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2014 Wellness and Rejuvenation Retreat

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egypt tablet hq20121001 Experience the mystery,
beauty, wisdom, and
wonder of ancient Egypt.

acap HQ20121001ccording to Cayce's own readings, his work and the souls associated with him began in ancient Egypt. Perhaps even you lived a lifetime during those days of ancient splendor.

John Van Auken combines the collection of Egyptian past lives found in the Cayce readings with Egyptian legends that appear in papyruses, on temple walls, and in pyramid texts for a complete picture that reveals the full story of priestesses, healers, female pharaohs, temples, and gods among humans. An expert on ancient Egyptian mystical teachings, in his lifetime of study John has visited Egypt nearly 40 times and meditated in the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid over 80 times!

  • View magnificent illustrations and images that will illuminate and enrich your understanding of this ancient mythos.
  • Understand the prophecy in the Great Pyramid of Egypt, with detailed illustrations and Edgar Cayce's insights.
  • Hear the stories of reincarnated ancient Egyptians who had readings from Cayce about their past lives in Egypt.
  • Gain insights into the pyramids, ancient flight, the Hall of Records, the Great Initiate, the healing temples, and the seven stages of soul growth.
  • Experience an awakening of the inner temple of the soul with Cayce's powerful chanting exercises.

big block HQ20121001Combining lecture, meditations, and experiential exercises, John will also guide participants through an Egyptian initiation process called the "Fire Altar Ceremony," and another initiation from the Egyptian Book of the Dead.


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** Open to anyone, Life members may redeem their passes.