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2014 Wellness and Rejuvenation Retreat

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The Key to Unlocking Your Psychic Abilities
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Echo-Bodine 2-2011ECHO BODINE was born with psychic abilities and the gift of healing, including clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. A talented and experienced psychic development trainer, spiritual healer, and “ghostbuster,” she is the author of Hands That Heal, which teaches others how to channel spiritual healing, and several books on psychic development, including A Still Small Voice, The Gift, The Key, and the forthcoming My Little Book of True Ghost Stories. Echo has appeared on numerous television shows, including Sightings, Beyond with James Van Praagh, and The Today Show. She has hosted her own cable TV show, New Age Perspectives, and radio show, Intuitive Living. Paramount Pictures solicited her services for the promotion of the movie Ghost. She has just released her tenth book My Big Book of Healing. Her Web site is EchoBodine.com.

“I never dreamed I could do a psychic reading—I’m still in awe of what Echo taught me to do.” — L.H., Springflield, Va.

“The best I’ve seen or experienced. I want more!” — E.H., Front Royal, Va.

The Key- February 18-20 2011

Mary Roach 2-2011MARY ROACH is a professional psychic who also teaches others how to develop their own psychic abilities. With more than twenty-five years experience, she has been called “the most popular intuitive in Virginia Beach” and has given thousands of readings worldwide. She specializes in intuitive consultations and centering on an individual’s unique life purpose and soul mission; one of her areas of focus is assisting people in releasing limiting Piscean patterns as we enter the Aquarian Age. For over ten years Mary has given nationwide intuitive training programs for the A.R.E., with Linda Schiller-Hanna. She received her M.A. in transpersonal studies from Atlantic University and is currently working on a book based on her thesis and her psychic work.

Mary is a lively and insightful presenter. Past attendees say of her: “Dynamic teacher and psychic—I loved her!” and “Very good, very clear—powerful exercises.”

For this experiential training, you must bring:
• A photo of a person you personally know relatively well (for Mary’s exercises)
• Two photos of someone close to you (one could be of yourself), each in an envelope so that the picture is not visible AND two pieces of jewelry of someone close to you or your own jewelry (for Echo’s exercises)

** Open to anyone, Life members may redeem their passes.