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~ June 13-19, 2015 ~
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Edgar Cayce on the Mysteries of Your Mind
Access the Amazing Full Potential of You Higher Mind
With Gregg Unterberger MEd

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Program Description

Gregg Unterberger speakingMost people think psychic ability is a “gift” that people are born with, but Edgar Cayce insisted that “every entity has clairvoyant, mystic, psychic powers” (1500-4) and the “more each is impelled by that which is intuitive . . . the greater, the farther, the deeper, the broader, the more constructive may be the result.” (792-2). His readings suggest that we can move about in time and space, discover alternative “ways of knowing” beyond rational thought, reach through the veil that normally separates us from those who have crossed over, as well as higher sources of wisdom and insight, and even develop an ability to see our destiny! Indeed, we all have spiritual sight, we just need to learn how to access it!

Thankfully, in the last 20 years there has been a convergence of science and mysticism that has led to exciting, new spiritual technologies that can dramatically accelerate our learning. Amazingly, after this workshop, many people report discovering or greatly enhancing their intuitive abilities in a single weekend!

What if we could uncover our spiritual destiny? What if we clearly understood our karmic lessons? What if we could shift into deep meditation just by just flicking a switch? What if ordinary people could make contact with the other side?

You may be surprised by the answers to these questions. In this experiential workshop you can:

  • Discover the new technique that can aid you in “hardwiring” your brain to God
  • Learn the practical techniques of professional psychics for receiving and interpreting intuitive flashes
  • Discover the new spiritual technologies that allow you to access mystical states of consciousness “on demand,” without the aid of psychedelics or years of meditation
  • Find out how Veteran Administration doctors developed a method of apparent spirit contact to dramatically resolve grief and depression
  • Explore your past incarnations through ultra-deep hypnosis in a past-life regression
  • Open your spiritual sight to experience a mystical vision of your future
Our brain—our “higher mind”—is a vast wonderland of undiscovered
abilities and untapped resources.
“The more and more each is impelled by that which is intuitive . . . the greater, the farther, the deeper, the broader, the more constructive may be the result.”
Edgar Cayce reading 792-2

Gregg’s use of evocative music, mind-expanding graphics, and custom video won’t simply explain these concepts, you will experience them directly! Even if you think you have little ability, you may be surprised to discover or dramatically increase your own sixth sense during this amazing weekend. Utilizing ancient and contemporary spiritual teachings, plus current research and the wisdom of Edgar Cayce, this workshop will directly put you in touch with the untapped potential of your Higher Mind.


“Gregg’s delivery is entertaining and he obviously has a passion for the subject.”

“I especially liked the correlation of mind mysteries to the Edgar Cayce readings and spiritual growth.”

“Gregg gave a lot of new information in a way that I easily understood!”

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Gregg Unterberger, MEd


Unity Spiritual Center of Sun City
10101 West Coggins Drive
(corner of Coggins and 101st Avenue)
Sun City, AZ 85351

From the SOUTH:  Take Hwy 10 North and then West to exit  #133, 101 North to Grand Ave. / Hwy 60, exit #11, turn left and then left onto Ave. 101 (1 1/2 blks) right on  Coggins Dr. Unity is on the left.

From the NORTH: Go south on Hwy 17 to the upper 101 Fwy. to exit #215. Exit  right, then to exit #11, turn right onto Grand Ave. Left on Ave.101  to Coggins St. 

From the EAST: head west on Hwy 60.  Exit onto Hwy 10, continue driving West, exit # 133 onto 101 Fwy North.  Follow above directions.

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Saturday, November 16, 2013 –9:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. At-door registration opens at 8:30 a.m. Meal break: Noon-1:30 p.m. (Restaurants are within driving distance.)


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** Open to anyone, Life members may redeem their passes.