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Sep 17 to 23, 2016 
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Ancient Mysteries
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The mysteries and wisdom of our earliest cultures, suppressed histories of civilization’s origins, sacred mystical Earth energy sites, and the apparent influence of ancient aliens in our creation and destiny:
Atlantean, Egyptian, ancient American, Sumerian, and even in Jerusalem and the holy lands of the Bible. Why? BECAUSE YOUR SOUL WAS THERE! Latent within you are all the memories and skills your soul possesses from those ancient times—lost knowledge waiting to be found. This conference stimulates your deeper mind to recall all you have known and to awaken it to this incarnation.

am-underwaterUnsolved Mysteries of the Past Erich von Däniken, the father of the ancient astronaut theory, has 200,000 pictures of every mysterious site in his archives. He has published 38 books on the Ancient Mysteries Nazca linevisitations by extra-terrestrials in mankind’s ancient past. Since his first book, Chariots of the Gods, he has become number one in his field. And he makes it absolutely clear: this planet was visited by ETs in the past. Our Stone Age ancestors looked at these visitors as “the gods”—a mistake that changed ancient cultures and created worldwide mythologies and religions.

ancient Mysteries-threeHidden truths behind ancient artifacts Illuminated Robert M. Schoch, PhD, brings evidence that the enormous megalithic complex of Göbekli Tepe confirms an earlier cycle of high civilization, along with his latest research including his discoveries regarding solar outbursts and the early history of civilization.

AM AlienJason Martell, (Live via Skype) a frequent guest of Ancient Aliens, is changing the way the world thinks about ancient technologies— and uncovering evidence of a hidden past in which ancient cultures utilized electricity and other “modern” concepts, as well as how these ideas were influenced by visitations from extraterrestrial beings.

Ancient Mysteries Mecca 07 2015Lost lands and Earth energies REVEALED Researcher and author of First Templar Nation, Freddy Silva investigates the mystery of the Holy Grail and the forgotten country created by the Knights Templar, where they created a kingdom within a kingdom to safeguard their most treasured possession, a secret for which the Church murdered millions, and later, perhaps, the Knights themselves.

am-crystal 072015Visionary crystals expert James Tyberonn explores the nature of the living Earth and the power of sacred portals, vortexes, and grids. Plus, he brings new insights into the power of gems and stones for auric fortification, illumination, and healing of the body, mind, and planet. Due to a medical emergency, James Tyberonn is unable to join us. See schedule for details.

Ancient Mysteries plasmaYour SOUL was there! Ancient mysteries expert John Van Auken takes you on a visual journey through our souls’ ancient experiences—as “Morning Stars” descended from celestial dimensions into the physical world, incarnating in the lands of Lemuria and Atlantis. Using the wisdom of the Yoga Sutra, the Revelation, Edgar Cayce’s readings, and other sources, you’ll understand how our souls are incarnated inside physical bodies and connected to our earthly minds and learn the mysteries of our multi-dimensional soul life.

Ancient Mysteries EVDSpeaker Reception and Author Book Signing Meet the presenters and authors closeup. Ask that question that has been on your mind. Get the latest books autographed by the authors. Enjoy likeminded people, conversation, and refreshments.

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CREATE Campaign Grand Finale

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Come eat, dance, and celebrate with us at the
Grand Finale of our CREATE Campaign—our $30 million campaign
to change the face of the Cayce Work.

Saturday, October 10 • 6-10 p.m.
Westin Hotel/Town Center
4535 Commerce St., Virginia Beach

Celebration is INCLUDED with your conference tuition IF you RSVP at registration.
Other guests $100; contact development@edgarcayce.org. Transportation NOT provided.

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