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2014 Wellness and Rejuvenation Retreat

~ 2015 Dates Coming Soon ~  

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Wellness Week
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Advanced Hypnotherapy
Training and Certification

quote- openHQ121002Once people recognize the immense
transformative capabilities of this approach, they
won't want to use anything else.end quote HQ122002
—Dr. Michael Newton


You Will:

  • Gain techniques for conducting safe and effective past-life regression sessions for deep healing
  • Learn ways for releasing subconscious blocks, phobias, fear, or pain
  • Become more proficient in regression for accessing the superconscious realm
  • Learn to facilitate, based on the work of Dr. Michael Newton, the art of recalling the spirit world
  • Expand your hypnotherapy or pastlife therapy practice by offering life between lives regressions
  • Understand the profound experience of recalling the spirit world, from a client perspective
  • Receive a three-to-four-hour session recalling life-between-lives

Designed for certified hypnotherapists, this advanced training offers specific regression methodologies originated by Joel Whitton and Joe Fisher, and by Dr. Michael Newton, and further developed by Allen Chips, Marjorie Reynolds, and Dee Chips. The training includes extensive case histories, deepening exercises for reaching the superconscious state, susceptibility concepts, Cayce concepts, Life Between Lives video, question-and-answer period, experiential learning for each student (as client and therapist), and more.

Past-Life Regression and Life Between Lives sessions can help bring healing, clarity, and a deep sense of meaning and purpose to life. This powerful spiritual regression technique can help those who are seeking to answer life's deepest questions, and can also be of enormous benefit to anyone interested in life after death. In this "between life" spirit world are memories of your life—as a soul, between incarnations, with soul friends and family, and planning your future lives on earth.


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