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Sep 17 to 23, 2016 
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 A.R.E Soul Life Conference
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Ground-breaking PROOF of reincarnation and life after life!

Person in the Light
Learn how these encounters provide us with reason to believe that life is eternal and love is everlasting, and celebrate the eternal nature of the human soul!

OUR SOUL MAKES AN INCREDIBLE JOURNEY from birth to death to beyond, on our way back to the Source. We don’t truly die—our soul makes a transition from this physical life to a non-corporeal soul life.

During this inspiring event, we will explore the soul’s journey and our relationship with God in all its facets, and also how for some, this journey is cut short as they return to their bodies with memories of a near-death experience, and glimpses of life on the other side.

Unending Connection

Some that have crossed over remain to provide support and guidance to those still on earth, through afterlife communication in its many forms. You will witness the unending connection with loved ones as medium John Holland demonstrates random readings for audience members.

You will understand the power of the soul and the nature of soul memory, and leave with the tools of inner peace and resolution that come from understanding our soul’s journey and what it means for you today.

  • Find out how you can better connect with those who have crossed over
  • Hear the amazing story of a past-life recalled with astonishing verifiable accuracy
  • Explore the continuity of life, spirit communication, and the realms of the afterlife that Edgar Cayce glimpsed during his readings
  • Explore the possibilities of an afterlife and reincarnation for our beloved pets and animals
  • See incredible drawings from near-death experiencers of all ages that represent the collective heart of the near death experience
  • Experience a guided group past-life regression
  • Learn to change your concept of the nature of God and develop a new relationship with God and with life!

John H with - Attenndee at ARE sign

“It is not all of life to live, nor all of death to die; for one is the beginning of the other...”
Edgar Cayce reading 2842-2

Grounding-breaking PROOF of Reincarnation and Life After Life! Register Today