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2014 Wellness and Rejuvenation Retreat

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Be Your Own Psychic HQ1110022
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Carol Ann Liaros Hq111022 Practical ESP taught by
Carol Ann Liaros

Experience special methods of relaxation and concentration and learn how to:
  • Perform "psychometry" to obtain intuitive information
    by holding objects
  • Detect the presence of the human aura
  • Make energetic connections with others
  • Protect yourself from negative energies
Carol Ann, author of Intuition Technologies, is one of the most highly respected psychics in America. For over thirty-five years she has taught courses in intuition enhancement to physicians, nurses, business people, and other professionals.

"Carol Ann is absolutely amazing, brilliant, inspirational…I am really impressed by her teaching abilities." D. Cabrera, New York

Henry Reed PhD Hq111022 Intimate ESP taught by
Henry Reed, PhD

Experience the "Intuitive Heart" path of spiritual growth and the healing power of intuitive intimacy while you learn how to:
  • Discover the telepathic healing power available
    in your dreams
  • Listen intuitively
  • Experience psychic connections with others by
    using imagery
  • Use inspirational writing for spiritual guidance
Henry is one of the world's leading authorities on successful methods from training people to develop psychic awareness. He has a private consulting practice and leads workshops around the country. Included in his publications are Awakening Your Psychic Powers, Channeling Your Higher Self, and The Intuitive Heart.

A past attendee says: "Fabulous teacher with great humor and depth of knowledge"

Kimmie Rose Zapf Hq111022 Wake Up Your Intuition with
Psychic Kimmie Rose Zapf

A nationally recognized intuitive, medium, and author, Kimmie Rose Zapf will help you develop your intuition,
tap in to the "Universal Mind," and experience your divine connection with all of creation. Learn to:
  • Open the doorways of consciousness to connect to your
    higher self and others
  • Use exercises to fine-tune your senses and activate intuition
  • Get in touch with your innate "yes's" and "no's"
  • Embrace spiritual free will and choice
Kimmie Rose is a regular guest on radio stations across the country and host of InnerViews with Kimberly Rose on CBS Radio. She has presented for the A.R.E. at field and regional programs. Her most recent book is titled Wake Up Your Intuition: A Clairvoyant Reveals the Psychic Process.

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