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Wellness Retreats -A.R.E. Spa

~ June 13-19, 2015 ~
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Calm your mind . . .
awaken your soul.
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Come HQ150101ome and experience proven techniques leading toward a deeper state of spiritual awareness and enlightenment through meditation, chanting, mindfulness practices, soul writing, and more.

During this fully experiential retreat, you will learn and apply these powerful tools as you practice techniques designed to prompt profound meditative insights, connect with the wise, loving voice of your soul, and more fully awaken the power and potential of your mind.

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As you take your spiritual practice
to the next level, you will also:

  • Experience Edgar Cayce’s “passage in consciousness” meditation and other profound techniques
  • Learn to become fully present in every moment
  • Bring more wisdom, compassion, and clarity into your life
  • Decrease physical and emotional stress and increase your ability to relax
  • See a brainwave map of consciousness that shows how the mind works and how to master it
  • Experience inspirational writing as a written form of meditation
  • Get in touch with your Higher Self and the inner wisdom of your soul
This experiential program involves multiple meditation exercises either sitting in chairs or on the floor. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a mat, pillow, or cushion. You should also bring a journal or notebook to record your insights and soul writing experiences.

Whether you are a novice to meditation, want to deepen your spiritual practice, or just need to recharge your spiritual batteries, this weekend of deep spiritual renewal is not to be missed.


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** Open to anyone, Life members may redeem their passes.