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Breakthroughs toward a new consciousness:
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astronaultExplore the nature and potential of human consciousness, the very essense of our being.
Featuring Apollo 14 Astronaut and IONS founder
Edgar D. Mitchell, ScD
LIVE via Skype

The cosmos itself was somehow conscious.

On January 31, 1971, Apollo 14 lifted off from Cape Kennedy, and three days later Edgar Mitchell and Alan Shepard walked on the surface of the moon. As amazing as this feat was, for Mitchell, the most extraordinary journey was yet to come. As he plunged toward earth through the vastness of space, Mitchell became engulfed by “a sense of universal connectedness”—a profound sense that he and the beings on the planet below were connected as part of a deliberate design—and that the cosmos itself was somehow conscious. The experience changed Mitchell’s life in ways he could never have anticipated before his moon flight.

Consciousness has no boundaries.

In spite of science’s amazing technological advances, we have barely begun to explore the deepest mystery of life—the fact that consciousness itself exists. If you have ever wondered whether consciousness is generated by the brain or if it is a fundamental property of the universe, you will want to join us as we probe this uncharted territory of the human mind.

Space time is an illusion.

See how all of life is interconnected and interdependent, and we are part of this matrix of life—and that space time itself arises from consciousness, not consciousness from space time.
"All knowledge,—then, now, or in the future, is latent within self, would man but begin to understand." Edgar Cayce reading 2533-4

Science, spirituality, and the limitless mind.

  • Discover new possibilities for human potential
  • Take a journey to the Akashic Records and break through the illusion of time
  • Travel to the realm beyond death and explore the implications of the neardeath experience and the survival of consciousness
  • Explore what encounters with other intelligences such as angels or spirits tell us about higher consciousness
  • Understand the meaning of a truly interconnected, unlimited universal mind
  • Learn how popular culture, literature, and the news and entertainment media have influenced our perceptions and beliefs about consciousness, spirit, mind, and psi
  • Hear the latest scientific research and findings that confirm that we live in a conscious, living cosmos free from the limits of space and time

Explore the latest research into the nature and power of consciousness, Register Today