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2015 Wellness and Rejuvenation Retreat

~ June 13-19, 2015 ~  

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Take a journey into medical intuition with Drs. Myss and Shealy and learn how to balance your own psychological, physiological, and physical states to create a life filled with greater health, energy, and vitality, and use these skills to help others. In order to help others, you must learn to be Whole yourself!

A Personal Invitation from Caroline Myss, PhD:

Norm Shealy, MD, PhD, and I are delighted to announce that we are once again teaming up to teach a weekend seminar on Medical Intuition: Self- Diagnosis and Healing with Your Body’s Energy Systems.

Norm and I have spearheaded this field for twenty-five-years and have both come to believe that medical intuition is a true “science of the soul.”As a result, we have both pursued deeper understandings of the role that the soul serves in the healing of illness. We consider this dimension of healing to be the mystical domain and we share a profound belief that when an individual is open to including mystical teachings in his or her healing journey, remarkable healings can and often do occur.

Our goal in this workshop is to assist people in healing every manifestation of illness. To that end, Norm and I have put together a workshop that is aimed at being both educational and experiential. Our emphasis is on exploring the nature of the human energy system, energy medicine, and healing. In addition, we will explore the realm of mysticism and the mystical laws. Subject matter to be covered includes:

  • The origins of dis-ease
  • Identifying personal patterns of stress
  • Stress management: relaxation, Autogenic training, meditation
  • Intuiting your strengths and weaknesses
  • The human energy system
  • Exploring the nature of intuition and identifying your intuitive voice
  • Illness as metaphor
  • Healing as a mystical experience
  • The nature of miracles and healing
  • An examination of the role of grace in healing and in one’s life
  • The practice of prayer and contemplation as essential to healing
  • The influence of archetypes

Because this workshop is devoted to healing, we will be doing healing meditations and offering instructions on contemplation, inner reflection, and prayer.

I hope you will join Norm and me for this exceptional workshop that we hope will be as personally healing as it will be educational.


 Caroline Myss

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to learn from two great energy medicine pioneers, as Norm’s practical advice, deep knowledge, and lively humor combined with Caroline’s vast experience, hands-on instruction, and no-nonsense insights, will make this a dynamic and life-affirming weekend of healing and soul-awakening.

Learn medical intuition, a true “science of the soul,” Register Today