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Wellness Retreats -A.R.E. Spa

Sep 17 to 23, 2016 
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retreat Palestine 2016

Palestine, Texas: March 17-20, 2016

Edgar Cayce could not do what he did alone. He needed someone to put questions to him, and someone to record and transcribe the discourse. He needed a team, a group of family, friends, and supporters to carry out "the Work." Most important, he needed someone who genuinely wanted his help.

Sidney and Nancy take us on a fascinating journey into the archives to share the captivating details of the lives of Edgar Cayce and those who worked with him, as well as some of the more fascinating people who had Cayce readings. Learn how Edgar Cayce touched their lives, and how we, in turn, can touch those with whom we share our world today. The wisdom within the Edgar Cayce readings is as relevant today—often more so—as it was when it was first delivered. During this life-altering retreat, with warmth, humor, and insight, Sidney and Nancy will share

  • Tales from the Cayce vault—fascinating stories and humorous anecdotes that both entertain and offer spiritual insights
  • How we can lead our lives according to Cayce, including finding our life’s mission, and bringing love, joy, and miracles into our own life and the lives of others
  • The unfathomable ways in which Cayce and his work have influenced entire generations and continue to today—both individuals and in the field of science and medicine
  • The weird, wacky, and wonderful from the Cayce readings

This special four-day retreat will be filled with stories, seldom seen slides, movie clips, lots of answers to your questions about Edgar Cayce, and how the message of his work is relevant to you today.

You will also have an opportunity to sign up to view Cayce’s amazing "Aurascope" device.

“ . . . Do that thou knowest to do today!
Tomorrow will be given thee the next step to take.”
Edgar Cayce reading 815-3

“Here am I. Use thou me as thou . . . seest best.
Let me in every way be a channel of blessings to others today.”
Edgar Cayce reading 3250-1



Sidney D. Kirkpatrick
is an international best-selling author and award-winning documentary film director. His critically acclaimed books include Edgar Cayce: An American Prophet, and the newest title, True Tales from the Edgar Cayce Archives: Lives Touched and Lessons Learned from the Sleeping Prophet, both researched and written together with his wife Nancy. A compelling and accomplished speaker, Kirkpatrick has lectured at many renowned institutions including the Smithsonian and the National Archives, as well as A & E Television, NBC, and the BBC.

Nancy Kirkpatrick
has helped write, edit, and publish several books including two New York Times best-sellers. A student of the Cayce readings since she was in her teens, Nancy has long practiced Cayce health and spiritual recommendations and sought to introduce them to others.

It was not until Sidney and Nancy were given full and unrestricted access to Edgar Cayce’s papers that the real story of the "sleeping prophet" could be told. They worked for five years researching and writing, Edgar Cayce: An American Prophet—described by The New Yorker as "a codex for the New Age" and considered the definitive biography of Edgar Cayce. Since then they have continued to research, write, and speak on the topic of Cayce and his work. They are well known for their depth of knowledge and lively and engaging presentations.

Past Attendees say of Sidney and Nancy:

"So inspiring! Sidney is always a fantastic showman!" 

"Well done—very informational!" 

"Loved it, it was a great treat!"



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