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2014 Wellness and Rejuvenation Retreat

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Be Your Own Psychic HQ1110022
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You are Psychic Hq111022
the Cayce readings say we ALL have this innate ability. Come join us for a complete Cayce-based training and safely explore and develop your intuitive and psychic abilities.

This practical, hands-on training provides the complete,
unique Cayce readings "formula" for how to safely develop your intuition…

…with research and data that support what is happening and why, plus exercises and personal experiences that bring it immediately to life! You won't just sit and listen—you'll learn and do!

The Cayce readings' approach to psychic ability is straightforward: spiritual growth naturally awakens our innate psychic ability. This program, grounded in the two instructors' decades of experience and expertise, is founded upon the Cayce readings' view of intuition as an outgrowth of consistent, practical, spiritual living.

  • Experience different ways intuitive ability can be applied and tested
  • Gain tools and techniques that help you develop your intuitive abilities
  • Practice what you learn in a supportive environment
  • Get dynamic insights tempered by practical balance in the development of your abilities

Kimmie Rose Zapf miniSpecial guest speaker psychic Kimmie Rose Zapf will share her unique insights and lead you through an activation exercise for experiencing your divine connection with Spirit.

In today’s uncertain world, recognize and use this crucial inner tool
– your own intuition – for comfort, guidance, and service. Bring this
priceless dimension to your work and your life.


hands Hq111022

Aura Hq111022

girl hq111022

Attendees HQ111022 "Very hands-on… an eye- and heartopening experience"

"I am eternally grateful for this wonderful guidance"

"Both presenters know and use the Cayce readings…very relevant and useful"

Past Attendees


An integral part of this conference is your special opportunity to receive a personal forty-five-minute reading from a professional psychic screened by your instructors. Through this reading, you will

  • Receive helpful information for your own personal use
  • Learn how to evaluate a professional psychic reading – a process that will help you fine-tune your own psychic abilities

For your psychic reading bring open-ended questions for which you would like guidance. They might include questions on vocation, transforming an attitude or emotion, past-life information, or spiritual guidance. Your personal reading is assigned randomly and prepaid (no extra charge). If you wish to receive additional readings, you may make your own arrangements, including a nonrefundable payment directly to the psychic of your choice.

Your psychic reading is provided as a teaching tool and is not an endorsement or guarantee.

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** Open to anyone, Life members may redeem their passes.