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We invite you to explore the fascinating work of Edgar Cayce, the most-documented psychic in the world. While in a trance state, Edgar Cayce's ability to peer into the past with uncanny psychic accuracy was demonstrated repeatedly.

Greg and Lora LittleDr. Greg Little, a psychologist-turned-explorer and documentary maker, is the producer of the popular Forgotten History Series, in which his wife Dr. Lora Little is often filmed and featured. Since 2003, the Littles have been actively searching the Bahamas for archaeological ruins that might be linked to Atlantis, working with A.R.E.'s Search for Atlantis Project. Beginning in the mid-2000's they began finding and identifying airplanes that have been reported as disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. In addition to being popular speakers at A.R.E. Conferences, their explorations have been featured on The National Geographic Channel, The Learning Channel, MSNBC, SyFy, Discovery, The History Channel, Vision TV, BBC, and Coast-to-Coast. Greg is coauthor of the books, Edgar Cayce's Atlantis, Secrets of the Ancient World, Mound Builders, Ancient South America, and People of the Web and has over 30 other books in print in various areas of psychology. He is the publisher of Alternate Perceptions online magazine (Mysterious-America.net).

The dates have not yet been announced, but you can join Greg and Lora Little on A.R.E.'s popular Mound Builders tour in 2012.

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  • Books by Greg Little - Special Offer: $10 each (non-member) or $8 (members)

    Edgar Cayce's Atlantis  
    Dr. Gregory Little and John Van Auken present this story in an absorbing narrative of the legends of Atlantis and the latest discoveries in the ongoing search for remnants of the lost continent. The book contains over a hundred illustrations—some never published before. Included in the story of Atlantis are vignettes of the forgotten lands of Mu, Lemuria, Og, Zu, and many others.

    Secrets of the Ancient World
    Join Greg and Lora Little as they take you back through time to look at some of the most incredible mysteries of the ages. Examine the people, places, and objects of ancient civilizations as they were addressed in the Edgar Cayce readings. From the lost world of Atlantis to the pyramids in Egypt, the authors examine these mysteries in great depth. Their firsthand research coupled with the readings makes for an intriguing look that provides eye-opening clarity not only on where we've been but perhaps on where we are going.

  • Books on Atlantis - Special Offer: $10 each (non-member) or $8 (members)

    According to the Edgar Cayce readings, not only did Atlantis exist, but the breadth of technology and industry at that time surpassed our own. In fact it was that civilization’s unique use of a type of crystal energy that eventually led to the downfall of Atlantis over a period of several thousand years, as it broke apart and into the ocean. In Atlantis, you will find these readings in their entirety.

    Mysteries of Atlantis
    In this updated edition experience an amazing journey to the waters of Bimini and learn of the hidden vaults of the Sphinx. Discover shocking new evidence about the destruction of Atlantis and why striking parallels between our society and theirs could provide important lessons for our future.

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