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Wellness Retreats -A.R.E. Spa

~ June 13-19, 2015 ~
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You are never truly alone.

s crowded and busy as life is on Earth, the hidden realms are more so. Angels, fairies, the Dark and Light Forces, and elementals inhabit this invisible plane around us.

Edgar Cayce himself had the ability to see and perceive these forces, as well as discarnate entities, ghosts, and “invisible friends.” His readings assured us that the Creator could use “a gnome, a fairy, an angel, a developing entity for a guide,” giving us many helpful teachers and friends to walk with us through life’s ups and downs. He also warned of darker forces and unseen negative entities that could create trouble and influence our lives and actions.

In this fascinating program, bestselling author and mystical wisdom expert John Van Auken will share insights into the relationship between the earthly and the nonphysical worlds, and how unseen helpers guide humanity’s evolution and spiritual awakening.

John will share methods for benefiting from communing with the invisible world and for protecting yourself from unwanted influences. Using tools to create enhanced states of consciousness and perception, John will help you experience these other varieties of life in a manner that is helpful and positive to your soul growth.

The invisible world is here to help you.

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You will also explore:
  • The variety of life forms beyond the visual spectrum
  • Angels and archangels and their role in our soul growth
  • Guardians, guides, and the Light Forces
  • Fallen angels, demons, and the Dark Forces
  • The “little people”: brownies, fairies, pixies, and gnomes
  • The “night side” of life, the unseen forces, and the “invisibles”
  • The elementals and dimensions beyond the physical
  • The veil and the imaginative forces
"Each soul in its walks in the earth has its angel, its gnome, its face before the Throne of . . . God. And these are always ready to guide, to guard . . ."  Edgar Cayce reading 531-2

John VanAuken 120x98John Van Auken, is an internationally renowned speaker, prolific writer, long-time staff member and current director at A.R.E., and the popular leader of A.R.E.’s tours to Egypt and other sacred sites. He is the author of several bestselling books including 2038: The Great Pyramid Timeline Prophecy, Edgar Cayce on the Spiritual Forces Within You, and the forthcoming Edgar Cayce on Angels, Fairies, Dark Forces, and the Elementals. He is considered an expert on the Edgar Cayce readings, Egyptian mysticism, and meditation, and is a regular contributor to Venture Inward magazine.

Saturday, October 25, 2014 Registration: 8:00 a.m. • Program: 8:45 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

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