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Children's Blue Ridge Hike

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Hike One: July 25 to August 1

Hike Two: August 15 to 22

A.R.E. Camp offers two chances to experience a week spent entirely in nature – sleeping out under the stars, cooking meals over the fire, and seeing an abundance of Appalachian Mountain plant and animal life.

Every teenager should experience a week-long hike at least once. If you are (or your child is) between the ages of 12 and 16, this week is available to you (him or her). On the hike, you will incorporate the ideal of living close to nature with the opportunity to challenge perceived limitations in a close-knit and supportive group.

Each hike is individually tailored to meet the needs and experience level of the participants, and is guided by staff experienced in wilderness outings. Campers will have the chance to learn wilderness skills, meet both physical and mental challenges, and explore the spectacular Blue Ridge Mountains.



A.R.E. Camp Rural Retreat Virginia