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banner Life Beyond Death
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"Life is continuous,
and is Infinite!"
Edgar Cayce reading 1554-2

Our soul makes an incredible journey from birth to death to beyond. We don’t truly die— our soul makes a transition from this physical life to a noncorporeal life everlasting.

Join us for FOUR days with FIVE renowned psychic mediums! Lisa Williams, Robert Brown, Rev. Janet Nohavec*, Karen Noé, and Annette Gerwitz bring afterlife wisdom and messages from departed loved ones.

Hear the true stories of the very specific messages and details these gifted mediums have received—messages that are sometimes profound, sometimes surprising, but most always they bring comfort, peace, and healing.

Throughout this special weekend, you will explore and understand:

  • How to heal grief and go on with your life after their death
  • The process of mediumship and the many ways afterlife communication occurs
  • Ways to enhance your communication with Spirit and gain confidence in the messages you receive
  • How to maintain your connection with loved ones— even pets—who have crossed over
  • The wisdom we can gain about life, death, love, and the continuity of the soul from those who have crossed over
  • Edgar Cayce’s insights into mediumship and our soul life

And, you will have the opportunity to practice afterlife communication yourself! 

peopleLBDThese FIVE gifted psychic mediums will demonstrate our never-ending connection with those who have crossed over, and, along with John Van Auken, will share techniques and intuition-building exercises that will help YOU to connect with the other side, and inspire you with their deeply personal stories.

*Due to a medical complication, Rev. Nohavec will be unable to join us. Lisa Williams will be taking over her session, presenting a workshop on “Connecting With Your Guides.”

Experience afterlife wisdom and messages from the other side
with FIVE renowned psychic mediums! Register Today