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Understanding Haunting HQ120501
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Paranormal Guides
Loyd Auerbach hq120501   Loyd Auerbach, MS,
has been investigating cases of apparitions, hauntings, poltergeists, and more for over thirty years. He is the author of eight books, including Ghost Hunting: How to Investigate the Paranormal. He holds a graduate degree in parapsychology, is on the faculty of Atlantic University, and is on the boards of three major parapsychology organizations, including the Rhine Research Center. Loyd will examine methods and motives of field investigators who look into reported incidents of ostensible apparitions, hauntings, and poltergeists, with discussion of his past cases as well as possible conceptual models for the phenomena that come from 130 years of research and investigation in parapsychology and psychical research, as well as the role of psychic abilities/phenomena in these events.
Echo Bodine HQ120501   Echo Bodine
was born with the gift of healing and psychic abilities, including clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. A talented and experienced psychic development trainer, spiritual healer, and "ghostbuster," she is the author of Relax, It's Only a Ghost and The Little Book of True Ghost Stories. Echo has appeared on numerous television shows, including Sightings and The Today Show, and Paramount Pictures solicited her services for the promotion of the movie Ghost. A psychic who has been hunting ghosts for forty years, Echo will help you discern the difference between a spirit and a ghost, explain why souls choose to stay earthbound, and give steps for getting rid of unwanted "visitors," with clearing and protection prayers to keep them away. Her stories and experiences will inspire and amaze you.
Rosemary Ellen Guiley   Rosemary Ellen Guiley
is a leading expert on the paranormal with fifty books on a wide range of paranormal, spiritual, and mystical topics, including her most recent, Talking to the Dead, cowritten with George Noory. She has thirty years of full-time experience working with the paranormal, and her current work focuses on inter-dimensional entity contact of all kinds. Rosemary's radio report, Strange Dimensions, airs on the Para-X Radio show, and she has been featured on Coast to Coast AM and other radio and television shows. Rosemary will explore how many people are troubled by persistent unpleasant activity that affects their home and their psychological and physical health. She will explain the characteristics of this type of problem paranormal activity and the causes, and provide effective remedies for dealing with unwanted phenomenon.
Peter Wodbury Hq120501   Peter Woodbury, MSW,
had a grandmother who was a medium and lived to be 107—sparking his interest in the interface between the psychic and the spiritual. A psychotherapist and Harvard University graduate, he is a popular speaker on the Edgar Cayce perspective and a favorite A.R.E. Tours leader. He brings over twenty years of research to his presentations.
Nancy Zingrone hq120501   Nancy L. Zingrone, PhD,
director of Atlantic University, has long been interested in the scientific side of parapsychology. Her research has focused on the psychological characteristics of individuals who experience psychic phenomena. She has taught at several prestigious universities and has been published in a variety of specialty and mainstream academic and scientific journals.


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