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2014 Wellness and Rejuvenation Retreat

~ 2015 Dates Coming Soon ~  

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Wellness Week
from the Spa

Bioenergy HQ120301
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For all those who wish to
consciously create, identify,
and move energy
within the body
for personal health
and well-being.

Includes Exclusive
Bioenergy Handbook!

BIOENERGY THERAPY is “based on the transmission of energy to improve the individual’s condition” and involves the “replenishment of human biocurrents and the elimination of energy disturbances and blocks.” It may be viewed as the energy of life. This force surrounds every cell like a miniature wire, providing a blueprint for the physical body, and serving as a medium for the flow of information throughout the body. In addition, bioenergy extends outside the physical body, creating low-frequency electromagnetic fields around us (as well as other subtle energy fields not yet recognized by science). In a larger context, bioenergy is an inseparable component of the Universal Energy.

Designed for all who wish to use energy for personal health and well-being, this course will show you how to create, identify, and move energy on internal and external levels. It also gives the basics of helping others to use their own energy.

Meitek HQ120301

This course is specially designed
for those who primarily want to
learn self-healing and healing
others, secondarily.

PARTICIPANTS ARE gradually involved in a progressive sequence of exercises—from basic level to more advanced—including breathing practices and meditation techniques. You will receive descriptions of most exercises to practice in the workshop and at home. Although mostly experiential, lectures will be given on the relationship between health and good energy levels:

  • Learn exercises to help you maintain your health and vitality
  • Participate in specific physical movements and breathing techniques
  • Experience exercises for conscious creating, identifying and moving energy on internal
    and external levels
  • Receive take-home assignments for further practice

Certificate of Attendance Awarded to All Fully Paid Attendees

** Open to anyone, Life members may redeem their passes.