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Ancient Mysteries On-Demand

When the Morning Stars Sang Together:
Our Celestial Origins and Destiny

Friday’s Program at Our Annual Ancient Mysteries Conferences

An On-Demand Event from Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E.

saucer-pyramid AmFor the first time ever, portions of our most popular and longest-running conference program, Ancient Mysteries, will be available ON DEMAND. Watch some of A.R.E.’s best and most dynamic presenters on demand anytime from the comfort of your home computer, lap top, or other media device. Choose an individual presentation or watch all day!

John Van Auken eGroup Thumbnail 09.14.2012John Van Auken on Our Celestial Origins
We are literally “children of the stars”—we’re made of stardust! And according to Cayce, the stars were made for us.

John Van Auken eGroup Thumbnail 09.14.2012John Van Auken on Our Fast-Coming Future
Understand these rapidly changing times and our spiritual destiny. 

Donald B. Carroll 58pxDonald B. Carroll on Sacred Geometry and the Cayce Readings
Explore the symbols of the creation of the heavens and earth and its evidence as found in the Cayce readings.

Choose your session:

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to explore our celestial origins and cosmic destiny, the mysteries and wisdom of our earliest cultures, and the apparent influence of ancient aliens on our origin and destiny.

Note: You will receive a confirmation email upon registration that will contain a link to your event(s) and other details.

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Please Note: All A.R.E. Online Conferences are presented online in HD quality. Due to the live nature, on occasion it is possible that the video stream may be interrupted due to circumstances beyond our control. If that happens, you may need to refresh your browser to reconnect to the video player. You will also have access to the on-demand version should you have any technical issues during the live presentation; a refund will not be offered after the presentation has broadcast.


2016 Preview

Jan 15-17, 2016
Kim O’Neill How to Talk With Your Angels and Departed Loved Ones: Intensive Channeling Certification
Psychic and angel channel Kim O’Neill, author of "How to Talk with Your Angels" and "The Way of Knowingness" shares tools for working directly with your spirit guides using safe and accurate techniques in this hands-on workshop with special guest Cayce expert John Van Auken. Certificate of Completion awarded.


Feb 20, 2016
Darrin W. Owens Supernatural Discoveries: Your Psychic Ability, Soul Wisdom, and the Unseen Forces
Soul Growth Saturday Enhance your innate psychic ability and sharpen your intuitive skills with psychic trainer and author Darrin W. Owens. Take an experiential journey into the world of consciousness, energy, self-diagnoses and healing, and supernatural forces with this in-depth, information packed workshop. Combine with February 21 program and save!


Feb 21, 2016
 Mary Roach Finding Your Intuitive Voice: Listening to the Wisdom of Your Soul for Inspiration and Guidance
Soul Growth Sunday Mary Roach, MA, one of the nation's most respected psychic trainers, helps you tap into your inner wisdom and hear your soul's true voice. You'll exercise your "psychic muscles" to encourage them to grow stronger in safe, steady, and powerful ways! Combine with February 20 program and save!


Mar 6-11, 2016
Peter Woodbury Masters Level Hypnotherapy Training and Certification Course
Take the next step in developing a successful hypnotherapy practice with this Masters level certification taught by two of A.R.E.’s best-rated and most qualified professionals, Jason Parker PhD, MHt and Peter Woodbury MSW. Certificate awarded. Limited enrollment!


Apr 15-17, 2016
Jonathan Goldman and Andi Goldman Thumb Chakra Frequencies and the Divine Name
With Sound Healing pioneers Jonathan Goldman and Andi Goldman. Experience the healing power of breath and tone in this deeply experiential and immersive weekend.


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** Open to anyone, Life members may redeem their passes.