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Family Camp One: The Alchemy of Dreams

with Wesley Wyatt

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Family Camp #1 — June 29 – July 5

Dreams are the language of the soul.

“For this entity the expression in the dreams or from the astrological urges, is oft close in accord with the entities purposes; for the entity takes counsel with it’s better self. This may not be spoken of too highly. For it should be not only the duty but the privilege of every soul to do this.”
Edgar Cayce Reading 1662-2 Cox Family A.R.E. camp 2014

During Family One at A.R.E. Camp, Wesley Wyatt will be guiding us through a week of inspiration, sharing, and experiential learning. He will facilitate our familiarity with the universal laws that govern dreams and consciousness and aid us in learning the language of the soul expressed in the personalized symbolism present in each of our dreams. Over the course of the week, you’ll increase your proficiency in recalling and recording your dreams and learn how dreams provide individualized counsel for meeting life’s challenges. You will also collect tools and guidance for working with your dreams when you return home from your magical week at Camp!

Wesley Wyatt camp 2013Wesley Wyatt
has been an avid student of dreams and the Edgar Cayce readings for the past 40 years and has been attending A.R.E. Camp since 1977. He and his wife, Shara, were married at Camp in 1979. Wes has taught workshops at A.R.E Camp, A Search for God study groups, and sponsored workshops near his home in Salem, Va. He has just published a three book series on dreams titled, The Alchemy of Dreams, highlighting the lessons he has gleaned from his own dreams and the universal laws governing consciousness presented in the Edgar Cayce readings.

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