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2014 Wellness and Rejuvenation Retreat

~ 2015 Dates Coming Soon ~  

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Wellness Week
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Feel the peace and comfort felt by near-death
experiencers and share in their afterlife wisdom to make your life more meaningful


The messages brought back by near-death experiencers (NDEs) have deep spiritual relevance to each of us and to humankind. Join spiritual teacher Dannion Brinkley and preeminent researcher PMH Atwater —TWO bestselling NDE authors who have both personally experienced near-death— as they bring their stories, guidance, and insight from the other side and beyond.

MEET THE MAN WHO DIED AND CAME BACK with timely and important spiritual wisdom from the other side. Experience the transformative celestial messages he received and learn the invaluable ways in which love, prayer, belief, and choice can transform our quality of life as we journey through the planet’s upcoming ascension into the higher realms of consciousness.

HEAR THE LATEST SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH into NDEs from the pioneering researcher who has conducted the most in-depth experiments in this phenomenon than any other, and learn about her astounding and often controversial discoveries. Understand the physiological and spiritual changes undergone by those who have returned from the other side, and how their message brings more meaning to our daily lives.

You will also take a guided journey into
the realm of life between lives!

  • Explore the many levels of the other side, the “borderlands,” and the reality of both heaven and hell
  • Learn the latest research and evidence from the field of near-death studies
  • Examine the role of life mission and the soul’s agenda of those who return, and what it means for us both as individuals and as a collective force
  • Gain spiritual wisdom—brought from the other side— for mastering life in this incredible time of shift and miracles
  • Get in touch with the part of you that lives beyond death
  • Safely explore the mystical realm of the bardo—the place between lives—through powerful guided imagery
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** Open to anyone, Life members may redeem their passes.