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2014 Wellness and Rejuvenation Retreat

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Edgar Cayce Wisdom for Our Times hq120401
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Cayce's concepts change lives!

Edgar Cayce hq120401On the 135th anniversary of the year of Edgar Cayce's birth, four of our most popular presenters come together to bring their most soul-stirring topics for this dynamic gathering of Cayce experts.

The wisdom within the Edgar Cayce readings is as relevant today—often even more so—as it was when it was first delivered. Through a combination of experiential exercises and insightful presentations, these four outstanding teachers share nearly 200 years of experience studying and applying the Cayce readings to bring the life-changing message of this work to life for you—today!

Join us for this unforgettable opportunity to benefit from the depth of knowledge and the extensive experience of these outstanding teachers as they share the wisdom of the Cayce readings with warmth, humor, and insight.

“…as ye use that as is known, there is given the more and more light to know from whence ye came and whither ye go!” Edgar Cayce reading 364-4

Understand and apply Edgar Cayce's
work in your life today.

scene happy hq120401Edgar Cayce's "soul group" had lessons to learn—and we can learn from them, too!

Join critically acclaimed author Sidney D. Kirkpatrick on a lively and spirited journey with the men and women who were Cayce's soul group. Out of their tribulations and triumphs comes a legacy of harmony and self-empowerment. From their stories we can learn ways to work within our own soul groups to bring love, joy, and miracles into our own lives.


scenes gardenhq120401Applying Cayce's practical wisdom
can change your life today.

A.R.E. CEO Kevin J. Todeschi will share tools for soul growth and transformation that Cayce stated would "apply to everyone"—insight that you can relate to your life today. Explore how the outer earth changes that many may be expecting are actually inner changes that are already upon us. Gain insights into personal prosperity from the readings on "economic healing," and hear the timely wisdom of the "world affairs" readings, which Cayce suggested could be the hope of the world.


door hq120401You are presented the tools to achieve
the abilities of Edgar Cayce.

Take an in-depth look at the extraordinary gifts of Edgar Cayce and learn how YOU might achieve these abilities. John Van Auken brings his forty years of study and application of the Cayce readings to reveal a comprehensive picture of human potential, using Edgar Cayce as an example. You will also experience exercises designed to help you expand your consciousness toward achieving self-transcendence.


people hq120401Healing is the journey of gratitude, acceptance,
and reflection.

We all have an interest in healing—for ourselves and for others. Discover and practice the healing presence within with psychologist and intuition teacher Henry Reed, PhD, as he guides you through an exploration of the healing power of gratitude, acceptance, and reflection. As the Cayce readings remind us, we should "Let thy presence—in thy conversation, in thy activity—bring that healing as ye can to every soul ye meet!" (2400-1)


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