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Life Member Benefit 2015

The Living Legacy of Edgar Cayce

June 19-24

Congress 2015Our 85th Annual A.R.E.
Members Congress

The Living Legacy of Edgar Cayce
with Henry Reed PhD, James Turrell, Kirk Nelson, William T. Turner, and so much more!

In 1931 Edgar Cayce gave the first reading on an annual Members Congress. “Each year,” it stated, “one period . . . as a meeting of all members, representatives, wherever they may be located, at Virginia Beach, with the reports made by representatives . . . from the various portions of the country, as well as speakers that would renew the faith, confidence, purposes, aims of the work itself.” (254-57)

attend congress 2016 The original purposes of Congress remain in this week of fellowship, communication, education, inspiration, celebration, and interaction between worldwide A.R.E. members, staff, and Board of Trustees. Visit our historic campus and see the exciting changes and remodeling of the original Cayce Hospital building, meet staff, learn how the A.R.E. operates, and converse with the Board of Trustees. Gain a personal connection to this association that Edgar Cayce envisioned and make memorable connections with members from across the globe.


Highlights of this week of relaxed fun,
friendship, and fellowship include:
Girl with guitar

  • Special programs by favorite speakers like like Henry Reed PhD with internationally renowned artist James Turrell, astrologer Kirk Nelson, and the official City-County Historian of Hopkinsville, Christian County, Edgar Cayce's birthplace, William T. Turner.
  • Interactive workshops, sharing groups, and optional activities
  • Topics designed to inspire you to integrate key Cayce concepts into your life, work, and community
  • A bountifully fresh opening day picnic, held in our beautiful Cayce- Miller Café
  • Traditions like the “Fun”-raising auction, talent and skit night, and social

FUNDRAISING is an integral part of keeping A.R.E. Congress open and affordable to all. If you would like to make a donation or have items to donate toward the auction, please contact Kristie.Holmes@EdgarCayce.org.

fundraising Congress 2015

Bring your study group or local team, and bring the whole family—come learn to live the Cayce readings concepts day by day!

"Congress is my favorite A.R.E. event—it’s a retreat, a reunion, and a respite. I look forward to it every year!" —C.J.B. Chicago, IL

Come Home to Your Spiritual Family and Celebrate the Cayce Legacy Register Today