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Adult Retreat: Ages 18+ ~ August 14 – 20

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 Astrology is Awesome!
With Michael Tyler and Elizabeth Morgan Tyler

During Adult Retreat 2016, Michael Tyler and Elizabeth Morgan Tyler will lead us in an exciting program covering practical, down-to-earth astrology. They will present an overview of this most ancient human understanding of the energetic structure of our cosmos, and show us how a fundamental knowledge of core astrological principals can enhance our co-creative appreciation, participation, and enjoyment of life. We will work in small groups to explore some basic components of our individual astrological makeup, also delving into lunar astrology and the correspondences with earth energies and the Great Wheel. Please bring your birth charts! (resources for charts and reading material will be provided).


tylers 2016Bios

Michael Tyler is a community psychiatrist and lifelong student of astrology, with a passion for playing guitar.

Elizabeth Morgan Tyler has studied astrology for the past twenty-five years and teaching about the moon is one of her deepest passions. She is an artist, mother, shamaness, permaculture designer, and food security and ecology activist.  She combines symbolism, ancient myth, and the magnificent, magical Earth we live upon for sacred divination, geo-magnetic peace grids, and prayer and blessing ceremonies in her service as Minister of Gaia's Gardeners.



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