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Family Camp Two  ~ July 24 – 30

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Family Camp 2

Living a Prayer-FULL Life
With Karen Boldt

Too much on your To-Do List? This week at Family Camp, we will find ways to incorporate prayer and meditation into our busy schedules. Combining the latest research on the workings of the brain and a variety of religious and cultural traditions, Karen will help us discover what techniques work best and develop tools to make it easier to take time for spiritual practice. Using small group discussion, prayer journaling, and active meditation exercises, along with the material from Edgar Cayce's readings to the first Study Group and Glad Helper Prayer Healing Group (262 and 281), we will create a step by step plan to better manage our attitudes and emotions, while transforming our relationships in the process.



Prison Program Karen Kell Boldt radio 2011Karen Boldt
On the A.R.E. staff for 12 years, Karen has served in a variety of departments including the Health Spa, the Cayce/Reilly School of Massage and Youth and Family Services. Currently working as the supervisor of Outreach Services, including Prison Outreach and Spiritual Growth Groups, and Prayer and Meditation Services, she is also a member of the Glad Helper Prayer Healing Group. A student of meditation and world religions, Karen has been practicing a daily prayer and meditation devotion for over 15 years.


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