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YOU Can Be a Ghost Hunter! ——

For the first time ever, parapsychologists, field investigators, authors, sensitives, and enthusiasts gather at Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. to bring you the latest case studies, scientific evidence, and academic research, as well as incredible “ghost stories” of otherworldly encounters with souls dwelling between the realms, poltergeists, and discarnate souls.

  • Hear the history of “ghost hunting” from the early days to modern scientific and investigative methods and equipment
  • Discover the many different and often surprising ways these manifestations can occur—from ghosts, spirits, and poltergeists to earthbound souls to “shadow people” and the dark forces
  • Learn how you can discern the difference between normal and true paranormal activity
  • Hear tales of amazing, sometimes funny, sometimes chilling encounters between the living and those who linger after death
  • Understand how not all hauntings and paranormal phenomena are benign, and learn ways to protect yourself from negative energies and unwanted influences


Do flickering lights, tappings on the window, or strange sounds in the middle of the night mean Ghost text- hq120501 you have a

How can you tell if these encounters are REAL ?

What do they MEAN ?

"Echo Bodine is the most genuine psychic I have ever worked with"
—Dennis William Hauck, author of Haunted Places

“Loyd Auerbach’s ability to talk candidly and with excitement about what he’s seen and what it means leaves his audiences feeling they have been in the presence of someone who really understands the phenomena from the inside out.”
—Nancy L. Zingrone, PhD, Director of Atlantic University

Edgar Cayce's Views on the Paranormal ———

Edgar Cayce experienced the paranormal both in his trance consciousness and in his everyday waking life. He was regularly visited by the deceased and described a “borderland” where souls transition after life and sometimes get disoriented. He also spoke about possession as a real occurrence. Cayce counseled us to surround ourselves in protection whenever we open ourselves in meditation and prayer due to the potential negative effects of unseen forces.

A combination of academic theory, scientific study, and practical down-to-earth wisdom, this unique weekend will be both informative and entertaining, providing reassurance and insight to the many of us who have encountered “things that go bump in the night.”

“...many an individual has remained in that called death for what ye call years without realizing it was dead! The feelings, the desires for what ye call appetites are changed, or not aware at all. The ability to communicate is that which usually disturbs or worries others. Then, as to say how long—that depends upon the entity.” Edgar Cayce reading 1472-2


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