thomas Sugrue and was very impressed with the unusual and exciting life of Edgar Cayce. Over the years, I have discovered many insights and have been inspired by much of what Cayce taught and wrote.


I was able to attend an A.R.E. workshop on reincarnation in Detroit. After doing a group regression, the facilitator asked for a willing subject to do an individual session on stage. To be fair, he said that those who wished to participate should write down a number between 1 and 100, and he wrote a number on a board hidden from sight. Immediately, the number 53 entered my head. Then he asked if anyone had a number close to 53. I was shocked—I was the only one who had written down that number.

After assuring him that I was open and would like to do the regression, he invited me on stage and asked how the group regression went for me. I was embarrassed to admit that I had moved into a trance, saw moccasins, and duly fallen asleep.  


Catholic SisterHe said, "Tell us a little about yourself." I panicked! How could I tell the truth? But how could I not? I took a deep breath and said, "I am a Catholic Sister, who works in the Catholic Diocese of Toledo." The audience gasped. Kindly the facilitator said, "That's OK, I am going to attend my sister's reception into a Religious Community next Saturday in Montreal." I was relieved.


The facilitator continued and noted that I might or might not see moccasins, and then he took me into a deep trance. I did see moccasins again and found myself on the banks of a river washing clothes. I seemed to be an older teenager wearing a heavy brown dress cut with triangles along the bottom. I was then invited to move further into another part of my life. There, I found myself in an abode—something like a tepee—sitting on a straight chair and trying to rock a baby. My husband, whom I recognized as a priest that I know in my present lifetime, came in, placed his hands on my shoulders, and rocked the baby with me. Again, the facilitator moved me ahead in time. I then found myself quite elderly in a simple house, lying on a bed. There was a large pot of boiling water in the corner, and I saw smoke. I was alone, as far as I could tell, and I believe that I was dying.


After I was brought out of the regression, and we spoke about the experience, I realized some of the audience was in tears. Afterwards, several people came up and said how much they appreciated the fact that I, as a Catholic Sister, would be open to this kind of experience. One, who said she was part Native American, told me that as I mentioned rocking the baby, a lullaby sang in her head in another language. What a powerful experience!

dream catcher

Cayce also helped me to recognize that psychic experiences can happen to any of us, including myself, and that when we pray to be protected by the Spirit, they are not a cause for fear.


Edgar Cayce's teachings set me on a path of open-mindedness, and my experiences moved me further into being comfortable in my own belief system. My book, Called to Be Mystics, was inspired by a friend and mentor. One day, I asked him rather flippantly, "Robert, what's a mystic?" Without missing a beat, he responded, "Merging with the mind and heart of Christ." He then added, "And we are all called to be mystics."


I am now retired, but continue to do support groups and other volunteer work in Clement Manor, the retirement facility where I live. Here, we have a large volunteer program called Life-Long Learning for older adults in the city of Milwaukee, conducted by volunteer teachers and professors. I try to help students realize that personal beliefs do not always follow the teachings of lineage, religion, culture, or society. We must find comfort in our beliefs as we grow in spirituality. Many years ago, Edgar Cayce set me on an exceptional spiritual path. 



Excerpt of an article printed in the Winter 2015 A.R.E. Member Newsletter, available at EdgarCayce.org/members.



Sister ArleneArlene Einwalter, SSSF (School Sister of St. Francis), MRE, MST, lives in Milwaukee, Wisc. She is the author of the book Called to Be Mystics: Exploring Our Spiritual Journey available on Amazon. She is now retired, and volunteers as support-group facilitator and teacher in her community. She has been an A.R.E. member since 1989.



How the Universal Laws Bring Prosperity Into Our Lives

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How the Universal Laws
Bring Prosperity Into Our Lives
By Jennie Taylor Martin


rainbow hand

For the last several years, I have made a concerted effort to work with the laws of the universe as advised in the Edgar Cayce readings. More recently, I've also tried to change my consciousness from one of lack to one of prosperity-realizing that there is enough prosperity in the world for everyone; in fact, more than enough! And if I can apply a positive attitude toward prosperity, perhaps I can attract more of it into my life. Not for selfish reasons, but just acknowledging that there's nothing wrong or negative about money—it's really all about how we use it. And I can state that it is working.


I know from the Edgar Cayce readings that mind is the builder ("thoughts are things") and that our attitudes and emotions can affect more than just our happiness. In fact, what the Cayce readings stated about the effects of attitudes and emotions on our health has been confirmed by modern science as well.


As I learn from the readings and from other kindred materials, the energy you put forth is returned back to you—much like cause and effect. Cayce put it this way:

"For, to have friends, show thyself friendly; to have love, give love to others; to have patience, manifest same in thine own relationships; like begets like." (2905-3)

homelessJust last week, I was listening to National Public Radio (NPR) on my ride in to work, when I heard a story about a homeless man that reminded me of the universal laws and how they apply to prosperity. (Shapiro, Joseph, May 5, 2016, Colorado Springs Will Stop Jailing People Too Poor To Pay Court Fines, NPR.org)


The story discussed a change in the practice of the Colorado Springs, Colo., court system, which had been imprisoning people who couldn't pay their court fines. That action, which was judged unconstitutional and likened to the debtors' prisons that were done away with in the 1800s, resulted in the city itself being fined and asked to make payments to the people it had wrongly jailed. The ACLU of Colorado discovered nearly 800 cases where people had gone to jail in Colorado Springs when they couldn't pay their tickets for minor violations, and one of those people was Shawn Hardman, aka, Q-Tip.


Q-Tip, a homeless man who claims he is not a panhandler but a "flyer" (a term used for someone who stands and holds a sign—an action covered within the laws of "free speech"), was nevertheless jailed for panhandling and then being unable to pay his fines for what ended up being a total of 90 days within just one year. But instead of feeling anger over his arrests, Q-Tip's response was gratitude—after all, being in jail was better than being on the street during a Colorado winter, and it came with other perks too, in the form of three square meals a day.


Besides Q-Tip's positive attitude, I was also struck by the content of the signs he held. This is how he described them:

"My sign always said, 'Have a beautiful day. God Bless You…' "And I always put my famous logo: 'TLA. Q-Tip.' It stands for 'True Love Always.'"

When the Edgar Cayce readings speak of universal laws, they often mention how our own thoughts and actions bring similar energy into our lives, such as with this quote:

"For, there are universal and spiritual laws that are a part of the self as well as of the universal consciousness. For, like begets like in every phase of material, mental and spiritual experience." (2560-1)

When another reading recipient asked about reaching his full potential, he received this advice from the sleeping Cayce, stating that one must first know their ideal and that harmony and peace and prosperity "are one" if bound by love:

"First, know what is thy ideal—spiritually, mentally, materially. Know they must be dependent one upon the other… just as the adherence to those principles interpreted in the material relationships brings harmony and peace and prosperity. For, these are one-if they are bound together in brotherly love." (2809-1)

When I hear Q-Tip's messages of love, I have a pretty good idea of what his ideal may be. And when Q-Tip meets adversity with gratitude, I believe the energy he is sending out exudes positivity. If one believes in the law of attraction, the energy of love and gratitude sent by Q-Tip and his flying signs were creating and attracting that same energy right back to him.


If we examine this story further, we can also see how the negative actions of Colorado Springs resulted in a loss of "prosperity" to that city. But perhaps their restitutions—payments to those who were wronged—will bring more prosperity for the city in the future. As for Q-Tip, he will receive about $11,000 from the settlement ($125 for each day he was wrongly held in jail). He says he's going to use it for a place to live and to advocate for homeless people. I'm not a bit surprised to hear that.


JTMJennie Taylor Martin is the marketing director of Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. She was first introduced to the Edgar Cayce readings in the 1980s. She is also an advocate for animal welfare and is combining her two loves—animals and spirituality—into a book about animal reincarnation and the afterlife. If you have a story to share about the reincarnation or afterlife of your animals, she'd love to hear from you. Write to her at are@edgarcayce.org.

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