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2014 Wellness and Rejuvenation Retreat

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Mietek Margaret Wirkus

With their unique, hands-on style as trainers,
instructor Margaret Wirkus is known for being the
"teaching voice" while quiet Mietek is renowned
for being the "healing demonstrator."

Mietek Wirkus discovered his healing gift as a child. He has been practicing bioenergy for over forty years and was very active in the movement popularizing the idea of healing with bioenergy in Europe. In 1983 bioenergy was officially approved in Poland to supplement the work of highly trained medical professionals, and Mr. Wirkus became one of the first professional bioenergy therapists employed by a medical center to complement the work of physicians. He has now conducted classes all over the world, training thousands of people in the U.S. He is as dedicated to the clinical research of his healing work as he is to the healing itself, working with such institutions as the Menninger Foundation, NIH, and Samueli Institute. He maintains a private practice in Maryland and Virginia.

Margaret Wirkus met Mietek twenty-six years ago, as a journalist covering an international conference on alternative methods of healing. They have been teaching together for twenty-three years. Both remain fascinated by the results of the research—real scientific research on the effects of bioenergy work: he, because what he is teaching for many years is finally showing results; she, as an observer and adviser to scientists. Margaret is writing a book in English on this subject; the original version was published in Poland. She loves teaching the method and observing changes in participants.

The Wirkuses are joined on this program by their top student/teaching assistant Laura Mead who brings her many years of knowledge and training to enhance your learning experience.

Past Attendees Say:

"Margaret is a wonderful teacher—
Mietek is a great healer!"
—Maria W., Rockville, Md.

"I felt quite changed by my experience and will continue
to practice—thank you!"
—Pamela D., Virginia Beach, Va.

** Open to anyone, Life members may redeem their passes.