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2015 Wellness and Rejuvenation Retreat

~ June 13-19, 2015 ~  

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Wellness Week
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Energy Medicine:Donna Eden
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Donna Eden

Donna Eden

A pioneer in the field of Energy Medicine for more than three decades, Donna Eden is among the field’s most sought, most joyous, and most authoritative spokespersons. She has trained 897 certified practitioners and some 80,000 people have attended her presentations.

Her award-winning, best-selling book, Energy Medicine, has been translated into 18 languages and is the classic in its field. Donna has taught hundreds of self-empowering, alternative health workshops throughout the world. Her latest book, Energy Medicine for Women, is also destined to be a classic.

Together with her husband, David Feinstein, PhD, she directs Innersource, a service organization that has been a pioneering force in Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, and consciousness studies.

“I felt revitalized the minute I walked into the auditorium! Thank you, Donna, for sharing your Energy Medicine techniques—this conference has changed my life!” —E.M., Silver Springs, MD

Learn the language your body already speaks and
understands—the language of energy.

Energy Medicine is a simple practice that works with energy as a vital, living, moving force that is at the foundation of our well-being. In Energy Medicine, the body is healed by activating its natural healing energies and by restoring energies that have become weakened or out of balance. It is an effective, powerful, precise way of improving health, enhancing performance, and increasing the joy in one’s life!

A Hands-On Experience

In this experiential training designed to be both transformational and fun, celebrated energy healer, author, and teacher Donna Eden will show you how to test for energy blocks and dysfunctions and how to move energy in yourself and others. You will be given tools to improve the harmony of all the body’s systems and help alleviate pain and stress. You will discover how to boost your energies when you are exhausted, strengthen your immune system, feel more alive, and learn how health problems can be helped, if not overcome, by intelligently shifting the energies that are causing them.

You will also explore Edgar Cayce’s views on healing the spirit body and understanding the healing power of forgiveness and gratitude. On Sunday, you will be introduced to the transformative power of Energy Psychology, sometimes called “acupressure for the emotions” or “tapping.”

In this experiential weekend, you will
learn hands-on ways to:

  • Restore your energy when you are tired.
  • Sharpen your memory and mental clarity.
  • Strengthen your immune system.
  • Increase health and resilience with techniques that you will be able to use for the rest of your life, including a daily “energy routine.”
Donna and Lady in Blue Dress  
Donna Hands on Expereice"The contribution Donna Eden has made with Energy Medicine will stand as one of the backbone studies as we lay a sound foundation for the field of holistic medicine."
—Caroline Myss, PhD
Author of Anatomy of the Spirit

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"Energy medicine is the future of all medicine."
—C. Norman Shealy, MD
Author of Medical Intuition
Founding President, American Holistic
Medical Association

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